Woh Apna Sa 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Jia falls in pool

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Scene 1
Jia screams and cries. Akash recalls how they planned all this. Jia says enough. i know why is he running from me. I want to meet a psychiatrist right now.
Krishna says this doctor will tell Jia what i asked him. Akash says thanks but stay away from her. krishan says loving someone isn’t a crime. i know she isn’t mine and she wont ever be. i understand your anger.

Jia and akash leave for the doctor. They come to the hospital. Doctor tells Jia what Akash did. She says you said away from arjun. Jia says we need to take second opinion. Akash says she said the right solution. Your anger increases when you see Arjun. Jia says you are rigt. A girl says to Jia i am running free hug campaign for a brand just to relax people. She hugs Jia.

Jia recalls her moments

with Arjun. She says Arjun can never cheat one me and i accused and shot hit. Krishna comes. She says I shot me in a mental asylum. Arrest me. He says control yourself please. Jia hugs him and cries. akash comes and says Krishna there is a call for you. He leaves.
Akash sits with Jia., She says did you meet Arjun? He says I spoke to doctor. Arjun is asleep and fine.

Jia sees Arjun’s name written in the water. she walks towards it and falls in the water. Her hear bleeds and she faints down. Krishna sees jia floating in the water. He jumps in the water and takes her out. Krishna says Jia.. Please open your eyes. Bini and Nisha come. Bini says let me call Akash. Krishna gives her CPR and kisses her. jia wakes up. Akash comes. He says Jia are you okay? Krishna says she fainted in the water. Krishna picks Jia and takes her downstairs.
Bini says doctor gave her injection. Akash says how did she fall? Krishna says i saw her in the pool. Bini says i think she needs rest. Krishna says i will stay here till she opens her eyes. Krishna says go from here. Krishna says i wont leave. Akash says this is last time you are with Jia because I don’t want a drama. Nisha hears their conversations.
Jia says in sleep i saw Arjun’s name in the water. Krishna says relax. everything will be fine.
Precap-Jia says Bini.. Bini says you were hugging akash’s gf. Jia says I don’t know even know what you are talking about I swear on Arjun. she says how can you swear on someone dead. Jia is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hate this nisha

  2. Aww puhleesee spare Jia she has been through so much dying twice and all that lol. Now you the writers wants to prove her insane?? Go drown yourselves.

  3. what i cannot understand is that in all these serials they always end with the main characters getting killed of only to be reincarnated and also ends with their last dying breath saying our story is incomplete and the when you think that they will reincarnate so they could complete their story is because the writers continue their shit when they bring them back and de ja vue the wicked ones are back again also continuing where they left off trying to kill the same character over again then i suppose their will be reincarnation again and the shit goes on now jia and arjun were reincarnated and again wicked nisha is back and arjun is killed off again so what next jia going to be killed off too my gosh writers is there no end to you nonsensical storylines unbelievable man look at shauyra and mehek the same shit took place with them and they killed them off too and to know mehek was pregnant now my gosh could not these writers allow them to be happy with the child so look what they did they kill three persons in the process shauyra mehek and the baby and not to mention the rest of the family way too many flaws in these serials and no happy endings kum kum bhagya and kundali bhagya another pack of wasteless shit with not a sensible storyline to keep it going so writers i guess u can see that i am totally fed that i cannot be even bothered to write proper english hence the reason no commas fullstops or capital letters take that for your years of everyday stupidity in these serials

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