Bitti Business Wali 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Dadi and Laddo Singh have a verbal face off

Bitti Business Wali 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahi asking his family to accept Bitti and get him married to her. His mother gets angry and messes up the dining table. She shouts and says she won’t let this happen. Prema and Akshata ask her to calm down. Laddo Singh is angry. Dadi asks Gayatri why didn’t he tell her that Mahi likes Bitti. She tells that she had understood when he spoke to her. Laddo Singh asks Mahi to enjoy with her, but don’t marry. Mahi asks him not to give his suggestion. He says he will marry Bitti only. Bitti tells Dadi that Mahi likes her, but she doesn’t like him. Jogi asks if he don’t like him then why she takes help from him. Bitti says he is my friend. Jogi asks her to marry him then. Dadi says you will marry him. Laddo singh asks so if this is your final decision. Mahi says yes. Laddo Singh walks out, sits in his car and goes to Bitti’s house. Bitti gets tensed seeing him. Dadi smiles.

Laddo Singh throws things in their house and throws aarti plate. He pushes Jogi on sofa and lifts another sofa and keeps on the table. She tells Dadi that her conspiracy to trap his son will not be fulfilled. He says it was a good plan, but I will get my money back. Dadi says shall I call stairs for you and says truth will not change. She says he is looking helpless infront of her. Laddo Singh shouts. Dadi also shouts and asks him not to shout. She says truth will not change if you shout and tells that her Bitti doesn’t like him, it was Mahi who gave the alliance. She asks him to go and asks his son who is not in his control. She asks her to give dahi to him. Laddo Singh says you will have to pay a big price. Pahelwan and Dadi smiles. Bitti gets upset. Suman says this is wrong, they are thinking us wrong. Bitti says she will not marry Mahi. Gayatri says I am hopeful that Laddo Singh will not agree and this matter will resolve by itself. Prema asks Laddo and his wife to consider Mahi’s choice. Laddo Singh’s wife refuses to make pan wali girl as their bahu and blames her bahus. She tells that the street girl will not become their bahu. Laddo Singh’s wife tells that the love in young age doesn’t go so soon. Kashi says I will talk to Mahi.

Kashi asks Mahi if he wants to marry Bitti? Mahi says he is clear to marry her. Kashi says Baba said that she don’t want to marry you. Mahi says Dadi promised to get me married to her and asks him to help him. Kashi goes to Bitti’s house and praises his father. He says he came there with a proposal. He says he will relieve them of their loan, but you have to back off from this wedding. Bitti asks what are you saying and says you think that this is happening because of money. She says Dadi agreed on Mahi’s insistence. Kashi says you will not get this golden chance again and asks them to think and reply. Bitti stops Kashi and says she is ready with her answer. She tells that she doesn’t accept his proposal. She tells him that she loves her respect more than money and tells that she doesn’t want to marry Mahi. Kashi says ok and leaves.

Dadi calls Mahi and tells that she agreed for proposal even though her family is against this alliance. She tells him about Laddo Singh and Kashi’s proposal. Mahi apologizes to her. Dadi says you are pure gold and that’s why I agreed. She says how can alliance happen in such situation and ends the call. Jogi and Dadi smiles.

Mahi tells his mum that he will marry Sapna ji. His mum asks him to decide between the two. Mahi leaves the house with his bag.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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