I wish u to be mine …Intro N promo..

Hi guys I’m Haridhra ..I tnk only some of them out there on TU know me ..I from TN (south India).. I wuld like to have new frds,sisos,mentors,etc.k enough of my bakbak.

Coming to the story it starts from the childhood phrase … That is how two childhood sweethearts (Shivay & Anika)turns out to be a mature ishqbaazi after facing a lots of hurdles rather say that by passing the love test conducted by the evil fate,with his strength that is his bros omru N guys I’m solely concentrating it on shivika only (don’t bash at me ) I’m really sry.

In a schll there is a function going on may be like annual day celebrations ..

A girl is seen taking to a teacher .she wears a beautiful lehenga.now her face is shown ..that is none other than our anika. Her face shows clear tension n fear.. After talking with the teacher she is seen running through the corridors to second floor to her class room .

Anika – Can u plz move .

Shivaay – off course ( smilingly ).

Now anika is seen taking something from the racks upper shelf .. She is standing on a bench.
Suddenly she trips N falls down. Out of fear she closes her eyes but she feel that someone is holding her.

Then shivaay is seen holding her in his arms tightly ,then they have cute lil eyelock. These all r witnessed by their class students.


Phew..that’s all for today. N I seriously dunno whether u all will like it or not. If anybody doesn’t like tis or find it similar to anyone’s ff .. Kindly inform me. Chapals & chamelis r most wlcmed N healthy criticism is accepted..

At last If u really like this story plz comment N give me ur opinions n views openly. I’m seriously lil nervous now becoz there r so many amazing writers here out there n I’m nothing in front of them .

K bye
With love
Hari ( my name’s short form )

N I hope u all like it fingers crossed …

  1. Hey haridhra….I am pallavi….I would like u to start the story like when shivika are at the age of 20 or 21….I think in school it is too early…Even it is a ff it should be realistic…It is just a small suggestion from my side if u r comfortable u can follow..But in intro u said that this story starts from childhood of shivika…But pls don’t prolong the childhood phase of shivika…I think it will be a little boring….Nd i am from Hyderabad big fan of shivika

    1. Haridhra

      Hmm sure pallavi .. I wouldn’t start the love story in the school itself yaar… N sure I wouldn’t prolong the childhood phrase.. Tnq so much for commenting…

    1. Haridhra

      Tnq so much ( *^_^* )

  2. SamSun

    The storyline is very interesting and cute but insread of school could u change it to college, as said above by pallavi. I agree with her. But the story line is amazingly interesting, i would love to see this coming up.

    1. Haridhra

      Yaa off course actually tis promo is in their high school …I tnk after I start the story u all would understand it clearly .N tnq so much for commenting n giving opinions.

  3. Pooja26

    interesting dear……
    post soon…..

    1. Haridhra

      Tnq so much .. But I’m ain’t sure of the next epi … May be on the way ..

  4. Haridhra

    Guys a small request. Kindly ignore typo errors n grammatical mistakes. As I’m learning now only. Plz guys

    1. SamSun

      Of course we will do that. U dont need to explain cause it happens with us too. ???

  5. Amazing but school part chodo.college se start karo.it will be interesting.

    Waitng for next part.

    1. Haridhra

      K fine arpita di .. I will surely take up your suggestions n work on it..tnq so much.

  6. Interesting….Please continue… I like shivika only…

    1. Haridhra

      Sure jane . Me too I luv shivika soo much.

  7. It is awesome dear…

    1. Haridhra

      Tnq so much Nikita di …

  8. Hai dr jus a small suggestion ie school is bit early may be frm coll it wud be good and yup ur promo was good jus post next and don’t prolong the childhood and even am frm TN……..

    1. Haridhra

      Sure I would take up your suggestions.. Tnq for commenting..By the way I’m frm chennai. Just now completed my 10 th n I would like to knw abt u …

  9. hi im also frm tn pakka chennai wat about uu im so happy that eva tamilians r watching ib and even writing ffs so happy fr u dr keep writing

    1. Haridhra

      Hi saidha ka ( tnk so ) … Even I’m frm chennai n I’m so glad to see so may Tamil fans for ib ..tnq for commenting

    2. im not ur akka im only 15 u will be my akka i think

    3. oh just now i saw ur below comment so u r also 15 finished 10 class am i right

    4. Haridhra

      Yaa saidha .. Sry for the misunderstanding..

  10. Nila

    hi hari (i think u don’t mine) i too from TN(madurai) and ya good start go ahead .

    1. Haridhra

      Tnq Nila ka … U can off course call me wat u like to… N I’m frm chennai ka …

  11. Wow….skul luv story….my favourite
    Plz continue

    1. Haridhra

      Tnq nidhi .. I will sure continue.

  12. It is really interesting??❤❤???

    1. Haridhra

      Ohh tnq so much sumi chechi..

  13. Sanskriti120

    Haridhra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m happpieeee that my cutiepie has started a fanfic. In really really really happiee yaar. I in love with your concept yaar. And Yaa we are already friends I think ?????

    1. Haridhra

      Ohh so sweet of u sans di ( hope u don’t mind becoz I’m 15 ) ..tnq so much di . if there r any typo errors or grammatical mistakes can u just guide me…N off course we r frnds di ..

  14. Sanskriti120

    Sorry haridhra there are many typo mistakes in comment. Actually I’m not well but when I saw your new fanfic, I thought of commenting. Sorry for typo errors????

    1. Haridhra

      Offo don’t say sorry n all di I can understand .. N take care of ur health.. I thought of asking u about the ff .. Its fine u post it when ur well di now take care bye …

  15. Thedreamsoul

    Hy haridhra , the promo is amazing and the storyline Is interesting too . I am looking forward to read it and this platform is for everyone to share their talent and improve it and you and me are one too so please dont tell you are down . Is Shivaye and Anika just schoolmates ? . Good luck dear . Hope we could be friends 🙂

    1. Haridhra

      Hi sana di .. I’m so glad that u liked my story.. Actually I’m over excited now becz I’m ur fan .. I luv ur ff .actually di I was a lil nervous that time so I said like that, off course I’m ur frnd … Yaa sana di they r N u will understand it clearly after few parts …

    2. Thedreamsoul

      I am really happy to know it dear , love you ?

  16. AditiB

    Hey Haridhra, an amazing start…..and I know u’ll accelerate it to another level…… I love the concept and there’s a lot of novelty in it…. I would always try to read it and hope it would be as amazing as it’s now….. Bhalobasha to you and Best wishes.

    1. Haridhra

      Ohh tnq for the complement Aditi ..I’m gleeful to know u like the story n I would try my level best to meet up to ur expectations … If not hope u bear with me …

  17. Alekhika20

    Nyc intro

  18. Awesome dear! Update ASAP.
    I am a silent reader but decided to comment!
    Pls start as soonas possible and bBtw iIam your friend!
    I luv shivika TOO!
    Lots of love from my side!

    1. Haridhra

      Tnq so much vivikhta di …I’m delighted that a silent reader is commenting on my work…I’m always ur frnd di ..same pinch I too luv shivika to the core ..

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