His Solace.. His Angel (ragsan) part 19

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Ragini’s POV :
” We should sleep now.” I say getting out of the bed I was sitting on with Cupy. After coming back home, we spent two hours watching TV and it was already late.
“Stay?” He asked hopefully. I took the room beside his when I was discharged from hospital though he requested me to stay in his room. But it’s not nice to occupy someone else room since it’s their house not mine so I politely rejected the offer that time.

Breaking the train of my thoughts I looked up at my Cupy who was still staring at me with hopeful eyes.

“But I have to change in payjamas.” I reasoned.
“You can change into mine.” He said before leading me to his wardrobe grabbing a comfy looking black pyjama pants for me. He looked at me so excitedly that I can’t say no.
Just when I came out after changing I found him waiting outside the bathroom door.
“What happened?” I asked worriedly looking at his sad face. I was gone for 5 minutes only. What could’ve happened in the meantime.

“You were gone for far too long.” He said in a distressed tone, immediately picking me up in his arms.
I initially squeaked out of surprise then a giggle left my mouth.
“It was 5 min. only silly.” I shook my head at the way he was acting. I gave him a closed eye smile. I love him so much. He may be over protective and possessive over me but I know he is just afraid of losing me. I read once, “You’re protective and possessive only over the things you are afraid to lose because they matters the most.”

I looked at my Angel dressed in my clothes. My t-shirt was so lose on her that it slide down slightly from her shoulder. She was practically engulfed in my clothes looking like a bunny.
Carefully laying her down on the bed I playfully boped her nose. “My tiny bunny.” I teased her and she pouted. She was looking so damn adorable with her pouty rosy pink lips that I couldn’t help but peck them. She widened her eyes at my action and I lightly kissed her lips again.
“Stop!” She squealed cutely covering her face with both her hands as a dark pink shade covered her chubby cheeks.

“No need to be shy Princess. We’re lovers after all.” She bashfully hide her face in the pillow and I laughed at her shyness.
Getting in the bed I wrap an arm around her waist. “Good night Angel.” I whispered in her ear as she fell in a peaceful slumber after mumbling a meak ‘good night.’
I knew I will not get sleep for more than three hours. Those nightmares are a daily occurrence depriving me from sleeping further. But I at least have my Angel in my arms so I can cope with them.

Sun rays fall on my face peeping out of the curtains as I groggily open my eyes. Shock lept onto me as the realization stuck me hard. For the first time in last 16 years, no nightmare haunted me in my sleep. “But why? What’s so special about today?” I thought to myself. I got all my answers when my gaze fell on the sleeping beauty beside me whose soft, feathery skin was glowing in sunlight as she turned her face in my direction to avoid the rays, her lips stretched into a soft smile.

Scooping her carefully in my arms I sat on the bed resting my back along the headboard. She was cocooned in my arms like a new born baby with her head on my chest and clutching my shirt tightly with her dainty hand. This is something my precious loves to do. Clutching my shirt whenever I carry her. She snuggled further to my muscly frame as I held her protectively to me.
Kissing the top of her head lovingly, a tear of happiness escaped my eyes. “I finally found my cure. My Solace.”

“Which book are you so engrossed in Angel?” I asked while taking a seat on the chair across her. Apparently my Angel loves reading to the point she forgets everything else. So here she is. Sprawled out on a couch in the small library I have in the mansion.
“Oh this. You know this is an awesome book. I’m just at the point where the male lead is finally going to propose his lover.” And that’s how we spent our afternoon. Chatting about the books we both like.

Three weeks passed away in a blur and the pair can’t be more happy. Ragini’s Dad and brother accepted Sanskar as a new addition to their family with open hands. Ragini started attending college once again. Sanskar was on edge at first, worried about her safety but finally complied.

The duo were heading to Ragini’s home when Ragini screamed ‘Stop’ all of a sudden and Sanskar turned to her with a panicked expression as the car came to halt with a jerk.
“Ice cream” She said excitedly pointing out at an ice-cream parlor across the road.
“You should not scream like that Angel. I thought something bad happened.” He said sternly.
“Sorry.” She said sheepishly and he softened his gaze.
“I want you to get ice-cream for me. Please?”
“Fine. You wait here I’ll get it for you.” He got out and just as he was about to close the door Ragini slipped out in the rain.

It was raining heavily and late at night so the roads were almost empty. Rarely a car passed by.
“Angel.” Sanskar shouted.
“You will get sick baby.” He reasoned trying to get her back in the car but she sticked her tongue out at him and ran away.

He caught her in the middle and held her by waist preventing her from escaping. Both were drenched completely in the heavy rain. He twirled her around as melodious giggle reached his ears and he himself started laughing along with her.
“Ice-cream” She remembered suddenly and dragged him along.
“I know you are about to close but My Angel over here likes ice cream a lot. So could you please give a chocolate ice-cream for her.” Sanskar requested the shop owner who was about to close the shop.

“No. Two please?” said Ragini showing her best puppy dog eyes to Sanskar who shook his head at her antics smiling lightly. The owner gave two ice creams to Ragini who immediately started devouring the icy deliciousness like a child. Sanskar gave a 500Rs. note to the owner but the owner refused saying, “It’s too much Sir.”
“It’s not too much if it brings happiness to my Angel.” He said looking at Ragini who was munching on her ice cream happily not caring that most of it was smeared on her face.
Ragini forwarded the other ice-cream near his lips.
“We can share you know.”

With that the adorable couple enjoyed ice-cream in rain their hearts as if beating in synchronization with each other.
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