I wish u to be mine …episode 3

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Hi guys , I’m back with another epi..Sry for posting it late.N guys plz if u don’t like tis story comment n let me knw..Frnds tnq for encouraging me.. So let’s get into the story..☺

Shivaay’s POV (“first day in 9th”)

Hmmm… Well first day of 9th it doesn’t make any diff for me .. All want is to study well n Errrr……k I knw I’m lying.. I’m lil nervous as after so many yrs Ani ..yaa my Ani is my class. But wht the wuck , why would I be nervous.. I’m Shivaay Singh Oberoi so I won’t be nervous,but
truth speaking I’m .

How she will be looking…???? (He is in his own dream land). Wht I’m doing she was my Childhood Bestie n now my close frnd ..ohh No Sid is seeing me I need to cover up..

END of the POV…

Sid – Looks like someone is blushing.. Huun ???…( guys he nows Shiv-Ani’s frndship also knows that shiv likes Ani so much )

Shivaay – wh..What .. Who said I’m blu..
blushing ??
Sid – who said that ur blushing ??..??,waise whom where u tnking abt Ani ri8 ????

Shivaay – Wo..wo I have some work .. So I’m
going to main hall ..

Sid – Go who stopped u hmm ( n he giggles )

Shivaay gives ” ur impossible” wala look to Sid n rushs out so he could escape from him..but While running he suddenly dashed into a soft n mushy figure..His misfortune it was Anika ,he couldn’t believe his eyes ,but on seeing that poor creature’s state he started laughing heartily instead of helping her .. He knw she was enraged, he couldn’t help but laugh.

The whole class was staring at them silently..but they heard a splash n all their mouth went wide open ..N as soon as tis happened all heard the dialogue “what the wuck”.. N they he noticed a clear change of behavior in Ani..

Yess guys he figured it out before .. he became damn sure after the water splash.. (Hahaa) ?????…but he wasn’t angry on her as she anticipated… He really enjoyed the moment ,but lil embarrassed as they were in the class. He thought to tease her abt his class teacher interrupted… He left to his seat with a smirk on his face. N tis wasn’t unnoticed by Ani which left her with mixed emotions..a bit anger, also afraid,happy she was saved,worrying that how to rekindle her frndship.. Literally her head was spinning thinking why Shiv is upto ..The day ended with the anxious classmates..

So that’s all for today guys.I don’t whether it is good or not. Plz ignore typo errors n grammatical mistakes.. Do comment if u like it ??..bubyeee

With love

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  1. Haridhra

    Sry guys a small error ..
    1st para
    Truly speaking *

  2. Thedreamsoul

    hey , this is nice one but i have a request dear it is please make it a little longer because i want more of it . The episode was lovely , update soon

    1. Haridhra

      Ohh tnq so much Sana dr…Sure I will try to make it longer yaar..Sry ?..

  3. AMkideewani

    Awesome I love it

    1. Haridhra

      Tnq yaar.. Keep reading..

  4. Sanskriti120

    Haridhra yaar kitna ache se likha, it was awesome. Update soon. ?????????

    1. Haridhra

      Tnq so much Sans ..??

  5. Nila

    Cute episode but Konjam long update ah iruntha nalla irukum hari consider this yaar.r u in class nine? Or 10?

    1. Haridhra

      K kandipa Nila ka .. I’m going to 11 th. Sry abt the update ka I will try to make it longer…pakka ????

  6. hari its good i was waiting fr this but make it some wat big know it seems intrestingg ok make the length big it would be more nice

    1. Haridhra

      Sure Shabs .. I will try to make it big ..Tnq n keep reading.?

  7. Niriha


  8. Nice one dr and story good dr continue and post soon

    1. Haridhra

      Tnq so much ka..?. I will try to post soon.

  9. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear…

    1. Haridhra

      Tnq?.. Is it Niki di ..

      1. Nikita_jai29

        Yes dear a little modification and lots of confusion…

      2. Haridhra

        Ohhh superb I’m glad u r in TU .. Yepieee..☺?..

  10. Awesome……..

    1. Haridhra

      Tnq …☺

  11. Neha_Pheonix

    Great dear…Well I am glad this Shivaay liked the pani fight..interesting..loved it .awesommmmw….love ya !

    1. Haridhra

      Tnq Neha di.. I’m glad u took time from ur busy schedule to read n comment on my ff ???..

  12. Jerry_36

    Nice one☺

    1. Haridhra

      Tnq jerry ..??..

  13. Awesome

  14. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrrrrrr dr…. I read this ff from beginning dr its really fabulous…. Sry for commenting about previous episode in this place…

    1. Haridhra

      That’s fine ka .. Tnq so much ??

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