Swasan-Hatred Love (Part-7)

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Hello all

Excited to know what will happen….

Lets see

Previously: swasan fight and shekhar bad rumor

Epi.7: The maheshwaries

swara couldnt hear more of ragini talk as she fainted to floor and ragini scream her name over the Gadodia mansion)
Laksh was first to reach there, finding swara on floor,

Laksh: swara… swara… what happen ???…. swara open ur eyes…. swara …. wake up swara

Ragini: she fainted…. swara … bolo swara

Sharmeshta and shekhar join them also….

Laksh carried swara bride style and lay her to bed, he hold her hand rubbing continiously: swara … swara pls awake… pls plss

Shekhar called doctor immediatly….

Doctor examined swara saying that it was of tired and need rest, it was bit late so laksh dropped ragini at her home and when he back he got to his room

Laksh POV

i cant erase the moment i saw her on floor, it was like my life had skipped my body, ur my life swara, i cant see u harmed, dear god, safe her for me, please…..

Laksh POV over

mishit and Shekhar were thinking of that rumors, and hw it affect their daughter

Shekhar: its my fault mishit

Mishit: Shekhar what u say. Nothing like that

Shekhar: what nothing?, look what happen to our shonna… i just dnt know hw……

Mishit: shshshshsh…. Doctor said its due to tired so dnt worry. It must be one of ur enemies, calm down, rumors ll disappear and all ll b ok.

Mean while, swara wakes up breathing heavily due to bad nightmare, she drank water, and cry, its not like she wanted to, but tears flow out silently only, her family is getting hurt because of her, she cant hold anything except her family get hurt because of her. Her phone range and it was unknown number to her,

Swara: yes, swara Gadodia speaking.

Sanskar: still I’m the last man dear wife.

Swara: wept her tears and remind herself to be strong, she kept silent

Sanskar: did u took ur medicines? I want u to be healthy ( he still got no answer) no no no swara, is this hw u speak to ur husband???. ( no answer) god damn it swara answer me (he said angrily)

Swara: we need to meet.

Sanskar: set place and date

Swara: tomorrow 9 am ur office

Sanskar: got it sw……… (she hang the phone and lock fully)

Swara: I’m no mode for ur shit. I need to set my mind.

Sanskar mansion

Sanskar: that little…………. Ufffffff calm down sanskar….calm caaaaaalm

He went to dinner table: sorry had to make that call.

Maheshwary family gather to eat (Durga and Anborna, Adharsh and Parinita, Uttra with Sanskar) when Sanskar throw bomb no.1

Sanskar: badi ma, I decided to marry (all stop eating) please get preparations.

Anborna (badi ma): really beta. (Sanskar nodes as yea)

Uttra: what a great news Sanskar bhai, im so happy for u.

Durga: hw can u take that decision without our permission?.

Sanskar: My life, my rules

Adharsh: Is it one of ur low gi…

Sanskar: Watch it bhai, she is decent girl from good family and she will b my wfie

Anborna: What is her name beta??

Sanskar: Swara Gadodia

Parinita: Great .. now we have to pay for that…

Sanskar: U say something bhabi…. U forget that I’m Sanskar, I have projects of my own, so it ll b all set as my & badi ma ki taste, without interfere of any

Parinita get the insult and shut

Uttra: what about me Sanskar bhai??? (making sad face)

Sanskar: Aaari uttra, ur main of the show (smile kindly)

Durga: Uttra finish ur food

Anborna: When shall we go beta?

Sanskar: Tomorrow I tell u date badi ma

Durga: Anborna when date is set tell me

(Sanskar smile and drop of bomb no.2)

Sanskar: She is banglin ( that literality left family with no jaws)

Durga: Whaaat?

Adharsh: What u say Sanskar?

Sanskar: The truth

Anborna: But y beta, if u wanna marry I ll………..

Sanskar: No badi ma, I love her, I choose her. So please start getting ready

Durga: Have u forgot that ur part of this family?

Sanskar: Really durga ji? Am i?

Parinita: hw u think of that? They eat meat and fish? Hw she ll fit here?

Sanskar: again, my life, my rules. Beside its not like she ll really live her na!!

Durga: u have lost ur mind.

Sanskar: its better than marrying her directly with all rituals and media would say rumors about us na. (look to Durga with evil smile, he knew media is his weak part)

Durga leave the table, then Sanskar and went to his cabin. He don’t live inside Maheshwary mansion but he build his own cabin inside land border. He enter and think (from tent to cabin, well done me). He sit on coach thinking about swara.

She caught his eye from first sight, girls usually throw themselves on him since he became rich, but not swara, she is different, not like those he like to break, even more special than that, y he feel that strange, he have no idea, but its good for him coz with her he ll coz pain to Durga, he knows he hates banglin a lot and swara ll tease him to the bones.

Sanskar : game is on Durga Maheshwary. Then he remember something and kept laughing like hell ( MAHESHWARY MY FOOT) hahahahaha.

Next morning, Gadodia mansion

On table of breakfast, swara get out of her room

Swara: hello such beautiful people

Shekhar: beta!! Y u r out, back to bed pls, ur tired.

Swara give him cheek kiss: morning first, and I’m bilkol good. No worry pls. morning ma. Sweeeet morning laksh bhaaaaaai. (smiling)

Laksh smile back to see her happy: morning

Mishit; y u awake shonna?

Swara: mom I’m tired of bed, u know me. I ll go for a ride

Laksh: no way!!! What on earth…..

Swara: laksh please! I want that (she was serious so laksh accept her wish)

She took breakfast and at 9 exactly she stepped again to restaurant but didn’t ask anyone anything and head directly to elevator then to office and walk like canon toward sanskar office

Swara: u low life, cheep creature MR. Maheshwary.


Canon is fired

what u think sanskar ll replay …..

hold on tight…. to next chapter??????

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