Winter Spell by Neha (Kanchi OS )

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The sun had completed its job for the day and was now replaced by a full round moon .It was  a night of December with the romantic spell in the air .Kabir was waiting for his lady love ,the girl who stole his heart out the first meeting itself in his room. Witty yet simple ,egoistic, yet adorable, she was an amalgamation of so many things he hadn’t seen in his 25 years of life!

It has been 6 months since they are married now ,yet no development in the relationship apart from the things she had started calling him Kabir from Kabir sir. He wanted to tell her what he felt about her but how ?

Every time he goes near her all his energy gets drained out admiring that beauty clad in a plain saree that hugged her curves perfectly those has long open yet that rested on the right side of a front body giving the view of our milky black to his hungry eyes. Only he knew what he had done to control himself all the six months that is 182 days that is 4382 hours that is 262974 minutes !

He wanted to admire her ,taste her ,have for all to himself making her moan his name countless times and have her smooth skin under his fingers ,devour her Inch by Inch but all this was possible only in dreams !

“Gosh! Kabir ke bache you will die out of s*xual frustration if you don’t tell her this time… “He stood in front of the mirror to practice

“Saanchi I love you ” *eeks so simple”

Sanchi I love you, I cannot live without you !* try something different Kabir*

Sanchi after having you in my life ,I feel myself to be complete. I just know I cannot let you go ..* Urghh ! So cheesy Kabir Tera kuch nahi ho sakta *

“What’s happening here ?”a female voice that took his heart bombarded on his ear drums

“Sanchi mein woh….umm”

“Woh woh  kya ?”She raised her eyebrows confusingly .

“Practice !I was practicing !practicing makes man perfect ,you know ?”he said while Sanchi looked at him confusingly

“Hello” he said waving hands in front of her eyes to bring her to the present and continued “wondering makes women perfect? well nothing is that capable darling wife ..”

“oh hello we are born perfect okay? ” said Saanchi.

“Hahaha joke of the year” he rolled his eyes .

saanchi stamped her foot and left in anger .

“yes you are born perfect!he smiled and Whispered to himself throwing her a flying kiss .

Sanchi was working in kitchen when her phone beeped ,She checked it only to find Kabir messaged.

“On terrace 10, a surprise for you” Kabir

“A surprise for me ? kya hoga ?”she thought confusingly before her phone beeped again .

“wear something red with matching accessories ”

“why I will do what you want I will not wear red and I am sleeping at 9 itself today” she screamed angry at her phone screen as if shouting and throwing tantrums on Kabir just then he called .

“You will come ,hai na ?”

“Nahi mujhe kaam hai ”

” You have to come or else…”

“Else what ?”

“I-I w-will jump from the terrace!”

“Okay fine ! Don’t start your drama , I will come ”

Saanchi stood in front of the terrace door thinking what must be there on the other side ,her silly brain thought everything else than the thing that was stored for her that night. She opened the door only to find the whole terrace beautifully decorated with lights and heart shaped red balloons ,in centre there was an arrangement of table set with cuisine and wine. the scene in front of her was tantalizing her eyes !

“Let’s enjoy the eve! ” the husky voice broke her trance

“Trying to flirt ?”

“From day one ! …tumhe abhi pata chala?” He said in his typical style.

“What was the need of all this ?”

“What was the need of all this ?”he mimicked her in a girly voice annoying her .

Now it was her turn to mimic .

Saanchi stop -Kabir

Saanchi stop- Sanchi

Okay fine- Sanchi

Okay fine – Kabir

Today is the best night of my life -Kabir

Today is the best night of my life -Sanchi

I love you – Kabir

” I lov…W-what ?” She stammered before she could speak anything more he sealed her lips with his and hugged her tightly ..It was a new start to their story …

The end

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