Will you watch IPKKND2 without Anjali?

The upcoming tracks of the show has Anjali Agnihotri dying in the show. Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon… Ek Baar Phir on Star Plus, is heading towards some major drama in its forthcoming episodes after Geetanjali Tikekar has quit the show. The track showing the growing enmity between Agnihotris and Sarkars will lead to Anjali’s death and the show will soon lose one of the finest characters sketched. Anjali’s death will be shaking the Agnihotri home and the revenge drama will gear up more.

About the actress, Geetanjali is best known as Aparna Basu of Kasautii Zindagii Kay, for which she also won several accolades. She starred in a negative role opposite Cezanne Khan. Her next big tv project was IPKKND2 by which she has shown more of her acting prowess. She had won the Best Actress in a Negative Role ITAA in 2004 and also Star Parivaar Awards for Best Vamp. Though her role was positive in IPKKND2 and was much admired by everyone. Will you miss her in the show and would be able to watch the show without her? Let us know in this poll.

  1. waiting for this new track coz i think it is going to be intresting isnt it??

  2. Pls don’t do it like DT anjali already suffer pls let her enjoy her work and patient then don’t forget she have parents and she is only child they have

  3. […] Also check ‘Will you watch IPKKND2 without Anjali?’ […]

  4. […] Also check ‘Will you watch IPKKND2 without Anjali?’ […]

  5. […] Also check ‘Will you watch IPKKND2 without Anjali?’ […]

  6. What a nonsense..without anjali means utter floop serial..dont do that…

    1. yes absolutely you’re right

  7. Love Ashlok & IPKKND EBP ,interesting every episode could not missing only one, wait for new track too

  8. I m sad fr anjali but I will watch fr my ashlok I will alwz love ipkknd2

  9. No way anjali is dying!!! No way!!

  10. […] Also check ‘Will you watch IPKKND2 without Anjali?’ […]

  11. […] Also check ‘Will you watch IPKKND2 without Anjali?’ […]

  12. Waiting for new track but so sad without Anjali

  13. […] Also check ‘Will you watch IPKKND2 without Anjali?’ […]

  14. […] Also check ‘Will you watch IPKKND2 without Anjali?’ […]

  15. […] Also check ‘Will you watch IPKKND2 without Anjali?’ […]

  16. If she wants to quit then replace her dont kill he

  17. Im pretty sure when anjali’s dies, nj is going to marry kavita later and become 1 big family

  18. what’s this anjali dying its all so verybad !!! feeling very sad watching this serial only for her and niranjan . but i hope kavita is not behind all this because the show showing as anjali dying is to join kavita with niranjan but if kavita is behind anjali’s murder with takurmaa then it’ll be too bad !!!!

  19. Dont wanna see anjli dying and shlok going in coma ,astha marrying indrajeet 4 revenge.unbelievable serial without anjli .will miss u very much

  20. The show without anjali at this time is absurd n meaningless. The CVs have to think somethng better to gearup more drama but not anjali’s death.

  21. the show without anjali is absurd n meaningless.

  22. dont marry indrajeet srakar with astha indrajeet sarkkar is a uncle brother looking plese stop ths trck give their power of atony then the serial will become very worser then we will nt watch the serial

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