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Veera 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bansuri thinking she will talk to Gunjan, why did Ranvi not take Gunjan. She is on the way and the ladies taunt her for lying that Ranvi will take her. Bansuri gets irked. Ranvi’s music CD release function is done. A little girl comes to him and he smiles seeing her. She asks for his autograph, as she listens to his songs and likes him. He gives the autograph and takes a photo with her. Gunjan sees them on tv and cries. Ratan and Veera also see the tv. Ratan says she recalled Veera’s childhood seeing Ranvi with the girl, he likes to take care of kids. Veera says I know, but what he did with Gunjan is not right.

Bansuri comes and scolds Veera. She blames Veera for this. She says she is saying what she has seen and says Veera did this to insult us after Baldev did not listen to her. Gunjan comes and says enough, stop blaming him, they are not related to this. Bansuri gets angry. Gunjan says you know the truth, I m the reason, I have lost him forever. She says since when will she deny this. She says she did not wish to take Bansuri, as she lost right to ask anything to Ranvi.

Bansuri asks Ratan does she know this. She says call Chai ji, I will talk to her. Ratan says she is unwell and sleeping. Bansuri says Chai ji knew Gunjan is pregnant and no one told me, and also when they had problems, is she orphan. Ratan apologizes and Gunjan says no, you will not talk to Ranvi. She says no one will interfere in this matter. Bansuri says I want to talk to you and takes her.

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Gunjan says why did you get me to room, you could have talked infront of everyone, they all are supporting me. Bansuri asks her not to take all blame on her, else everyone will behave like Ranvi. She says its Ranvi’s mistake. Gunjan says no, I have hurt his heart. Bansuri says its nothing like that, Ranvi did not promote your work so you did not tell anyone about your pregnancy, and when you changed mind you wanted to keep baby, but baby died by accident. Gunjan says I lied and broke trust, and thought to abort baby without telling Ranvi.

Bansuri says so what, this will ruin your marriage, you are his wife and he will not stay away from you, if he wants a child, then give him. Gunjan says how, he is not even seeing me, he is not spending time with me. Bansuri says he will not take any big step, so don’t worry, Ranvi loves you a lot, if you try some, he will love you again, use your beauty and good looks, if you wait for him, then its big loss if he goes to someone else, make him come back to you.

Baldev comes home and asks Manjeet did Veera come. Manjeet says no, she might be telling Biji that you decided against her. She says Balwant came, meet him, and what about your mall. He says I did not sign papers and I will talk to dad. She thinks he is thinking about Veera. Balwant says I promised them that you and Veera will meet everyone after you come from Goa. Manjeet comes and tells about Baldev having mall idea. She says the benefits of the mall.

Balwant likes the idea. He says he is proud of Baldev today. Baldev asks really, will you be happy? Balwant says yes, why not. He says he always compared him to Ranvi, so that everyone praise him like they praise Ranvi, see how my chest broaden, show me your plan. Baldev says I will get. Manjeet says later on, call Bansuri now. She smiles and thinks Balwant should not see papers, else he will know its panchayat land, once the panchayat stamp is there, then everything will be fine.

Ratan tells Bansuri that she will talk to Ranvi. Bansuri says no need, Gunjan will take care. Ratan asks Veera not to fight with Baldev about the land matter. Veera leaves. Ranvi comes home and talks to Ratan. He says he saw Veera and Bansuri leaving. She says yes, they came and left. He says about the music release. She says I saw on tv. He asks where is Chai ji. She says she is sleeping in room. She sees food dishes and Gunjan comes. She asks him to freshen up and she will serve food.

He sits to have food. Gunjan asks Ratan to come. Ratan asks Gunjan to remove bangles, she is wearing since evening.

Gunjan removes the bangles and serves food to them. He looks at Gunjan. Ratan says what are you seeing, she will not say anything, she will not fight or complain, as she has accepted she failed, she feels she did a big crime and she should get punished, you wanted this that she stops smiling and talking, and roam like criminal in this house. He says no. Ratan asks him what does he want, can’t she get another chance to be happy, can’t she smile, why, what did she do that he is punishing her. She says broken thing can join, but the one which is shattered, does not have hope to join again.

Baldev tells Veera that Manjeet has told Balwant. She asks what will he have in food.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. plz ranvi, forgive gunjan

  2. Yeah,Gunjan regretted a lot.

  3. ranvi for how long will u be angry at gunjan.your silence n anger r affecting her.pliz try 2 understand her feelings..

  4. Gunjal liez to much bad wife

  5. Manjeet the old lady why you hate veera for no reason lol you cant act go home and be a good grandmother to ur family and bansuri you a try tooo hard stupid and dum shameless mothers in the hold widworld love ur children not destroying they life

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