Will you miss Zee’s Kaleerein?

Zee’s Kaleerein will be soon having a closure. The lead pairing of Vivaan and Meera has got much appreciated. The story is going to have a happy ending. Vivaan and Meera will be seen uniting. The couple is much troubled because of Tulika. Tulika wants revenge for her sister Paromita’s death. Tulika’s evil powers lose when she faces Meera’s strong pure love for Vivaan. Meera always becomes a shield for Vivaan. Tulika sends Mahi to add up problems. Mahi makes an entry to cheat Meera. Mahi is assumed to be Vivaan’s daughter. Mahi wants to stay in everyone’s good books. She acts like a good-natured girl. Meera and Vivaan don’t believe this truth.

Mahi holds special negative powers given by Tulika. Tulika makes sacrifices to keep Mahi powerful. Tulika is sure that Mahi will be separating Meera and Vivaan. Vivaan takes Mahi for the DNA test to know if she is really his daughter. Shockingly, the test results turn positive. This initiates a new drama in Vivaan’s life. Meera tackles the problems and exposes Tulika and Mahi’s plans. Meera and Vivaan finally get free of the evil powers. Meera’s pregnancy brings a good news for Vivaan. The family celebrates Meera’s baby shower ceremony. They get cute gifts and also lots of blessings. Meera and Vivaan’s journey comes to an end. Will you miss Zee’s Kaleerein? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Yes I will miss meervan

  2. I will miss them. Why is this story and serial ending?

  3. Yes i will miss kaleerein. tTis was my first zeetv show and i only watched because of Arjit Taneja and Aditi Sharma. Really wish this didnt have to end because i truly loved kaleerein and meervaan, the best jodi. Now i’ll just wait for them to appear on a new show and if it’s together then i’ll be extremely happy because their chemistry is awesome and they have amazing talent.

  4. I miss zindagi ki mehek more..

  5. Yes and no.
    Yes because i wil miss vivaan and meera
    No becauce the show was tooooooo evil. Only at the end they will have a happily lives

  6. This show started off well and I really liked the leading pair but the writers spoiled it with their lack of imagination and terrible stories and it just got worse and worse. The show and cast was never allowed to achieve full potential and good telent was wasted and under utilized with dumb meaningless stories.

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