Nadaan Dil RagSan episode 16

Ragini and sanskar were kissing passionately in the store room of the pub.
Finally they break it when they ran out of breath. Ragini’s lip was bleeding.
Ragini: ouch sanskar you are an animal.
She hits on his shoulder.
He pins her to the wall and holds her hand above her head and lock it with his hand. her another hand was on his shoulder .
Sanskar: I am wild .YOu love me then deal with this because its going to be wild baby.Sanskar;’s way of romance is like playing with fire so let me know if my bacha girlfriend is ready or not.
Ragini smirks.
She slides her hand into his silky hair and drags him into deep kiss.
Suddenly door burst open causing ragsan to jump with fear. .
Sahil was standing there.
Ragini got embarrassed and hid behind sanskar
Sanskar: you idiot what the hell.
Sahil: sorry bro but laksh is waiting outside.he is coming this way only.
Ragsan: what?
Sahil drags ragini with him behind a counter and at the same time laksh enters missing ragini by seconds.
Sanskar manages smile.
Laksh: are you busy.
Sanskar: no i am fine.
Laksh: lipstick
Sanskar: what?
Laksh: lipstick on your face.
Sanskar wipes it nervously.
Laksh: I was looking for ragini did you see her.
Sanskar nods in NO.
Laksh: ok yaar I will met you later .I need to search her.
Laksh goes away sadly.
Ragini comes from behind.
Sahil: thank god.He didnt knew about you.
Ragini: he has to…..Sanskar I cant betray laksh .I will tell him everything.
Sahil : what???? are you mad.Dont be stupid.Sanky tell her .

Sanskar: ragu is right but ragu this is our both mistake.We will both will tell him together.Lets face his anger his punishment together.
He wraps his hand with hers.

Later that evening laksh sees ragini with cold eyes.
Laksh: ragini can we go on date.
Ragini gets nervous.Sanskar comes from behind.
Ragini: laksh I need to talk to you.
Laksh: later not now.I have arranged for everything.
Ragsan look at each other
Laksh notices this.
Laksh: areh dont worry even sanskar will come with us.
Ragsan look on with doubt.
Laksh: get ready for the big night
He was about to go but ragini hods his hand.
Ragini: laksh wait.Whats going on laksh?
Laksh: you wil know ragini.
He goes to his bed room.
Ragini falls on her knees and covers her face and bursts out crying.
Sanskar sits beside her ..
Sanskar: dont worry ragu we will tell him everything today.
Ragini wipes her tears.
Ragini: No need to tell him anything .He already knows sanskar.
Sanskar gets shocked.
Sanskar: what?How do you know.
Ragini: can you see his eyes his words ..He never calls me ragini .This itself says he know.
Sanskar: OH no.
Ragini: I didnt want him to know like this.I wanted to tell him everything.He dont deserve this sanskar.SHe cries hugging him.
Suddenly they hear claps sound and turn around to find laksh but they weren’t shocked they were ready for it.
Laksh: i planned so much .Everything was planned perfect for big revelation .Well if you have initiated let us continue.Just one question WHY?
FOr the first time ragini was really scared of Laksh
Ragini: La..
He shows his palm to stop her
Laksh: I am talking to him.
Ragini closes her eyes as tears fall down.

Sanskar: I am sorry laksh but I couldn’t stop myslef from loving her.I failed.
Laksh: you failed? you know cost of your failure?..Its my pain.Its my sufferings.What is my mistake?
Sanskar just keeps silent letting laksh take out his anger
Laksh felt more anger and punched sanskar in his stomach.
Sanskar fell down in pain and ragini trembled.
he kept on hitting sanskar ajnd ragini was too scared to say anything.
LAksh:you are my brother my best friend but you spoiled my life.
Sanskar was bleeding..
Ragini came to stop laksh but laksh pushes her
Laksh: you turned out like your mother.YOur mother gave pain to mu chachu and you did same with me. Same blood na.YOu Son of a b*t*h
Sanskar couldnt take this. He have taken more punches from him but this remark was killing him.He tried to run away from this remark of being called as son of a b*t*h but now laksh himself was calling him that.
Sanskar slapped laksh in anger .He fell on the dining table when it hit laksh’s forehead.It was bleeding.
And this incresed laks’s anger more and he took the knife and charged towards sanskar
ragini’s eyes widened in shock and sanskar closed his eyes ready for it but when it striked he couldnt feel any pain.
He opened his eyes to find ragini withering in pain and laksh was numb fallen with knife on floor.

Yes laksh has stabbed ragini .,She came between sanskar and laksh.
Everything was quiet except for ragini’s crying.
Sanskar finally came out of shock.
He rushed to her and held her in his arms….
Laksh ALso came to senses but he was walking like zombie towards her.
Ragini was looking at laksh.
Ragini: Laksh…I also loved sanskar even I deserve Puni…Punishment..Please dont fight for me…

Laksh fell next ragini holding her hand .On the other hand sanskar was crying like a baby.
Ragini lost consciousness looking at both..

SOrry for small update..Chandan thank you so much dear…Before getting angry on laksh I dont think he is wrong .He was betrayed and his reaction was justified…Laksh will get new girl now.And dont worry I am not hurrying with this story..
This plot has more to come..Laksh will exit and new vamp for ragsan ..Guess who…..
My fav vamp….and dont worry itte jaldi nai thoda ragsan needs time with each other….
and please guys watch KARN SANGINI on tv onbly at 7 pm.THOse people r blaming low trp on teju.

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    Awesome update 🀩🀩🀩🀩❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️

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