Will You Forgive Me Sweetheart (OS)

Will You Forgive Me Sweetheart

This os is not related to the original story line

Here riansh are married an arranged one. But they genuinely care and respect each other.

One day during dinner 🍽

Vansh(whispering): Riddhima tonight I wanted to see the naughty side of u

Riddhima: Sure

Vansh started to think many wild fantasies When vansh entered their room Riddhima started to behave like a naughty child. This act of her made vansh angry 😠 he thought she is insulting hisfeelings. He shouted on

Vansh: Riddhima if u doesn’t like my presence then say but don’t hurt me like this

Riddhima: Vansh I didn’t meant to hurt you I just do it for fun

Saying so she went close to him, he pushed her

Vansh: I’m feeling sleepy and he slept in his side of the bed

Riddhima tried to cuddle him ,when she touched him he got up and slept on the couch she understood so decided to pacify him

At morning πŸŒ„ she tried to talk with him but he ignored her and went to bath. He was getting ready for going office suddenly he got a phone call from angre saying that he’s going to lose a deal because of some reasons

Vansh: I don’t know angre you should fix the deal by anyways and ended the call

At the same time πŸ•˜ Riddhima comes there to talk with him and he vented his anger on her

Vansh: Now what you want why are you always disturbing me he was shouting on her

Riddhima(concern) :What’s the reason why are you looking so angry

Vansh: You are the reason

Riddhima: What did I do

Vansh: What you didn’t you did everything to make me loose everything in my life unless you leave me I won’t get success in my life just leave me

Saying this he stormed out of the room . Riddhima sat on the floor crying

Ok guys that’s all for today’s episode meet you soon with the next part

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