Will We Unite? – (Part 7 ~ Time to go to college)

“What did I do in Hoshiarpur?” Prachi asks, actually confused. “You don’t remember?!” Shahana exclaims. Prachi shakes her head negatively. “Okay, then I’ll say it myself, in Hoshiarpur Prachi used to go into the kitchen when Maasi was sick and make something and then go and tell Maasi that it was from our neighbors who would agree because Prachi told them that Tammana Di, a close friend of mine and Prachi’s made the food and didn’t want Maasi to know that it was her who made it, for Maasi didn’t like it when children entered the kitchen for they could hurt themselves. Prachi made many things like, cake, cupcakes, halva, ladoo, paruthe, chole puria and so on and she always used this excuse. Prachi of course made healthy stuff, like carrot soup when Maasi was sick, the other things I mentioned she would make on Sunday’s or on public holidays and somehow manage to avoid being caught by Maasi. Even here in Dehli she has done this but by telling Sarita Aunty that Maasi made the stuff and by telling Maasi that Sarita Aunty made the stuff,” Shahana says, leaving everyone in shock and Prachi confused. “How did you find out all of this?!” Prachi says shocked. “Well, our neighbors told me about the reason you gave them when I asked and then I went asked Tamana Di and she told me that she never made anything, which made me think that it was you who made the food, so one day I decided to follow you around and I found out that my suspicions were correct,” Shahana explains. “That still explain how Prachi learnt all this?” Pragya says. “Well, actually she would watch you do it and then if she didn’t know how to make the dish, she would get your phone and put on a tutorial,” Shahana replies. “Ok, but you have to agree this food was even better than Pragya’s,” Abhi says, earning a glare from Pragya. “Meera ji, can you make coffee please, I’m feeling tired?” Pragya requests sweetly and before Meera could reply Abhi quickly says, “actually Prachi’s food was just as good as Pragya’s.” Pragya gives a victory smile while everyone else bursts out laughing and Pragya says, “Prachi beta, your food was delicious and was better than mine.” “Oh, so you can say her food is better than your food but I cannot,” Abhi says, annoyed. “Precisely,” Pragya replies, while everyone else is smiling at Abhi and Pragya’s cute fight. “Yes, Prachi it was very tasty,” Aryan says. Alia thinks, I will make sure that Pragya and Prachi don’t remain happy for long with the help of my old friend. Alia leaves the table after giving a praise to Prachi’s food which, for her, took a lot of effort to do.

“I have an announcement to make,” Abhi says. “What is it Papa?” Prachi asks. “Today we will have your and Ranbir’s reception and tomorrow it will be your Muh Dukhayi,” Abhi declares. Everyone agrees. Pranbir, Arhana and Riya bid farewell and leave for college. While Abhi quickly bids farewell to everyone as well as he had something important to do.


Prachi goes in side the car and stays quiet and thinks, Ranbir hasn’t told me he loves me but he does think loves me yet he didn’t even give one bit of a praise to my food. But why do I feel so annoyed about it? Do I love.. “No!” Prachi screams scaring Ranbir and Ranbir asks worriedly, “what happened? Are you okay?” Prachi sighs, “Yes I’m fine, I just thought we were running late to college, which we are, so drive faster.” “Are you asking me to drive faster?” Ranbir asks in disbelief. “Not too fast just fast enough to get to college,” Prachi replies. “Ok get ready,” Ranbir says. Ranbir starts driving only a little faster for he knew Prachi wouldn’t like it if he drives too fast. Ranbir thinks, why did Prachi scream no? I know it wasn’t because we were running late to college. I just wish she would tell me then maybe I could help her. Ranbir sighs and the two continue towards the college lost in their own thoughts.

Soon Prachi and Ranbir reach college and come out of the car and are confused to see everyone’s attention towards them, soon their confusion is cleared when Apurvi a close friends of Prachi’s comes and says, “Prachi you got married and you didn’t even invite me.” “Apurvi we didn’t married like people would usually get married,” Prachi replies. “Oh so you and Ranbir ran away from your homes and then got married because you were in love with each other,” Apurvi says jokingly. “What?! No we didn’t!” Prachi replies almost shouting. “Chill Prachi, I was just joking, everyone knows how you guys actually got married,” Apruvi replies. “Good. Wait a second who do you know?” Prachi asks confused. “Well, I doubt that the marriage of Abhishek Prem Mehra’s daughter and Vikram Kholi’s son would stay secret for long, no matter in what circumstances it was done,” Apurvi replies. “That still doesn’t explain how everyone here knows, ” Prachi replies. “Wo, actually principal sir was told by your dad about your marriage this morning and he told all of us,” Apurvi explains. “Oh ok,” Prachi says. “I guess I better go and let you spend some quality time with your husband,” Apurvi says teasingly and runs away before Prachi could scold her.

Prachi sighs and turns around only to find Ranbir missing! Prachi thinks, where could have Ranbir gone? Prachi is about to go and search for Ranbir when Shahana and Riya come to her and Shahana says, “Prachi, Kabir Luthra son of Karan Luthra is here! Let’s go!” ” Aryan hears this and gets angry and thinks, I should go with them warna Shahana might start liking Kabir and she might di..ditch me. No, Aryan you can not that let happen. Aryan quickly goes over to the girls and says, “I’ll come with you guys too.”

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