Will We Unite? – A Kumkum Bhagya Fanfiction (Blurb & Description)


Hello everyone,

My name is Riya and I am 16 years old. This is a fanfiction on Kumkum Bhagya. It will mainly focus around the younger generation. It will start from when Sanju kidnaps Prachi to marry her forcibly.Riya is still to enter the scene, but here she does not know that it is Sanju behind the mask she just sees Ranbir’s car and Prachi’s bag in it and hears shouting from the factory so thinking that Pragya is worried about Prachi, goes to save her. Riya will not react negatively on finding out that Ranbir loves Prachi, unlike the show.

The blurb is:

Abhi and Pragya were separated due to the supposed death of their eldest daughter, Kiara. 20 years later fate brings Pragya back to Dehli. Will this broken family finally unite forever or does their bhagya have something else in store for them???

One day both Prachi and Riya, the younger twin daughters of Abhi and Pragya have a strange dream, which was more of a nightmare and they both had the exact same one. This leads to a series of strange dreams and nightmares for both of the twins. Why are the two twins having the exact same dreams and nightmares?

Read will unite to know.

P.S I have also published this on Wattpad so you could check it out there.

~Riya Sharma!

  1. Samaila

    Interesting 🤔

  2. Radhakrishn

    Nice starting, hope the first chapter will be interesting.

    1. Riyasharma

      Thank you. Updated.

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