Will We Unite? – Part 1 ~ Love Finds A Way


Ranbir yells, “Prachi don’t spoil your life for me.” Prachi looks at Ranbir and the the person who was holding him at gunpoint she says, “no Ranbir if anything were to happen to you it would be because of me and I would never be able to live with that guilt.” A few tears roll down Prachi’s cheeks but she stops herself from crying for all she could now was pray. Pray that someone would come and find them, someone would stop this marriage and that someone would be able to take Ranbir and her away from her safe and sound.

The pandit starts the marriage rituals. While all Ranbir could just do was watch and regret ever asking Prachi to step out of the car and for some reason he was feeling angry at the person behind the mask and he was feeling bad that Prachi was getting married to this random guy for she was only his. Ranbir got surprised by his own thoughts and thinks, since when is Prachi mine I hate her, don’t I and she hates me. But then why I did I feel so bad when Prachi was crying, suddenly he himself wasn’t sure of his feelings for Prachi and he decided it was best to argue with himself after he and Prachi were out of this mess. He looks sadly at Prachi and the masked man and feels useless for not being able to do anything.

Suddenly, the goon that was holding Ranbir and gunpoint drops his gun and Ranbir gets confused seeing Prachi, sigh, as it if she were relieved about something and then he turns around to see the goons head bleeding and the goon keeping a hand on the area where it is bleeding. Ranbir too breathes a sigh of relief on seeing Riya with a metal rod in her hand. Riya continues to hit the goon with the metal rod (like in the show).

The masked man shouts, “stop or else I shoot her,” pointing a gun towards Prachi. Ranbir stutters, “do..don..don’t..we..we..we’ll…st..stop.” Ranbir and Riya look at Prachi worriedly. Ranbir thinks, why am I so worried for Prachi, first I got jealous of Rishi, then that Sanju (yes, Ranbir has figured out he was jealous of Sanju) and now I’m starting to think that she’s mine only, does that mean that I.. love…lo..love Pr..Prach..Prachi, OMG I love Prachi but what if she hates me, wait, Ranbir shouldn’t you be focusing on stopping this marriage and then focus on whether or not Prachi likes you.

Riya on the other hand for some reason feels bad seeing Prachi’s eyes moisture up and seeing Prachi sad. Riya thinks, why do I always feel so bad when Prachi is upset or when my plans start to succeed and Prachi gets blamed and then she starts to cry, maybe it’s because I feel bad for aunty.

The Pandit continues the rituals and they get up to the fifth round, when someone snatches a gun from a goon and points it towards the masked man.


Abhi and Shahana reach the factory and get shocked to see Vikram’s car there, along with Ranbir’s and a taxi. Shahana wonders out loud, “the taxi is probably here because Maasi came in there and Ranbir’s car is here because he is here but why is Vikram sirs car here? “I don’t know, but we better find out before it’s too late,” Abhi shrugs.

Abhi and Shahana sneak into the factory without getting spot by anyone.


Pragya says, “hand your guns over or else your boss dies.” All the goons hand their guns over to Sarita ji and Prachi comes and hugs Pragya while Riya and Ranbir both breathe sighs of relief. Vikram, Pallavi and Dida enter and Pallavi asks, “Prachi, Ranbir are you okay?” Both Ranbir and Prachi nod their heads and then Pallavi sees and Riya and says, “Riya, beta are you okay? What are you doing here?” Riya replies, “Aunty, I am fine and I saw Ranbir’s car outside in which I saw Prachi’s bag and I heard some loud noises come from inside so I decided to come and see what was wrong.” Pallavi says, “Thank god, that everyone is fine.”

Abhi reaches the inside with Shahana and looks at everyone (can’t see Pragya for her back is turned towards him) and says, “is everyone okay?” Everyone nods their heads and Pragya turns her around, for she thought she heard Abhi’s voice and Abhi and Pragya look at each other emotionally, recalling all their moments together and at last their separation.

Abhi after a moment or two pulls Pragya in a tight hug and Pragya too reciprocates and the two remain like that for a couple of minutes and as if by mutual understanding move back from each other. Everyone looks at Abhigya confusingly but soon their confusion gets erased when they Abhi says, “fuggie what is the name of our elder daughter?” “she is right here,” Pragya says, pointing towards Prachi.

Abhi gets the biggest shock of his life and asks, “so, Prachi what do you want first from your father?” Before Prachi could reply, Pragya says, “you know Prachi already?” Abhi replies, “I am Abhishek Prem Mehra father of Riya Mehra and Prachi Mehra.” Pragya gets happy on knowing that Riya is her daughter but then remembers Riya’s hatred towards her mother and frowns but soon gets shocked when Riya pulls both Prachi and her in a hug. Riya says, “I missed you mom and Prachi di.” Pragya happiness had no limit when she heard Riya call her mom. Riya had now understood why she felt so bad when she Prachi, why she felt hurt when Prachi felt hurt, why she felt an unknown connection with Prachi and her mother.

The masked man on the other hand had slipped away and grabbed a gun while the family reunion was happening and out of nowhere all of his goons held each person with four people each, holding Abhi, Vikram and Ranbir and two people each holding, Pallavi, Shahana, Dida, Sarita ji, Riya and Pragya each person struggling to get out of the goons grip. The masked man says, “Prachi if you can’t be mine then you can’t be anyone else’s either for I cannot see with anyone else, I am really, truly sorry that I have to do this but I have no other option,” pointing the guns towards Prachi, he looks away and then looks back and is shocked to see the sight in front of him.

Part 1 ends.

Why was Sanju shocked at the sight in front him?

Please do tell me whether or not you liked this part in the comments. Also if you’ve the read the story so far on Wattpad than don’t answer the question above.

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~Riya Sharma

  1. Samaila

    Must have been Kiara or Ranbir or Rhea

    1. Riyasharma

      Maybe. Stay tuned to find out!

  2. Wow! This is the most amazing Kkb ff I must say. Please continue it nd will u update daily?

    1. Riyasharma

      Thank you. I’m flattered. Though I could recommend you going on Wattpad. I bet you’ll find better Fanfictions there. There better KKB fanfictions here as well. I will update the first 11 parts or so daily. As for the other parts, I cannot yet say.

    2. Okay I will check on Wattpad. Thank u.

  3. Radhakrishn

    The family reunion was emotional.

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