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Let’s proceed
After sometime Ragini completed all her work and then started leaving. Till that everyone had already left. So Ragini also left. And after dinner she continued her work but Khushi came and scold her so she slept. At midnight Ragini was turning from one side to another suddenly she saw Sanskar was sleeping beside her. And he was looking at her. She sit immediately and then saw now also sanskar was smiling at her. She became confused.

Sanskar – what happened my tsunami?

Ragini – Sanskar you came back. I knew it. And she hugged him tightly. Where you had went from last year’s. Do you even know how much i had missed you.

Sanskar – i also missed you ragini.

Ragini – I told many times to Khushi di that nothing has happened to you. You’ll come back but she never listened.

Sanskar – but I’m not happy with you ragini.

Ragini – what but why?

Sanskar – because of me you are suffering soo much Ragini. I can’t forgive myself anyday. It’s not good right. It’s true that we love each other but that doesn’t mean you’ll forget your life. Just look at yourself Ragini what you had did with you. Who did it.

Ragini – sorry sanskar i promise I’ll never do it again.

And then she hugged him tightly.

Sanskar – he hugged her more tightly and tears rolled from his eyes. Ragini it’s not good. And then he kissed her forehead. Ragini saw him crying.

Ragini – she wipes his tears. Sanskar why you are crying? now everything will be fine because you came back.

Sanskar – no Ragini i can’t forgive myself. I couldn’t give you happiness that you deserve. After my leaving also you are living a life like a hell . you never had to interested in business still you are doing that. You left your medical profession also.

Ragini – she hugged him . Sanskar it’s not your fault. It’s all the fault of our fate. Don’t worry now you had came back so ill join hospital again . And you’ll handle your business.

Sanskar – promise me Ragini.

Ragini – what?

Sanskar – promise me that you’ll became that old Ragini again . Because this cruel Ragini doesn’t suits you. Promise me you’ll take care of yourself always.

Ragini – she release him . Okay but now you had came back. So you’ll take care of me.

Sanskar – Ragini may be in business work i have to go to out of city right then that time you’ll be take care of yourself.

Ragini – okay then promise. And she hugged him again.


Ragini wakes up from her dreams because at the end sanskar went away from her. She wakes up and tried to find sanskar in whole of the house. Khushi comes there.

Khushi – what happened Ragini?

Ragini – di where is Sanskar. He had came to our room but don’t know suddenly he vanished. Please find him.

Khushi – okay well find him. You goo and sleep.

Ragini – no first I’ll find him.

Khushi – she slapped Ragini. It’s enough Ragini go and get to sleep. Sanskar will never return and it’s truth. You have to accept that. And then she dragged her from there and went to her room. And closed the door.

Next day morning

Akash received a call. He excuses himself and went from there

Akash – what? but how can be that possible. That sanskar was dead. How will he return. Are ragini has became a mad. She doesn’t know anything. She must have dreamed that one. It impossible. Yah i’m sure he hasn’t came back. You do your work. Bye.

And he cut the call. He was very much angry. He breaks a vase which was kept nearby. He saw Anjli was coming runningly inside the house. She was sweating heavily. Akash went near her.

Akash – hey what happened? Why you are sweating?

Anjli – akash woh sanskar. …he has came back. I. ..

Akash – what nonsense. You must have illusion. Just a minute you had went to mandir right. Then where you saw him.

Anjli – at mandir when i was sitting at backside there i got a paper. There something was written which was known to only sanskar because till now i hadn’t share that one with anyone. Then when i searched that place i saw a person going towards the parkinglot. And from his back i saw him. He was sanskar only.

Akash – but how can he be alive? And then he told anjli everything that he got the information on the call.

Anjli – he has came back to take revenge only. Now he’ll not leave us.

Akash – no before that I’ll search him and kill him again . You go and freshen up I’ll  think of something.

At Ragini office

Ragini has called  a lawyer and told him everything about akash’s doing.

Lawyer -mam we have only two option left.
Ragini – what are they?

Lawyer -first one we have to present sanskar sir in the court so that he’ll told that signature wasn’t his.

Khushi – but that’s impossible.

Ragini  -and second one??

Lawyer -it was very difficult. I’d you can confess the truth from akash that he had did it by himself then we can win.

Khushi – what? but how well do that?

Lawyer -sorry mam but only this option has left with us. And you have to do it within today only. Because tomorrow was its hearing date. Now I’ll leave. Call me if you need any help.

Khushi – okay thanks. After sometime Khushi saw ragini was busy in her phone. What we’ll do Ragini?

Ragini -di well choose the second one only. Now its enough of their time. Now it will be our win. I know what i have to do. Infact i had did it and she show a message to Khushi.

Khushi – no Ragini you’ll not.

It ends. …

Precap – one big twist. …If sanskar was really alive?if he had really came back? What will Ragini do now?

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