My wife is my true love abhigya abhis mera love story (Part 7)

Abhigya sat in car.abhi tried many times to how she fell in love with him,but she said she would say it to him on his birthday.after few mins of talk. both slept like that itself

Next morning,
Abhi woke up n saw his wife his sleeping beauty ,he didn’t want to move his eyes away from her.when pragya woke up she rubbed her eyes n saw her hubby looking her,she fell in his gaze a slow lovely eyelock

Nenjorama oru kaadhal thulirum porhu
Kannorama siru kaneer thuzhigal aeno
Kanalane kanal unna kaithakida nan nenachena

Pragyas hair fell on her face,abhi moved it she slowly opened her eyes n came out of car .abhi back hugged her.both saw sun rising signifying their love life’s start.

Manasula poonkathu nee pakkum tesayil
Vesum pothu namaku nu oru thesam angu iruvarum sernthu onna vazhvom

Munalla kannalkannala kannala enmela theiya neranzhuputta
Sollatha sollala ullukul etho kalavaram purinchu putta.plays

Pragya was seeing abhi ,when he pushed her to car door n enclosed her, he came near her.pragya breathing system was functioning unevenly. Abhi came close to her lips. Pragya messed his hair n sloped down n escaped n ran.abhi was trying to catch her.she slips n falls on abhi who was closely follfollowing her.abhi asked now will u give my kiss.pragya said first try to impress me,then I will…..

An old lady saw them n said these age children na they don’t know where to do their romance.abhigya cheeks become red.pragya stood up from him n asked dadi is there any petrol bunk nearby.dadi says no.but I think my puttar can help you.
They both went to old lady’s house,she welcomed them n explained scene to her husband.Dada says god bless u both stay happy always. Dada says nearby there’s a bus stop u can go there by walking or cycling.abhi exclaimed okkkkk,let’s go thanks Dada n dadi for ur kind help.they saw a cycle n abhi sat n made pragya sit in between cycle seat n handbar.(guys car will be repaired by mechanic n it’ll be sent my Dada).

Abhi rode cycle how romantic na cut cut cut there’s no song when princess is there I’ll sing pls don’t close ur ears I’ll sing nicely hmmm hmmn okk now

Abhi was riding cycle with pragya in front,cool breeze falling on their faces,nature was welcoming them.

Uyire un uyirena nan irupen anbe
Inime in izhalinil nan siripen……

Ennodu be irunthal uyirodu nan irupen..(2)…
Just a mashup huhua

Abhi was gazing pragya continuously ,she said pls concentrate on road or ull end up giving fractures to both of us.

Abhi thought that he was lucky to have her.pragya said I love u abhi I love u more than myself in her mind.

Both got off cycle n kept it in shed of Dada n went to busstop.
In bus some were hitting pragya, she was feeling uncomfortable n next second abhi was hugging her from back preventing others slightest touch on his pragya.

Yaaro Ivan yaaro Ivan
En pookalin veto Ivan
En penmaiyai venran Ivan anbanvan……

Abhis pov song
Un kadhalil karaiginravan
Un parvaiyil uraikingravan
UN pathaiyil nizhalagave alaikinravan….

Episode ends …..tata byebye
Precap : I won’t tell you just keep guessing

But keep commenting n stay happy,ur sis choti n friend is eagerly waiting for all ur comments huraaayyyyyy.good night sweet dreamzzzzzzzz.
See u all at next epi.till then its ur princess taking leave.

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