Will be Friends Forever *Intro*

Hey all ,Sry for inconvenience .As I told in my community tab ,I am merging yhc and yrhpk FF *Misunderstanding between opposite*and *College fun or Guilt*

If you haven’t readed then ,link of c.s is below at very last .

in this FF , the partner’s name are as follow – kaira and keesh (from yrkkh),Kuku and mishbir (from yrhpk) ,rusha(from yhc) and avneil (from naamkaran).

This will be in more detail in the C.S. And if you didn’t understand anything , then ask in comment .And also there are less images ,I will upload images from epi 1.There will be some slight changes too.

Goenka Family

Suhashini Dadi- Head of Goenka Family

Modern thinking .

Manish Goenka- Father of Kartik ,Kriti bubbles ,Best friend of Baljeet Khurana,owner of Goenka industry

Suwarna Goenka- Loves all ,old thinking .

Akhilesh and Surekha Goenka- father of luv &kush (Note : Mansi Goenka is not there)

Luv Kush Goenka- The small one (not anmol and apoorv jyotir)

Keerti( I am confused with name so keerti and Kirti or kreeti are same) Daughter is Suwarna , sister of Kartik and luv -kush ,loves bubble as a sister , (where do they study ,will be posted at end . Same like serial ,An intelligent girl (played by mohena of mohena vlogs)

Kartik Goenka- Always daydreaming of his lovelady ,Same ,when he was at starting cheerful ,happy

Bubbles Goenka – Smaller than kriti ,loves Rudy ,

If I forgot any character then pls tell me.

The cs of our rusha is same except bubbles .Here is the link


Singhania Family

Badi dadi , devyani ,rajshekhar will be same .As I told earlier in misunderstanding between opposite , naman -karishma died in accident and in this mis…es Akshara is in coma and Naitik has memory loss . They will recover soon

Naksh Singhania- Funny ,hides his emotions from others, silence at home , and in college the prankster.(rishi dev)

Naira Singhania-strong girl , best friend of preesha ,Toppr ,same like our sherni.

Mishti Singhania- Lives with Maheshwari , doesn’t know about parents death. you will get to know her in character sketch .The link is below


If you want to understand it properly then ,you have to read from the links also .

Avni Rathore – Her parents died in accident , sister of Aditya , Finding job as a nurse proffesion

Aditya Rathore- Brother of Avni ,loves her , positive character

Neil Khanna – Doctor of Akshara and Naitik , sweet character.

So here is the Character Sketch .Hope you like it . Note- Maheshwari will come in Udaipur again afterwards .

they all study in Saint Teresa college except Naksh and keerti ,

Naksh keerti – HOTEL MANAGEMENT 1 year

Nishant ,Ketki, Kuhu ,Kunal ,Mishti and Abir – 1 year of DOCTOR

Naira ,Kartik ,Aditya , bubbles ,preesha ,Rudy – 1 year of MBA

I will upload Simple Beautiful Life Kaira soon and saath hai to baat hai too .


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Epi 1 will be uploaded tomorrow

  1. Thanks a lot. Amzing waiting for 1 st episode

    1. Tina03

      Thank you pari
      Will update tomorrow.

  2. It was nice still I am pretty confused🤔🤔. It’s ok I will try to understand.

    1. Tina03

      U will understand from epi 1 . Thank you

  3. Jasminerahul

    Avni as a nurse n Neil as naikshara’s doctor was a surprise. Why are you merging ffs?

    1. Tina03

      Ya l Just I thought as , writting seperate FF wasn’t possible . So I have merged them.

  4. Hey where is 1st episode

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