i will always love u…(part 24) udaan

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Hey guys there was a lot of confusion in my previous ff……….i know many were disappointed but lets just forget it…….and yup guys a special request I write ff as I like to write it and even as ul guys enjoy it.if my ff is not interesting or ul feel it bad ul can tell me but plz don’t go on my parents plz ita a humble request…..say me anything wont mind but not for my parents…….any ways as we all know its morning so lets forget everything and lets make a new beginning……..hope ul enjoy it……..

They come home….
Suraj: princess we will be staying in hostel. please do take care of urself..
Vivan: and every Sunday we will come to meet u..
Ragini: its ok I m not a kid..i will manage..

On the other hand.
Chakor: maa I will be missing ul…..
Kasturi: but me and ur papa wont..
Imli: why maa
Kasturi: arey my both idiot daughter will go.so definitely we will stay happily..
Chakor: how rude maa…
And she goes and sits on sofa angrily imli too joins her…they both make a sad face……
Bhuvan goes near them…
Bhuvan: arey what if ur mom will not miss ul.ur father will definitely miss his two princess…
Imli: really…..
Bhuvan: yup really….
They both give him a hug…..
Kasturi: if ur drama is over eat food and pack ur bags….
Chakor: yup……
They eat food and all four packs their bag….
tina was staying in hotel……

next morning….
They leave their home….suraj and vivan by kissing ragini and chakor and imli by hugging their parents…….

They meet in college……chakor sees suraj and was about to go near him when she sees tina coming and hugging him…..
Tina: u know it was so difficult to spend yesterday night.i was continuously missing u…..
Suraj looked chakor and laughed seeing her reaction…..
Suraj: me too my angel…..
Chakor slowly: angel………..what nuisance she doesn’t deserve to be told chudail also….from which angle she looks like angel….
Suraj hears it but still ask…
Suraj: did u said something.
Chakor: why do u care what I told.concentrate on ur angel…….
And she leaves……..suraj smiles..
Suraj: how should I tell u that my angel is u only………I really love u…
Tina: oh ho suraj……control it yaar…..
Vivan: no he cant yaar…..
They laugh…..
Suraj goes from there……..chakor was standing and sees suraj she turns and sees arjun…
Chakor: hey arjun…..how r u….
Suraj sees this…..and smile as he was knowing chakor was doing it purposely….but still he didn’t wanted chakor to talk with arjun……
Suraj: chatterbox….want to talk to u…..
Chakor: why where is ur angel now………u were hugging her na so now what happened…..
Suraj: why r u jealous of tina ha……
Chakor: oh plz me and jealous…….and too with that idiot girl never in my dreams sadu
and she goes from there….
Suraj smiles….
Suraj: if u weren’t jealous why u told her idiot girl…..afterall u didn’t talked with tina…..
They go in their rooms…..luckily their rooms were side by side so they were happy but the worst thing was for chakor and suraj as tina chakor and imli got one room and arjun suraj and vivan got another……….
Vivan: dude what is happening of ur plan.is it in progress
Suraj: yup yaar she is getting jealous but isn’t saying this………
Vivan: she will yaar…
Suraj: hope soon chatterbox says me I love u….
Arjun overhears them..
Arjun: oh so ul r doing it purposely……and u suraj u love her that’s great but u don’t worry dude.in presence of me she will never ever say u I love u……..
He smiles and leave.(just to clear ur doubts arjun was talking to himself)…
All starts cleaning their rooms…..tina chakor and imli completed their work….
Imli: di I will go.
Chakor: yup u want to meet jeeju na……its ok…..u go.
Imli: di…..
She leaves….chakor sees tina leaving…
Chakor: hey tina…..r u also leaving somewhere.
Tina: yup I m going to help suraj………
Chakor: why?????? He will do his work..
Tina: no chakor I know suraj properly he wont….he will be just lying on his bed…..
Chakor: how do u know….
Tina: I was his girlfriend yaar.
Chakor: but u aren’t now.so……..
Tina: what do u mean…..
Chakor: sorry I don’t know what I said…….u go..
Tina smiles..
Tina in mind: great one suraj………ur plan is working..
Tina leaves….
Chakor follows her……
Tina enters his room and chakor waits behind and actually sees that suraj is lying on the bed……she feels sad as tina was right…..
Tina: suraj u know what……
Suraj: tina….plz help me in this work na…..
Tina: but I want to say u something important about chakor…..
Suraj: arey yaar forget that chatterbox…….u help me…
Tina was shocked by suraj’s words.she was confused but later realizes that chakor was standing outside and so suraj was saying such that…….suraj purposely flirts tina and tina too flirts him……poor chakor she was getting dam angry……
Tina purposely acted of falling and suraj holded her and this made chakor more jealous.suraj was purposely staring tina.and to stop this chakor interrupted by throwing the flower pot….
Chakor: oh I m so sorry…..
Suraj: u did it purposely…
Chakor: why will I do it purposely…..
Suraj in mind: oh common my jaan just for once tell me that u r jealous I swear I wont ever talk with any girl but just say that na.plz….
Chakor sees suraj…..
Chakor in mind: yup I did it purposely sadu.even I don’t know why I did it but I cant see u with tina.it hurts me…..
Tina comes and holds suraj’s hand..
Tina: forget it.u know what everyone is deciding to burn bornfire in the night…..
Chakor gets angry seeing their hands and runs from there…….
Arjun sees this.
Arjun: now I will ruin ur plan…..
He goes behind chakor…
Arjun: chakor I heard everything.listen why r u giving him importance just let him go if he doesn’t care for u…..even u should not care for him…….
Chakor: u r right.why m I getting sad.i don’t care for me.let him ignore me I too will ignore him now…
Arjun: that’s great..
Chakor hugs him…….
Arjun smiles……imli sees this……. She goes from there……
Imli: suraj.i guess u will loose di forever…….
Suraj: what do u mean….
Imli explains him everything……. Suraj gets dam angry .vivan too was there
Suraj: how dare he hug chakor…. I wont leave him…
Vivan holds him…
Vivan: suraj forget him……..chakor is now angry so she is telling like this but she loves u and would not listen to arjun.
Tina: I think vivan is right.its not the right time to show ur possessiveness..
Imli: guys he is making di jealous so that she realize her love.but cant ul see she is angry with tina and suraj and arjun is taking advantage of this thing.what if instead of realizing her love for suraj she starts loving arjun…..
Suraj gets tensed…..
Vivan: it wont happen.suraj u don’t worry.she loves u and love happens only once so lets concentrate on our work…….
Suraj: hope what ul say is true…
Imli: I too wish the same…..

Precap: chakor sees tina and suraj together and breaks a glass in her hands…….suraj gets shocked to see blood from her hands….chakor runs from there……suraj curses himself and hits the mirror…..vivan imli and tina gets shocked…..

So that was it guys…….hope ul like it……and specially gungun hope u liked it.listen I m sorry for what I told yesterday. i should not have talked with u in such a language but I was angry and couldn’t control my anger……if u didn’t liked it u r free to tell so as everyone has his or her own opinion sorry once again gungun.love u………and yup guys yesterday I realized how much ul love me……thanks for ur support guys.and yup I love ul too…please don’t take anything serious as its just the ff…….so hope ul will forget it and a special thanks to shriya, megha, mahgull, sam and sasha……. Actually thanks to all of ul guys………Hope ul enjoyed it and do let me know how it was….sorry once again gungun.hope u will forgive me….thanks for ur love and support guys…

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  1. awesome

  2. Nice episode.. Precap was wonderful..

    1. Komaljanu

      Thanks alot Sam..

  3. Superb episode & Interesting precap!
    Waiting to see these jealousy portions on screen!

    1. Komaljanu

      Thanks mitha…

  4. Superb…..

    1. Komaljanu

      Thanks nisi…

  5. Hiii Januuu from part-1 i am reading your ff’s. I love your ff’s alot. Daily i open udaan written updates to read your ff’s. I am big fan for your ff’s. This part is also awsome. Waiting for ur next ff.

    1. Komaljanu

      thanks alot glad to get u as my fan…….

  6. Eagerly waiting for the next episode…its too much interesting…and welcum?☺can u tell me pls how to register in tellyupdates??

    1. Komaljanu

      thanks alot shriya and yup i can help u in registering but could u plz tell me r u using ur mobile or computer so i can tell u accordingly……

      1. I m using mobile…thanks for helping

  7. Hey komal…i wanna say something… someone in the previous ff wrote bad abt u with my and sasha’s..who r ur supporters..i saw it just now..and it was the same person as the symbol instead of picture is same of that person..pls dont misunderstand me coz my actual symbol is of dark blue colour..this one so dont trust that one…who is writing with fake names i.e. my and sasha’s..pls tell to that person not to use our names

    1. Komaljanu

      shriya i know and i guess u have read my comments also when it came to u and sasha’s words i got to know that its fake….

  8. Komal PLEASElet me clear some things……

    I am Gungun (you can also call me angel) the Gungun which said bad words about you was not me …. She was some one else…. I loved the yesterday’s episode… And I also commented about this…. Today when I opened this part I was shocked what all of you were saying about me ….

    Maybe you don’t know but in this site the picture is given separately to all emails. This mean that in comments section I am writing my comment ,my name (as youayou all see-gungun) and my email address. If I type any comment with other email address, the picture will surely change ….. I have only one email address which is shown with blue picture as you can see now also…..

    If you do not believe me… Then first type your email address in comments section and post it then type the same email address with a single digit or letter changing in your email id … You will see another picture….

    And one more thing I loved today’s episode.. hope you all will understand me that I was not the on which was bad-mouthing about komal

    1. Gungun( angel)

      Hope you all will understand me

      Specially Shriya, Meghan Sasha(with pink picture) and crazygirlsS.P(Sam)

      And Shriya (with blue picture)and shasha(with blue picture) and all (which I don’t know supported that Gungun) have no right to tell anything about komal

      And komal , from now on wards I will write my name as Gungun( angel)…

      1. Komaljanu

        gungun that shrita with blue pic and sasha too with blue pic was the same person.the person used a fake name.first of urs and then of sasha and shriya to show that there r supporters for that person and i got to know about it…and yup just chill…..

    2. I m so sorry gungun,plz do forgive me if i hurt u i mean…i know u r hurt but u know we was tricked but whoever the bastard used ur name was a great jerk how he or she dared to do so???Once again sorry

      1. Komaljanu

        dont know why but i guess it was a boy because whatever was commented from sasha’s name could not be commented by a girl infact a girl cannot say that.but yup the person was wrong and just let him go to hell…….

    3. So i see…someone is using our names against komal!! But pls komal we r not the ones who r commenting bad for u we r ur supporters we can never speak against u..gungun only 1 person is doing all these things…

      1. Gungun(angel)

        I know komal you are intelligent and anybody who uses our names to say bad things about you should be neglected …. They are just enjoying but they should know we are united….

      2. Komaljanu

        yup i know it shriya and ul dont need to say anything u see before ur comments only i told that its one person who is doing all this…and i really dont care but ul dont worry as i really trust ul..sorry for replying late dear and i guess that person’s name isnt gungun..it can be that the person used gungun’s name too anyways forget it…..

      3. Komaljanu

        u r right gungun dont worry we r united…….love all of ul guys and yup sorry from everyone’s side……

    4. Komaljanu

      sorry gungun i didnt opened my ff today so read ur comments now.listen i dont know about others but i got to know that it was’nt u as the profile picture was different and yup all that i wrote was also not for u that was for that other one..so u dont need to explai i know u love my ff alot and would not comment all those nuisance things…

  9. Wow amazing so much of jealousy precap Is very exciting dear….update soon next asap

    1. Komaljanu

      thanks alot dear….

  10. Ur precap is interesting.Waiting for it.

    1. Komaljanu

      thanks ankur…

  11. OMG…U r so genius komal i m not saying about ur ff i m saying about ur presence of mind,i mean how u realised that a particular individual has written all that nuisance?

    1. Komaljanu

      megha..actually i would not have known it when the comments came from sasha and shriya’s name then i understood that its only one person who is using all fake names….

  12. By the way ur ff was amazing komal nd ur ff is the only reason why i use 2 visit telly update daily

    1. Komaljanu

      thanks megha glad to know that that….

  13. U jst awesome kid , u imagine. N visualise a lot for ur age,,,good, good…….

    1. Komaljanu

      thanks alot sasha……

  14. Komal I luv ur ff n dear ignore that blo*dy people lyk fake Sasha, Meghan, etc….Her attitude n comment shows that she is insane dog so we can ignore her….

    1. Komaljanu

      thanks sia.and yup its not sure whether its a girl or a boy anyways what u said was true we should ignore it..anyways thanks alot for ur support……

  15. Really enjoy thie ff… Thanks my Best author.. ???…

    Waiting for the next episode..

    Dear sisy pls don’t mind and don’t bothered the words that hurts u.. ?

    1. Komaljanu

      thanks alot fatimi…….and yup till ul r there with me i wont mind it………thanks for ur support dear

  16. Your ff is the best ever ff i saw!!! I luv this soooo much i can’t put it in words,yesterday i was a bit busy that’s why i didn’t comment you,i was shell shock to see those idiotic comments….anyways past is past so no need of talking about that back boneless person…insane… U forget it & concentrate on ur work, don’t mind those comments because everyone like your ff soooo much

    1. Komaljanu

      thanks shabdi….

    2. Komaljanu

      and yup u r right past is past lets not talk about it…….anyways thanks for ur support…..

  17. I’m so sorry to hear about all the hate comments you received yesterday. Although you are handling it in a very classy manner. As for everyone having their own opinion, yes you are right they are allowed to have their own opinion. As long as it doesn’t disrespect anyone else. Which thier’s clearly did. No matter, do not pay heed to such things. Your fanfic is amazing, and incredibly well written. You are an extremely talented writer, do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

    1. Komaljanu

      tarn i know……..but my parents never thought me to take revenge or whatever so u see i didnt said anything rubbish to that person……anyways i really wanna thank that person just because of him or her i got to know how many supporters i have…….thanks alot for ur support dear..and yup ur compliment too…..

  18. priyadarshini

    Janu, it’s really interesting. As usual I loved this episode too. I am in a confusion whether Chakor’s hatedness for TS relationship would prompt her to luv Arjun instead of suraj.
    Anyways luvit ll
    U nailed the expressions well…..
    waiting 4 next epsde

    1. Komaljanu

      dont worry dear ur confusion would not last for a long time any ways thanks alot….

  19. Its awsm .keep it up.precap is interesting.waiting fr nxt.loved ur ff.

    1. Komaljanu

      thanks alot dear…….

  20. Loved it, it was just awesome eagerly waiting for the nxt episode ?

    1. Komaljanu

      thanks ammu….

  21. Komaljanu

    hey guys my 25 part will be posted late as i didnt wrote anything yesterday thinking of all that drama which happened in 23 part ul see i replied ur comments also late i read them now……actually i was about to discontinue it and so wrote something which clearly means the end but now i got thai i was wrong ul guys love me and only for that support thing i should not ebd it as ul enjoy reading it……….so i m sorry but i have to write a new story now so it will be posted little late…

  22. Komaljanu

    sorry i mean for that stupid thing i should not end it……

  23. You’re a nice person. Just now I read all comments, so now I understand what problem going on., please ignore that kind of comments and people.,

    U r amazing writer, u have lot of friends and sisters here….We’re always love you and support u…. So please don’t think about ending the ff… Concentrate your studies and when u get time to write ff for your friends and fans………

    1. Komaljanu

      yup nisi i m not ending my ff but i need some time…..

  24. You’re a nice person…….. Just now I read all comments, so now I understand what problem going on.. And Janu plz ignore that kind of comments Ana people….

    U r amazing writer. U have lot of friends and sisters here. We’re always love u and support u… Plz don’t think about ending the ff…. Concentrate your studies and when you’ll get time, to write fanfictin for your friends and fans. All the best….

  25. Januuu don’t stop your ffs . There are so many silent readers and fans for your ffs like me. So don’t think about those stupid people and continue your ffs . we will always support to u.

    1. Komaljanu

      yup i m not ending it…..

  26. Hey I’m loving the ff it’s so great , you’re a genius
    Are u gonna post part 25 today or tomorrow

  27. Oh dr , dnt stop writing ur ff jst becz f n person, there r lot who likes ur ff.infact i ws checking y ur ff ws nt uploaded. Nw nly i saw these , continue it. Cz ur writing it amazingly. Whn will u post ur 25 th part? Gd luk, keep writing

  28. Priyashini

    It was really nice to see chakor possessiveness …..soon make chakor to confess that. Keep rocking. I think there is some misunderstanding there above,so take care dear….

  29. plz upload part 25 um waiting for it…I read ur ff from part-1 till now…so plz komal don’t stop writteing for one person good luck u r an awesome writer…

  30. when will you update the next part???..Eager to read

  31. Your ff is really good komal…pls continue writing… pls do update the next part soon….

  32. ShriyaT

    Komal..pls post ur next ff…over excited and eagerly waiting for it???

  33. No words to express!! ✌✌????????It’s sooooo interesting especially the precap… Excellent! I love this episode soo much ???❤

  34. Fabulous sister…. well done ??

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