SwaSan(a journey from hate to love) EPI 17

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hi guys here we go

recap: swasan hot romance


swasan wake up smilingly
sanskar:good morning beautiful
swara smiles
sanskar switches on tv and they see last night’s party’s vid
swara feels sad
swara:did u miss me?
swara:last night
sanskar smiles nd keeps his finger on her chin
sanskar:u were with me whole night
swara shys
swara:no i mean…when u were receiving the award
sanskar:yes…but i knew ur condition
swara hugs him surprising him
swara:never leave me
sanskar gets silent
swara gets scared
he immediately hugs her
sanskar: i wont
ragini calls sanskar and asks him to come soon

both get fresh and they go down
swara greets everyone happily…all get surprised to see her relaxed
akira smiles: looks like sanskar’s love is working
swara smiles while sanskar gets angry
sanskar: love doesnt exist in this world and if it does then its not for me and will never be for me
swara gets tensed to see his anger and looks at akira who assures her through eyes that evrything will be fine

just then mr and mrs sahil come and sanskar gets enraged to see them
laksh excuses to attend the call
sahil: hello mr sanskar maheshwari
sanskar doesnt reply
ragini holds his hand and akira puts hand on his shoulder
manager comes
manager: welcome sir…this is business tycoom sanskar maheshwari who got award and this is her wife swara
sahil: hi beautiful swara
swara gets hesitant but sanskar wraps his arm around her shoulder claiming that she is only his’s and he doesnt care where he is and what will people say…all he knows is that she is his wife and its his duty to protect her
swara smiles and gets confident as she feels protected
swara:its swara sanskar maheswari
sanskar smiles as he hears these words from her mouth
sahil:so u married
mrs.sahil: again
all get irked but sigh
sahil: but who is ur first wife…u never introduces anybody to her
he smirks
mrs.sahil: yeah exactly… where is she?? and does miss swara know abt ur first marriage?? who is more cute?? swara or ur first wife??
sanskar reminisces calling his first wife as cutie
he is engrossed and is about to speak up when swara answers

swara:its none of ur business mr and mrs sahil.its his life and who r u to interfere??u r here as u r business tycoon like him and all tycoons r invited her just to attend a function not to poke nose in other’s life.when its not ur cup of tea then better be if u stay away….my husband is honest and i know all about him…he never hid anything from me
sahil and mrs sahil get angry while others look on amused the way swara supported sanskar
mrs sahil: u have a long tongue
swara:since childhood
sahil:u r an interesting woman
swara jersk her face
akira:enough of our greetings…u two just get lost now
mrs sahil hugs her
mrs sahil;i missed u so much
akira:get out of my sight cheapo
mrs sahil pats her face and both leave smilingly

swara:what kind of people r they?
ragini: morons
sanskar:why the hell does she come in front of me again?? why cant she let me live peacefully? why doesnt she leave me alone? bcz of her i lost my everything….my family…my happiness…my life… i hate her…b*t*h…creep
he shouts and kicks the table …. all get shocked
ragini:stop it bhai plz
a tear escapes sanskar’s eye and swara is taken aback to see it as she thought he is a stern man
sanskar leaves from there
swara:what happened to him?? about whom was he talking?
akira:mrs sahil
swara: why?? who is she??
akira: sanskar’s first wife

swara gets shocked…..

next epi: sanskar’s past starts……..

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    I was missing it very badly….this is amazing…loved it

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