Why KB has being trolled?

Being a TRP Topper , zee tv’s Kundali Bhagya receives bad reviews….why?

The story focuses on three characters Preeta , Karan, and Rishabh.The show has been running for 3 years.The show stars Dheeraj Dhoopar , Shraddha Arya and Manit Joura.

Zee tv popular show Kundali bhagya is always trolled ,although being the TRP topper .

The episodes of the show are so lagging which is one of the reason that irritates the viewers.Secondly ,Sherlin who is being pregnant in the show for almost 2 years .Preeta’ marriage was almost 20 episodes approximately a month.

Now, it is also shown that preeta’s grahapravesh is down after a year .In the show , it is shown that it is preeta’s second karwachauth , sherlin was pregnant at her second karwachauth also .

In the show , it is showed that karan trusts preeta well , but in some of the scenes it is shown that he does not trust her, making the viewers confused and think that his character is brainless .

The show is the TRP Topper being trolled for all these as the show always has big twists etc .

Show :Kundali Bhagya

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  1. Even it has been trolled because of its trp, makers doesn’t mind about trolls and lagging the story for yrs. But they only know that how long Mahira’s madness and prithvi and sherlyn’s evil thoughts will be continue in the show

  2. I dont think any of our comments or opinions regarding this show is reaching the makers or maybe they are that brainless that they ignore whatever the viewers are saying…

  3. I do read the updates of the show hier, I have lost the joy at watching the serial, just want to know what happens… I really wish to get rid of the evil in this show…

  4. Umaru Farouk Abdulai

    Who is the writer of this drama?
    My questions are as follows
    1.Why do you make Preeta to always be at the receiving end?
    2, You should make her remind the Luthiras how she came to the house during Rishabh’s wedding as village girl.How she saved Karina from the bomb in her bag.
    How Sherlin panicked when she ain’t Karina’s bag nearly dropped on the floor.

    1. But wasn’t the Bomb in Rakhi’s Bag???

  5. Yah…this show is just boring..why does preeta always suffer…why is sherlyn true characters not revealed…the only thing they do is repeat the same thing they only change the situation and what caused it..they should atleast change the villains it will more interesting

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