All I Have Is You (Immj2 ff) ~ #3 The Job


The episode starts as….

There is an alarm ringing which breaks Riddhima’s sleep who was still slept innocently hugging her teddy. She wakes up and thinks that it was such a horrible nightmare but then she checks her phone and realises that all this was really happening. She was by now so weak that she could have started crying at any moment but that night had worked magic on Riddhima. She didn’t cry and got up and thought within herself, “I don’t know who this kidnapper is and what he wants from me but I will make sure that he doesn’t take my love and my friend away from me. I will definitely go to the core of this matter but before that I will have to do whatever he asks me to but I swear, the day I find out who this kidnapper is..It will be the worst day of his life!” With this thought in her mind, she had a new confidence surging within her and went to bath. As she was getting ready she got a call…..It was the kidnapper…she picked up the call.

Riddhima: Yes! What is it that you want me to do now?

Kidnapper: Seems like you have become really smart….. talking straight to the point with me … Interesting……Very Interesting!

Riddhima: Will you blurt out what the hell do you want?

Kidnapper: Seeing your behaviour….I really think you need to have a boss to control your mind! So, you will have to go the VR enterprises and apply for job as the PA of the owner! And mind you if you don’t get that job then you will never get your best friend!

Riddhima: Ok! I will do as you say!

Kidnapper: That’s much better! And I need it done by today!

Riddhima: Fine!

Riddhima cuts the call and completes her hairdo. She then moves out from her hostel, stops a taxi and asks the taxi driver to drop her to VR enterprises.

After 30 minutes, At VR enterprises,

Riddhima enter the VR enterprises and looks at the reception. Seeing the interiors of the office, she thinks that this enterprisesp must really be successful in the field of business. Soon, she thought about Sejal and was thinking that how happy she would have been if at all she was here and with these thoughts in her mind she started walking a bit unconsciously. As she has walked for a while, she collides with a man but instead of falling she felt herself in the embrace of a man. Before she could realise what was going on…the man asked her to get up. She was really upset after colliding with that man as it broke her thoughts about Sejal. So she got up and started scolding that man for walking unconsciously and colliding into her.

Man: Excuse me! You were the one who was walking unconsciously as if you were lost in some thoughts and now you dare question me!( Anger was visible in his voice)

At that very moment(before Riddhima could answer), a man came and whispered something in his ears, listening to which he left.

Riddhima who was left there realised that it was all her fault as she was the one walking unconsciously and turned to apologise to that man but in vain as it turned out that that man had already left. She thought that I must anyhow apologise to that man but why on earth did I feel that I have heard his voice somewhere else, anyways I must submit my resume in the reception. So she went to the reception and submitted her resume where the receptionist informed her that she will soon be interviewed by Vansh Sir’s assistant for the job. Hearing this Riddhima was shocked.

Riddhima: This means he already has an assistant!

Receptionist: Yes! But he treats him like his brother so he doesn’t want him to do all the work and to reduce his work load he decided to hire another PA.

Riddhima: Ohhh..Ok! Thank you!

She left the reception and sat on one of the sofas and was waiting for her turn.

Precap: Riddhima reaches the interview room and is shocked to see te scenario there.

So this is all for today..and guys please forgive me for not uploading any episode yesterday as I was in a no network zone. And could you guys now guess who is the kidnapper!? Also please drop your views and suggestions in the comment section.

  1. Waiting for the next episodeπŸ₯°

    1. ChillHouse

      Sure….it will be posted soon!

  2. Naira U Singh

    The episode was fantastic and by what u said in the episode i think that the kidnapper is vansh and yeah if possible try to update longer episode

    1. ChillHouse

      Thanks Naira….and yeah I will try to post longer episodes!

  3. Disco priya ravichandran

    Nice story πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    1. ChillHouse

      Thank you so much!

  4. Khushi123

    Nice πŸ™‚

  5. Kidnapper is none other than vansh Rai singhania

    1. ChillHouse

      That’s what I wanted you all to think!(✿^β€Ώ^)

  6. I guess the kidnapper is …….
    But I don’t want him as a kidnapper.
    Anyway the episode is nice

    1. ChillHouse

      Thanks…you may never know…your wish might come true!:-)

  7. Vansh is the kidnapper…INTERSTING ,VERY INTERESTING …thats only vansh and the person she colluded with was vansh too…but why is he doing that?What does he want ….although episode was great ☺

    1. ChillHouse

      That will also be unveiled soon….thanks!

  8. No kidnapper.It is a plan of sejal,vansh,&or someone else to get riansh rolling

    1. ChillHouse

      No dear….. why would they want Riansh to meet!?

  9. Plz do not make kabir the kidnapper

    1. ChillHouse

      Sure…no issues on that!

  10. I felt sad that kabir is not today in your ffπŸ˜‚
    By the way! Nice episode πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
    Keep us updating dear!!!

    1. ChillHouse

      Sorry desr but Kabir didn’t really do anything fruitful today!πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
      Thanks Diha for your constant support!πŸ’ž

  11. Definetly tge Great Vandh Raisinghania

    1. ChillHouse

      You *may* be right!

  12. From interesting very interesting I think it’s vansh.
    I am eagerly waiting for next episode..
    Amazing episode..

    1. ChillHouse

      Thanks…and yes I will try to reduce your wait!

  13. RiyaVaghani

    amazing! i loved it! i just have to learn to write like you… you guys always update on time… i am the only couch potato here…

    1. ChillHouse

      Thank you so much Riya! And by the way you already have brilliant writing skills….and I must say that this couch potato knows how to serve the best dishes at time(I meant your ff)!

  14. Denza

    I’m having a confusion……
    How Vansh could stoop to this low?? Is there anything between Vansh and Ridhima?
    Its just loophole…….. Vansh is not the kidnapper…. someone else stolen his trademark….but still no prrof
    Is it Vihaan?πŸ€”πŸ˜‚

    1. ChillHouse

      Well Denza….I must appreciate the way you think about it and as a matter of fact…you may just be right! πŸ™‚
      P.S. I am not assuring anything!

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