Whose team will win the JDJ7 title in the Kurukshetra?

The show JDJ7 is bringing a different concept every week. The fight to get the trophy has taken double pace as now the teams have been made in the show,where the judges are personally grooming all the contestants and making them just nail the performance in the hearts of the audience, to win their mass votes and win the title. Team Remo had got a jerk last week when Kushal Punjabi got eliminated. Team Karan has been lucky to have four stars in his team, while Madhuri has Akshat as her strongest member.

Team Remo has Tara Popowich and Kiku Sharda in his team, and both are strong contenders. Remo is doing his but in making any one of them win the JDJ7 title. Tara Popowich has showcased great talent, with her amazing dancing skills and her flexibility is unmatchable. Kiku did Popping and Locking last week and got a good score of 27/30. He won the faceoff round and stayed in the show. Tara presented Contemporary and Freestyle brilliantly and won the perfect score of 30. She has been dazzling everyone by her perfect dance acts.

Team Karan has Shakti, Sophie, Karan Tacker, and Mouni. The strongest among them is definitely Shakti, followed by others. They all are in the group 30 scores. Their acts are near perfect and just pure entertainment. It’s a delight to watch Shakti dance, with so much energy and power. Sophie has the charm in her and that’s her USP. Mouni has her lovely expressions which wins hearts. Karan Tacker, the handsome hunk is getting better and better every week. This week Karan and Sophie hit the stage with their banging 30 on 30 scores. Whereas Shakti got 29, and Mouni got 27.

Team Madhuri has Akshat, Ashish and Malishka. Akshat is a big Dhamaka in a small packet. He has full energy, great expressions, rocking presence on stage and a killer attitude. He has always hit big till now with consistent 30 scores week by week. Ashish and Malishka are pulling up the sleeves and trying to balance out their team, and giving good performances. Malishka did a girly act this week, on the song Dil se re and showed her caliber to pull it off well. Ashish is a king of acting and brings his talent in his dance too. Who will be the lucky team to win the Kurukshetra of JDJ7? Give us your opinion.

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  1. I think that team KARAN will win becaue SHAKTI is in this team . Ya i like MALISHKA but as a RJ not as a dancer.

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