Which new show at 8.30 PM slot are you looking forward to?

This triple bonanza is hitting the TV screens at the 8.30 PM slot. Colors is coming up with Udaan replacing the famous and popular run Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon, starting 18th August. Udaan Sapnon Ki deals the child labor concept, which is already seen in other shows before, but this show looks promising by some novel newness in it and its strong cast. It is a story of few children who work for the rich labor, not knowing they are sold to the Haveli owner, by their parents for some money. Chakori is the main child lead, who tells her is very good and regards herself as a precious girl, as her parents has kept her ‘’Girvi”, not knowing the real meaning of what it means and how her innocence has to deal with the nuisances of the world and the rich society who suppresses the poor.

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins aired its first promo, which was a bit funny, where her aunt described LOL as lots of love and everyone bursts into laughter. The promo showed some freshness in the show, the backdrop that’s its different, cool and an entertaining show. This show is replacing the grand epic Mahabharat on Star Plus. It will be commencing from 11th August. The cousins shown are very supportive, who stands as a pillar of strength for each other, and can’t see tears in each other’s eyes. The cousins are the problems solving Gurus and hope their tactics wins our heart. The show will definitely entertain and might prove to be a good replacement for that slot.

Jamai Raja started on 4th August at 8.30 PM, replacing Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se. The show has the concept of a son in law trying to become a strong bridge between two far off weak points, that’s his wife Roshni and his mum in law Durga Devi. He eventually bumps into Roshni many times, and seeing her goodness, simplicity and beauty, he falls in love with her. Later on, he comes to know about Roshni not having a good equation with her mum, who is a Page 3 socialite so involved in business and parties, that she has no time for Roshni. It was Roshni’s birthday, and she got many gifts from Durga, but not a single birthday wish, which upsets Roshni. All the shows have something fresh in it, which one would you prefer to see as all are sharing the same slot? Leave comments to justify your choice.

  1. Honestly speaking .. I can manag each of dem ..! Al we need to hav is dat d story line must b interesting n nothin to straddle for years n years wid three four generations n al dat crap.. like we find in few serials !

  2. I just love JAMAI RAJA . Its better than other show .

  3. I just love JAMAI RAJA . Its better than other shows .

  4. nothing can replace our mahabhart……………. feeling sad….

  5. mahabharat is crap.. Full mythology… Thank god it is getting over.. I want that crap dabh yrkkh and pkdh to get over too. Sc is too slow… I luv eht amd yhm… They are the 2 most amaze serials…

    1. i agree with uuuuu…. I swear.. Yhm and eht is just amazing…. Super super cool…. Mahabharat is soo boring…

  6. Ya i also agree with u 2 . I don’t understand mahabharat’s typical hindi language . Boring !!!!

  7. I don’t agree with u each. if u don’t want to watch it , at least stop insulting it. I think u should not use such words. respect their work if u can.

  8. I don’t agree with u each. if u don’t want to watch it , at least stop insulting it. respect their work if u can.

  9. Jai sri Krishna…..Mahabharat is ever green concept…now I’ll go with Nisha it is looking youthful family entertainer……

  10. One who doesn’t knw importance n moral of MAHABHARAT r like monkeys… BHANDAR KYA JAANE ADRATH KA SWAD….

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