Which new Zee TV show do you like the most?

Mohe Piya Milenge shows a heart warming story of finding love in marriage. Every woman yearns for a person who resonates with her heart and gives an all new meaning to her existence. Meghna, a simple girl with an even simpler life & expectations, comes from a modest nuclear family. Her parents are of the ideology that after finishing her education, the next best thing to happen to her is marriage. Aditya Desai, A handsome young man who is mature, understanding & everything else a woman can dream of. Aditya has been brought up in a cultured, close knit family & lives by the values that he was been brought up with. Fate brings Meghna alongside Aditya where Meghna’s family fixes her marriage with Aditya despite her being in love with someone else. Aditya fulfills his vows & defies the limits of love by uniting Meghna with her love.

Miley Sur Mera Tumhara is the story of lovers Om & Isha who want to get married. Isha comes from a closely knit joint family and they are looking for an ideal match for her. When she tells them about Om they agree for the alliance on one condition, the boy should come from a loving joint family like theirs! The problem is that Om comes from a broken family. His home hosts very different, unrelated individuals who are brought together by fate and Om’s generosity. In the process of piecing together a family they realize, that it is not necessary to be born with a family. They find a family and convince Isha’s family for the wedding and how this family goes on to become Isha and Om’s lifelong family.

  1. Where are these shows showing? I am not seeing it available on ZeeTv USA

  2. I am not seeing this shows are available on zee tv india

  3. It s at 5:30 pm evining show…

  4. There’s no show

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