Piya Rangrezz 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Piya Rangrezz 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In the morning, Shraddha meets Bhavri and takes her blessings. Bhavri asks if Sher singh is awake or sleeping with gun near him. Shraddha gets afraid and says she left room yesterday night. Bhavri gets irked and asks where did he go, what did she do. She then says she told truth and her husband would not have tolerated it. Shradha looks at her face. She asks Shraddha to get tea. Shraddha tries to enter kitchen. Bhavri asks her to take bath and get ready first and then enter kitchen.

Shradha gets ready after bath and gets sad looking at mangalsutra and sindoor. She is about to pick sindoor when she gets a call from her mom who asks how is she. She says she is fine. Mom asks where is jami ji/son-in-law. She says he got some work and left. Mom asks if jamai ji is not with her on first day. Shradha says he got so much work and asks her to take care of herself, dad, and daadi. Mom gives phone to Daadi. Daadi says she is remembering her a lot. Shraddha cries holding her mouth and says she is missing her. Bhavri comes and asks if she started badmouthing her. Shraddha keeps silent. Dad hears Bhavri’s words that she can come down after badmouthing her and asking to get her a good tea and she will not compromise on morning tea. Shradha tells dad that she has to go and will call him later. Mom takes phone and says her marriage was real with pheras, so she has to follow it and take care of herself and everyone there. Shraddha says okay and cuts call. Mom starts crying vigorously. Shraddha then applies sindhoor and wears mangalsutra. She then goes to kitchen and smells dirty utensils. She cleans them all and prepares tea. A sad song…plays in the background. She then takes tea to amma and calls her, but amma goes missing. She searches her in whole haveli/mansion and gets afraid seeing guns and bullets in a room. She drops alcohol bottle on floor and runs from there. She gets out of house and sees main door locked.

Bhavri beats 2 men for drinking alchol without paying. Men plead that their parents will pay her money. Bhavri shoots bullet into their legs and asks his men to kick them out. Mama gets her balance amount. Employee says there are many people who did not pay. She asks to bring them all.

Shradda enters a room and sees revolver and money bundles. She hides money and picks revolver. A jacket falls, and she gets afraid.

Bhavri hits her debtor. Mama says he took debt and did not pay and apart from that remarried. Debtor and his new wife plead to forgive, but she says they cannot escape from her and points gun. Wife says she will pay her each penny. Bhavri asks how will she. Wife says her daughter will. Bhavri slaps her and asks if she is thinking her as pimp. Wife says she meant to keept her as slave and free when her debt clears. Bhavri calls daughter and asks to show her hands. Daughter shows hands. Bhavri says hands are fine and asks to run. She runs. Bhavri asks to show teeeth and says she has all 30 teeth. Father says 2 wisdom teeth are yet to come. Bhavri says it is good if they don’t come, asks what is her name. Daughter says gajra. Bhavri jokes and all laugh. She asks girl to follow her.

Shraddha calls Sher, but he does not pick call. Her mom calls and asks if she spoke to jamai ji and dad says he must be busy. Mom says she should not lose her courage. Shraddha again cries holding her mouth. Bhavri comes, snatches phone and yells at masteriji and wife that they are filling her bahu’s ears, asks if they want to keep their daughter home. She says it is easy to keep 10 bahus and not 1 beti/daughter. She warns Shradha not to keep relationship with her lier parents. Shraddha nods yes.

Precap: Bhavri sees gun in Shraddha’s hand, points at herself and asks Shraddha to shoot. She herself pulls trigger and falls down.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Oh god,ths bavri 2much.

  2. Poor shradha….and this bhavri is disgusting…..

  3. where is our sher????waiting eagerly to watch romance between sher and shraddha

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