Which ex-couple from off-air TV shows do you want see in any other TV shows?

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Swasan ( Swara-Sanskaar) -They are the cutest couple of colors most popular off-air TV show ‘Swaragini’. Swara hails from Bengali middle class family whereas Sanskaar hails from a typical Marwari family. Circumstances let them to marry but ultimately they fall in love. The audiences love their cute and sweet chemistry. There are lot of fan fictions written about them. So do you want to see them in any other TV shows?

Raglak (Ragini-Laksh)- They are also the cutest couple of colors’ most popular off-air show ‘Swaragini’. Ragini sister of Swara hails from Marwari family and Laksh cousin of Sanskaar also from a Marwari family. Though at first laksh love Swara , Ragini tries to maintain his love with laksh by separating laksh and Swara. After a lot of turmoil, Laksh finally realize his love for Ragini and happily reunited with Ragini. Like Swara-Sanskaar the audiences also madly love their sweet chemistry. Lot of fan fictions are also made about them. So do you want to see Raglak in any other TV shows?

Twinj (Twinkle- Kunj)-They are the most cute couple from zee TV’s off-air show ‘Tashan –E-Ishq’. Twinkle a simple Punjabi girl is madly in love with Yuvi but little does she know that Yuvi is plotting against Twinkle in order to take revenge from Yuvi. Twinkle then get married to rich guy kunj. The two at fist fight with each other like cat and mouse but falls in love with each other. Yuvi who is now madly in love with Twinkle tries to separate her from kunj. Ultimately Yuvi realizes his mistake and let Twinkle to live happily with Kunj but then also trouble started where Twinkle and Kunj get separated and Twink have to marry Yuvi. After a lot of turmoil, the show ends with a happy note where Yuvi again get separated from Twinkle and he falls in love with another girl Simple. Twinkle again re-marry with Kunj and Yuvi with Simple. The audiences love their sweet chemistry. Lot of fan fictions are written about them. So do you want to see this sweet couple in any other TV shows?

Devakhsi (Dev- Sonakshi) – They are the most sweet couple from Sony TV most popular off-air show ‘Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi’. The handsome Devrath Dixit is a successful business tycoon whose only life is her mother Ishwari. Sonakshi Bose on the other hand is a Bengali girl and a nutritionist. Now the story takes into something interesting when Dev appoints Dr.Sonakshi Bose as a private nutritionist for his mother. Soon nok-jhok starts between Dev and Sona which ultimately let them to fall in love. Ishwari does not agree their relationship. After a lot of turmoil, Dev and Sona finally get married but they have to go through difficult situation after marriage which ultimately let them to separate. The show then takes 7 years leap where sonakshi give birth to Soha. After a long difficult process Soha finally get to know Dev as her father and happily accepts him. The first season ends with a happy not where sonakshi gives birth to a baby boy Subh. Season 2 starts with a leap of six months. Dev and Sonakshi are finding it difficult to handle the kids and work simultaneously. Ishwari, being tensed about the upbringing of the children tells Sonakshi to quit her job and stay at home to look after Shubh and Suhana. However, Dev is well aware of Sonakshi’s love for her work, so he tells her to resume her job. He himself stops working and stays at home to manage the household. Initially there is a lot of conflict seen among the members of the family and other people but Dev and Sonakshi leave no stone unturned to justify their decision. Finally, after a lot of struggle, people understand their point and Dev is immensely praised by his family and others. Season 2 ends on a happy note with Shubh speaking his first words ‘Papa’,’Ma’, and everyone is overwhelmed. The audiences are madly in love the sweet chemistry between them. Lot of fan fictions are made about them. So do you want to see them in any other tv shows?

Ishveer (Ishani-Ranveer)- They are the most sweet couple from colours off air show ‘Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi’. Ranveer, a successful business tycoon is set to marry his childhood friend Ritika. Ishani on the other hand is suffering from economic crisis after her father’s death, she is also set to marry Chirag but on the wedding day Chirag elope as Ishani will no longer be wealthy but fate has something else and Ranveer finally marries Ishani. The duo have to go through difficult situation. After a lot of difficulties, Ranveer and Ishani finally reunited at the end of the show. The audiences love their cute chemistry. So do you want to see this couple in any other shows?

Shivika (Shivay- Anika) – Though this Star Plus most popular show ‘Ishqbaaz’ ended recently in march 15, the audiences never forget about this sweet couple. The sweet chemistry of this couple. Lot of fan fictions are made about them. The audiences are madly in love of this sweet couple. So do you want to see them in any other tv shows?

Asya (Asad- Zoya) – Have you remember Asad and Zoya from zee Tv’s popular show off-air Muslim based ‘Qubool hai’ season 1? The sweet nok- jhok between them and how they ultimately fall in love? And happily they got married? But ultimately they died when Tanveer one of Asad’s love interest killed them. Though karan Singh Grover (Asad) enters into his film career but people still remember their sweet chemistry. So do you want to see this sweet couple in any other tv shows. Do you want karan singh grover to come back in tv and do specially with Surbhi Jyoti in any other tv shows?

Zaya (Zain – Aliya) – They are the sweetest couple from colours’ off air Muslim based tv show ‘Beinteeha’. Zain and Aliya are cousins and they always have a fight with each other until and unless they get married. Life after marriage is not so well as Zain and Aliya never accepts their marriage also Zain’s mother hates Suraiya Aliya. After a lot of turmoil and difficult situation, Zain and Aliya falls in love with each other but then also not end trouble which ultimately let them to separate. The show takes one year leap where Aliya goes somewhere and Zain finds her in Hyderabad along with his friend Rehan. After a lot of turmoil Zain and Aliya happily get reunited at the end and the couple are revealed to have a son zayed who is also having a sweet fight with Rizwan (Zain’s best friend) and Aayat’s (Aliya’s sister) daughter Kashish. This reminds Zain and Aliya of their own journey from hate to love. So do you want to see them in any other TV shows?

Ram-sita- They are the one of the most popular couples from Star Plus popular show ‘Siya ke Ram’. The journey is about themselves which is originally adopted from popular book ‘Ramayana’. The audiences love their chemistry. So do you want to see them in any other tv shows?

So which couple\ couples do you want to see them in any other tv shows? Twinj, Ishveer, Devakshi, Asya, Zaya, Shivika, Swasan, Raglak or Ram-Sita? Let me know your opinions through poll. Do not to forget to leave your comments.

We recommend
  1. Arshi(Arnav-khushi)

  2. i even want neil-avni , kabir-saanchi to b back with some other story along with swasan

    1. yeah neil avni..our avneil

  3. Sarveshjoshi42

    Ritik & Shivanya

  4. Dev sona

  5. Manik n Nandini from kaisi yeh Yaariyan..they are the best ❤️

    1. Lokesh


  6. Anu88

    I want kanchi and swasan and arshi and Viren jevika and virat manvi on one serial………..I know ae wish kavi pura nahi hoga …….though I wish this

  7. Zoya and Adi

  8. Pharm555

    Krishna Sayyam

  9. Arnav and Kushi

  10. siddarth roshni (nia and ravi)

  11. Ishana and Omkara

  12. How come avneil r not here they r more popular than shivika not just coz of fire but also bcoz of the unique concept of show. Avneil forever????????

  13. Arnav Khushi ?? ?? my first choice!!!!!

    ritik shivanya
    Neil avni

  14. Avneil???

  15. Kunj Twinkle always.
    They have amazing chemistry.

  16. Madhubala and rk

  17. Saniya fathima

    specially ardeep nd tardeep even adiya

  18. Saniya fathima

    Alisha nd arjun nt tat vulgar nia

  19. devakshi , would love to see shaheer sheikh and erica in another show , and definitely adiya , would just love to see them , i just love them onscreen .

  20. Would love to see Barun Sobti & Sanaya Irani a.k.a Arnav Singh Raizada & Khushi kumari Gupta Singh Raizada once again in a romantic lead. What a cute lovely couple. Wonder why was it not included in the poll.
    In fact I have another choice. Their on screen chemistry is superb. They are Narayani Shastry & Gaurav Chopra. Would like to see them as couple in a positive role (not negative). Both are great actors with mature acting skills.

  21. barub and sanaya

  22. Arshi arnav +kushi

  23. Sheen(pooja)and Akshay(naren)

  24. One more choice Mohit Raina & Mouni Roy (Shiv Parwati) but in roles.

    1. Correction: in different roles

  25. I would really be very happy to see my fav onscreen couple Arshi (Arnav and Khushi) aka Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani in another romantic lead

  26. Nina

    Why isn’t in the list the best of the best Arnav Khushi?

  27. Astmasiddika

    Two more couples apart from Shivika are Rumya ( Rudhra & Saumya) & Raina (Raghav & Naina )

  28. Arnav and Kushi

  29. Arshi the best one always……
    Also need viren and jeevika, kaanchi

  30. Arshi,Swasan,shivika,avneil and twinj
    I want these couples

  31. I have a list 1- Arnav and khushi
    2-shivaay and Anika 3- ranveer and ishani 4-krishana and sayyam 5-adi and zoya

  32. NaiRan

  33. Devakshi, Naitik (Karan Mehra) Akshara (Hina Khan), Ishra, Avneil, Suman & Shravan, Arshi, Shivika, Rikara, Ruvya, Adiya, Raina (Raghav & Naina), Aarav & Suchi (Bhootu), Gopal & Pihu (From Bhootu. I know they aren’t a couple but that duo was quite sweet & touching). I would love to see them again.

  34. Neil and Avni
    Kushi and arnav
    Ragav and naina

  35. Pineapple

    I wish Thahaan (Thapki and Bihaan) were in the list. A second poll with the couples not in the list but mentioned in comments must be made.

  36. Is there any one who watched crime based show named Arjun on start plus? From there I like Arjun-Riya (Shaalien Malhotra-Sana Makbul) Jodi very much.I want them badly in a new show or web-series.
    And you missed to mention one of the most favorite Jodi Arshi

  37. avni and neil

  38. Arnav and khushi from ipkknd❤️
    Manik and nandini from kyy?

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