Jhansi Ki Rani 28th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Gangadhar mends widows’ customs for good

Jhansi Ki Rani 28th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abha Tai holding Manu’s hand and says you have broken our customs by giving happiness for a day. She scolds her and says I asked you not to come here and asks who gave you permission to play holi with them. Gangadhar and Janki come there. Janki smirks and thinks it is good. Manu says Maharaj gave me permission and says no customs is valued infront of his permission. Abha Tai says Maharaj can’t do this, and asks if he gave her permission to do this Adharm. Gangadhar says I didn’t give permission. Abha Tai taunts Manu for her lie. Gangadhar asks why did she lie? Manu says I don’t lie, you have only given the permission. Gangadhar asks when? Manu says Aai Saheb and you had said that now the customs shall change and all people shall celebrate holi. Gangadhar recalls telling the same and tells that he didn’t talk about widow customs. Manu says you had said that every person of Jhansi and asks if they are not his praja and don’t have the right to celebrate holi. She asks why all colors are snatched from them. She says they are living the life more worse than death and asks why? Janki thinks she is clever. Manu says what kind of custom is this, where a man can celebrate all festivals after losing his wife, but a woman can’t celebrate holi after her husband’s death. Gangadhar thinks of Rama and thinks Manu is right, when I am playing holi after Rama’s death then why can’t the widows? He announces that such customs shall be changed who keeps the people away from happiness. Gangadhar announces that he gives the right to widows to play holi in Jhansi. He splashes colors on the widows. Abha Tai gets furious. Janki thinks this is impossible. Manu applies color to Janki and tells that I forgot to apply color to you. Janki is shocked. Gangadhar wishes happy holi to the widows. Manu then applies color to Abha Tai and congratulates her. Abha Tai gets angry. Manu thinks small victory will take her to big victory. Abha Tai alerts Janki against Manu and asks her to smash her before she bites her.

Manu happily comes out of Palace and applies Tilak to the horse, and tells that they are not humans, but our family. Gangadhar smiles. Moropant thinks everyone is happy because of Manu. Captain Ross comes there. Gangadhar asks you are here? Ross says I didn’t want to spoil the celebration, but I have to come to announce the Governor General Orders. He asks Madan Lal to read the announcement. Madan Lal tells that everyone who is keeping the pets at home shall give the heavy tax. He recalls talking to Governor and making a plan to snatch the animals from the people. Madan Pal reads that whoever fails to pay the tax, their pets will be snatched from them. Everyone gets shocked and think how can this happen. Manu asks if it is tax or the game with the people’s happiness. Ross tells that she doesn’t understand, but law is made and this shall be followed. Gangadhar tells that he wants to talk to him before taking the decision. Manu says we will be fool if we accept it. The people of Jhansi worry and think the britishers might convince Gangadhar. Ross tells Gangadhar that he will understand when he tell him something. He shows Jhansi’s flag and says when you were celebrating festival, we do your duty with honesty, but few Indians think us as animals. He tells that the border was attacked by Bundelkhand and tells that they secure Jhansi. He says if they don’t pay tax then Governor General might lift security from Jhansi then who will protect Jhansi.

Janki tells that they have to agree to Ross’ saying and tells Gangadhar that they have danger from Rajputi and Bundelkhand. Gangadhar says I will tell my decision infront of my people. He comes out and tells that he has decided that his people will not pay the tax. Ross gets angry. All the people of Jhansi get happy. Gangadhar says tax on animals will not be levied on you. Ross thinks he will implement next strategy which will shake Jhansi.

Precap: Janki tells Ross that Gangadhar became Maharaj in real means now. Ross tells that he knows how to twist his finger. Kashi tells Manu that britishers are snatching their pets. Gangadhar is forced by Ross to change his decision.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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