What’s your take on upcoming surrogacy track in YRHPK?

Star Plus’ Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke will have a new track of surrogacy. Abir and Mishti’s lives will face big troubles. Mishti’s physical weakness gets known to Abir. He gets much worried that she can never bear a child. Mishti’s reports shock him to the core. Abir wants to find a way to reveal the truth to Mishti. His heart shatters in pain. He was dreaming to have a baby very soon. Abir decides to leave his dreams for the sake of Mishti’s happiness. He wants to keep her happy at all times.

The truth gets known to Mishti and the entire family. Mishti requests Kuhu to become Yashoda for her baby. She wants Kuhu to give birth to her baby by becoming her surrogate. Kuhu denies to help Mishti. Kunal gets upset with Kuhu for rejecting Mishti’s plea. There will be a new entry in the show. The girl will become Mishti’s surrogate. The show will get ahead with the upcoming twists. There maybe twists of Mishti falling into a conspiracy. It will be known if someone is plotting against Mishti. Mishti will get emotionally blackmailed to leave from Abir’s life. Abir and Mishti’s happy dreams of a child get destroyed by the sudden sorrow. What’s your take on upcoming surrogacy track in YRHPK? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Kanishka Shukla

    Nahi please hame Nahi chahiye ye sarogacy track it’s quite awkward or fhir abhi mishti or abir ki Shaadi ko time hi Kitna hua hai……..baby ke liye….. Kabhi to unki cute fight or romance batao kyuki hamesha kuch na kuch hota hi rehta or har baar isa jaruri to Nahi hai na ki serial ki main heroin per sari problem aye……har serial me isa hi hota ab hame kuch or dekhna hai …….wase bhi ap log mishti ko kafi shattered dekha chuke ho ab bas bhi kro…..thoda uska normal BHI Dekho ham kafi baar ye sab dekh chuke hain…..we want something new and exciting

  2. I’m not a fan of the surrogacy track. Why can’t we have something fun and exciting come Misbir way? They haven’t even had a honeymoon yet but you want them to start family planning and now this extra problem. Why does Mishti have to be the recipient of everything bad happening.
    They run an NGO, Mishti was adopted, why can’t they happen upon or find a child who doesn’t have any parents and needs a good loving home. Abir wants to be a father and be a good role model, what could be better than adopting a child and doing all of that.
    Why would Kuhu be a surrogate mother, she doesn’t even have any of her own kids yet.

    1. Nd she’s herself a kid too

  3. No no no no no no pls no
    It would have been so much better if all this was a dream ……pls do something of this sort and make all of this just a nightmare ……pls ….this is a great twist but to be Frank I was really upset about this surrogacy track…..do anything make it a nightmare or a plot planned by abir to check kuhu and mishti’s relationship…anything but pls don’t make this surrogacy track the reality

  4. Means new entry will be making problems for mishti as she will fall for abeer or on meenu’s saying. Someone plotting against mishti means meenu kyunki kuhu aur jasmeet mei itna dimag nhi hai..nd bacha hoga mtlb separation track again. Conspiracy means meenu has proven mishti infertile..I read it somewhere..why can’t separate kuhu nd kunal..we wanted to see misbir taking care of their baby nd raising well..they both promised to give best childhood.. show is different in terms of twists nd understanding then why not give this positive change unlike other serials where couple separates nd then custody..why don’t change this boring twist from this show 😏😏😏😏😡😡😡😡😡

    1. Anamika shethy

      Misti and abir had united that doesn’t mean that kuhu and kunal should separate…. they are also good couple. And even I like kuhu and kunal’s jodi more than misti and abit

  5. Not too keen on surrogacy track Firstly Kuhu is not going to agree as she is a child herself & hasn’t had her own child either If they find someone then Abir is going to be caring more for that person caring the child instead of Mishti & have fling with the surrogate & then we will see a separation how boring Why the rush for a child adoption is a good option Guess writers are running out of stories Wish they never changed the time slot too much competition on other channels

  6. Please don’t drag and don’t separate Abir and mishti..then show will be flop

  7. Anamika shethy

    I think that before misti kuhu should get pregnant. First kunal and kuhu should plan their baby as their marriage is 1 year. But mishbir’s wedding happens after a lots of obstacles.

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