What’s your take on Silsila Season 2?

Colors’ Silsila Season 1 has finally wrapped up. It has got mixed reviews, since some of the audience didn’t like the subject of illegitimate relations getting justified. Audience has applauded the portrayals and wonderful chemistry between the actors. Shakti Arora, Drashti Dhami, Aditi Sharma, Abhinav Shukla and Kinshuk Mahajan have played the lead roles superbly. The latest addition Kinshuk has won a lot of appreciation by his outstanding performance in a positive role of Ishaan. The tale of Kunal and Mauli comes to an end on a sad note, since they lose their lives in an accident.

The story goes on with their daughters Mishti and Pari, who are just a replica of Mauli and Nandini. The equations of Mauli and Nandini turned bitter because of Kunal, whom they both loved dearly. Mishti and Pari will also be falling for the same man. This will initiate a new love triangle and complicate their relationships. Actors Kunal Jai Singh, Tejasswi Prakash, Aneri Vajani and Rohan Gandotra are playing the new leads in this love tangled tale. With an amazing cast, the show seems to steal the attention of the audience. What’s your take on Silsila Season 2? Let us know your opinion.

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    I can’t say until I know whom for Kunal will fall in Love… And I hope story is not same, though it happens every time with generation leap, story stays same…

  2. wonderful casting. Cant wait to see them acting.GOOD LUCK TO ALL

  3. Yeah waiting, just for casting especially Kunal(My Omkara)

  4. Not interested but happy to know our Omkara is going to be on screen in lead in Ishqbaaz they just avoided him an specially his love story.

  5. Mishti is about to get married to veer(rohan). And here it is written that both sisters will fall for same man means kunal jai singh. Promo ko dekh kr lgta hai he will fall for mishti and I’m 99% sure ki yehi hoga. They will show mishti in the spot of kunal(shakti arora)
    Same now bored…many think that I was not the only one

  6. As long as they don’t drag the issue and make fools out of the characters, I don’t it should be an issue. I know it’s a show and they need to do whatever it takes to keep TRP up… but I hope there is no more amnesia scenes, no more being sad about someone for so many years, and things like that. I just hope it is more close to real life than reel life. People will then be able to enjoy much more. PLEASE don’t drag the story line (like KKB). and PLEASE NO MORE CHARACTERS LIKE DIDA! Silsila itself is a good show, no crazy black magic, no crazy characters coming in and doing evil things… I like that. I hope it stays like that.
    I am glad Kunal Jaisingh (Omkara from Ishqbaaz) got this serial. He is a very good actor and I feel like his character in Ishqbaaz was being overlooked.

  7. I m much excited. I just hope Mishti & Ruhaan fall for each other. Both Kunal & Tejaswi are my favorite. But don’t want an messed up story like Kunal & nandini. Hoping for the best

    1. Hate teju all her shows are flops.she cant act.

  8. Hmm from tomorrow’s promo i got an idea about the show.Mishti(tejaswwi) is engaged to her love veer(rohan gandotra).pari (aneri vajani)who is not interested in any commitments eventually falls for ruhan (kunal jai singh)who is falling for mishti.

    And here mishti is taking the role of nandhini since she is engaged to someone but fall in love with his sisters crush

  9. ShraddhaSharma392

    i think pari will fall in love with ruhaan, ruhaan with misty or pari (though promo shows for misty, but I think he might fall in love with pari, rest upon writers), misty with ruhaan and getting engage with veer… so it might repeat same story, but may be this time pari will sacrifice her love, just for misty: as she think what nandini and kunal was not wrong, but they hurted mouli too much, and she do not want to hurt misty at any cost, and try to calm pain which misty feel seeing nandini picture…. so this way may be story lead, and this time ruhaan is 3rd person… in season 1, in restaurant, kunal said that no-one can come in between couple until they have space for 3rd person, and when everything seem perfect, its serial rule that nothing is perfect….. after watching today’s episode on voot, I feel this thing, as somthing is really imperfect between veer and misty, something was missing [though, that missing this was not shown in kunal mouli marriage, but veer and misty shows] or i felt so as it is season 2 which can be predicted for every show, who start season 2

  10. Is it fair for Pari to pay for her Mother’s sins? Nandini is dead but the daughter has to bear the insults which her mother was supposed to hear.
    For Kunal, Falling in love is not wrong but at the same time don’t be cruel and cold to your wife who couldn’t grasp what was going on and her world fell apart without an explanation.

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