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A girl was sitting in front of Babaji she is at Guruduwara and complaining to him.ย 

Girl: Waha Babaji what you did with me I mean how can someone do this me like this haa I thought he did this all things just normally now see what he had send for me is it good you toh gestured me he is good but no use of anything today he send me this and break me down I donโ€™t care about this all things we didnโ€™t like otherโ€™s na just for namesake we are tight in this knot.Tears escaping from her eyes Her black long hairs her hairline filled with vermillion and making her more beautiful her long and beautiful mangalsutra which she wearing in her neck.She fully dressed up in traditional way she holding some papers in her hands and tears escaping from her eyes like anything she get up and went near water pond side she went in water and diving in water fully she did like this 2 and 3 times and come out of the pond and her duppta falling down on floor while she didnโ€™t care about this at all.She went outside and walking in side just thinking about someone.ย 

While walking she reached to her house and didnโ€™t said anything just lost in her thoughts.ย 

#A mansion is shown its not less than any place.Numbers of guards standing she went inside.She went inside the mansion and numbers of servants workingย  and busy in their work.She smiled and went ahead her eyed went on a beautiful couple who hugging each otherโ€™s she see and smiledย 

They are so happy being with each otherโ€™s I always want this type of life donโ€™t know from where he entered in my life she think this in her heart and left for her room before any one will see her.ย 

She entered in her room.And take out her clothes she went in her washroom and stand under shower.Water flowing on her body she closed her eyes remember those beautiful memories of her life.Which brings smile on her face.ย Her all happy memories lane coming in donโ€™t of her eyed her joyful face..ย 

After sometimes later she come out of the washroom and get ready normally she see her sindoor she smiled even get sad as well she apply vermilion in her hairlines and see herself once than she keep the papers in her wardrobe and went downstairs.

At downstairs everyone was sitting for breakfast twinkle went towards them and take chair beside her Bebe..ย 

Bebe:meri bachii when you come back from Guruduwara. Someone chuckled at her.It was Abeer..ย 

Abeer: Bebe you know our twinkle she must be missing her mr Perfect.. all giggles twinkle give fake smile.ย 

Mehar: why you always teased your sister haa.

Leela: aur twinkle did you get your in laws calls and messages haa.ย 

Twinkle:hmm Maa they all fine..ย 

Rt:acha good twinkle beta what else we wanted more you are happy in your life.ย 

Mehar:after wedding first time she come Iโ€™m so happy.ย 

Bebe: haa:. Twinkle playing with her breakfast she didnโ€™t feels like to have anything.ย 

Rt:aur I heard you going goa haa??

Twinkle:haa papa.Woh you know my bestie Aditi wedding is there even my all college friends and allโ€™s coming in her wedding.ย 

Mehar: acha what about your Chinki..ย 

Twinkle: they already went there only now Iโ€™m just left.ย 

Bebe:you should to go beta.ย 

Twinkle: Haa Bebe.. they all finished their breakfast twinkle was sitting and thinking about something should I go there or not I know he too will come after his bestie wedding is there but I donโ€™t wanted to see his face after what he had done with me.Leave twinkle if he doesnโ€™t care about you why youโ€™ll do. Iโ€™ll go Goa and enjoy my life Iโ€™ll not sits if he doesnโ€™t care about me even I too letโ€™s see what will happened damn sure heโ€™ll not India after all he didnโ€™t come at my papa time when he met with a accident.ย 

He is just selfish royal.. she leave her thoughts aside.went in her room call someone she booked her tickets and packed her all things. She see someone photo and take in her hands and kissed on photo all over..โ™ ๏ธโ™ ๏ธโ™ ๏ธโ™ ๏ธโ™ ๏ธโ™ ๏ธโ™ ๏ธ

Twinkle packed her all things and went downstairs with her luggageโ€™s..ย 

Rt: so my doll is all set to go.ย 

Twinkle: yeah papa. She insists me lot thatโ€™s why Iโ€™m going.ย 

Leela:why beta you were toh always so excited for wedding what happened this after come back from London you staying so low.. rohan Ka call ayaa

Twinkle: nope nahi meri Maa bas Iโ€™m just okay.You donโ€™t think about me.ย 

Mehar:hehe.acha what about your dadi shash. She think so much about her grand daughter in law haa.ย 

Abeer:haa so true..ย 

Twinkle:bas bhai and bhabhi Iโ€™m going now.You take care about my little munchkin okay.She went and keep her hand on Mehar baby bumped.

she hugged everyone and along with her guards she left for airport..

She went in the airport finished her all security checking.She was sitting in waiting area she take out her diary ๐Ÿ“”. Started writing her emotions on paper giving them words.after her flight announced happened she get up and went in aircraft And fly for Goa..ย 

In whole journey twinkle just lost in her thoughts.After she sleep after sometimes later she reached Goa. She get up and take her bag and went out of the aircraft. She waiting for her luggage twinkle guards bring her luggage than they went out of the airport Audi car was waiting for them she went and sits and left for hotel..ย 

At [email protected]

Itโ€™s a sea side hotel fully.Twinkle car stop she come out of the car and see the view smiled after so many days later she going to take breath.she went ahead just that someone give her voice.ย 

Avni: twinkleeee.. she turned and see Avni and get so happy she run to twinkle and hugged her fully in excitement she too. Wow babes finally you come.ย 

Twinkle:haa Avni.Both break the hug.ย 

Avni:hmm.letโ€™s go inside everyone just waiting for you only. She hold twinkle hand and take her inside there their all gang was chilling out as soon as Aditi and Chinki others see twinkle their happiness has no boundaries.Aditi hugged twinkle fully.ย 

Aditi:finally my bestie come back..ย 

Twinkle:haa keshe nahi aati after meri bestie ki shadi jo hai๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜›.twinkle meet with each and everyone.Just than yuvi come there twinkle see him both passed faint smile to each otherโ€™s.ย 

Aditi:acha you na now we will do lots of fun in my wedding.You go and get freshen up.ย 

Twinkle:haa.Twinkle went in her room she place her luggage in side and take her clothes she get freshen up wear Wester clothes.After Chinki come to take twinkle they both went down. Twinkle leave the message for her parents she reached Goa happily. Everyone having their dinner twinkle finding someone.Yuvi and Avni is here he must be here only. She take her food plate and stand in side having her dinner. Yuvi come near twinkle.ย 

Yuvi: hii. Twinkle look at him.ย 

Twinkle:hii howโ€™s you..ย 

Yuvi:fine twinkle howโ€™s you. You didnโ€™t come back London..ย 

Twinkle:yeah as you donโ€™t know why??

Iโ€™m fine what about others at London..ย 

Yuvi:great.I thought you wouldnโ€™t come at Aditi and Adarsh wedding.ย 

Twinkle: why you think this yuvi itโ€™s my bestie wedding obviously Iโ€™ll come na for someone why Iโ€™ll not attend their wedding and Iโ€™m happy all alone..ย 

Yuvi:great he too said same..ย 

Twinkle:I donโ€™t know about him.she said and went from there.ย 

Yuvi:this two is so different one is suffering there and she is here.donโ€™t know what Babaji planned for them just than yuvi got someone call.He smiled to see and take the call and went in side. He get busy in call.ย 

After dinner they all friends and fam&jam sit near beach side and enjoyed cool breeze.ย 

Aditi:now twinkle you have come So tomorrow is my and Adarsh bachelor party and which you going to arranged.ย 

Twinkle: sure Aditi..ย 

Adarsh:by the way where is my Kamineย 

Bestie he didnโ€™t come till now.ย 

Twinkle:Iโ€™ll come she went from there.ย 

She got someone call twinkle pick up the call. Hello hello kaun.. caller didnโ€™t saying anything he just sitting in some bar and some other one voice is coming. Baby get up letโ€™s go home twinkle heard this and cut the call with a long tears drop.few things canโ€™t change in life first my love for him second he canโ€™t.She wiped her tears after sometimes later they all went in their respective rooms and sleep took over them.ย 

Yuvi and Avni
Aditi and Adarsh

Next [email protected]ย 

At Goa everywhere hustle and bustle is going on.While twinkle was fully busy in bachelor party preparation.ย 

While other side someone sleeping in deep slumber after get tired in alcohol his phone is ringing fully his sleep get disturbed somehow he open his eyes and finding his phone fully drenched in alcohol..ahah my phone where is my baby he finding his phone just than he got his phone place on his ears.Kaun in sleeping tone.. ๐Ÿฅด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด. From other sideย 

Kamine wake up always sleeping here just in some days my wedding will take place and my bestie cam brother didnโ€™t come each and everyone come expect Than you bunny ๐Ÿฐ.. he listens their voice and a beautiful and shine full smiled come on his lips.ย 

Acha Kamine you both inviting me on last Moment haa he said..ย 

Oyye Kamine first invitation we sends you only mr Prince.. Adarsh said..ย 

Ugh ๐Ÿ˜‘ please please donโ€™t say this Iโ€™m tired.. he said.ย 

Okay baby now take next flight I wanted to see you at any cost get it nahi toh Iโ€™ll never ever talk to you fit this in your mind Aditi said..ย 

Koi na baby doll you have Adarsh now ๐Ÿ˜. Okay Iโ€™ll try to come before you wedding last ride..๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜.ย 

You f**k off huhu they cut the call otherside man was laughing like anything he get up and hold his hand.

Ahah I drink last night Lot now what to do before anyone caught me like this I have to get freshen up and haa have to go in Aditi and Adarsh wedding as well.ย 

He lay down on bed and give the ring to servant who bring lemonade for him he drink and his eyes falls down on something which bring tears in his eyes.ย 

Life is so weird. I am stuck in the middle of my heart and mind. He take out something and see and get emotional.ย 

Nothing is this world will ever hurt more than when your heart and your mind are in two different placesโ€™ย 

He get up and went in washroom and get freshen up quickly he wear his clothes and mess up whole room.And went downstairs the place isnโ€™t less than any heaven itโ€™s so beautiful. A Young boy running down he bumped with someone.ย 

Arey why you are so hustle.she said .

No bhabhi just normally he added..ย 

servant bring his luggage down while she get shocked to see the luggage.ย 

Are you going somewhere haa?? Sanam asked??

Nope I had some meeting out of the town thatโ€™s all he lied to her..okay bhabhi Iโ€™m going.. he said and run from there.ย 

Acha where is our prince is going I have to find out this she said this with a smirked.ย 

Other side in Goa at evening everything is all set for bachelor party.While someone reached airport.He come out of the airport and struggling for taxi he stop donโ€™t know why he feeling so connected and his heart started beating so fast. He standing middle of road and calling taxi just than rain started.

Why I feels like she is here only. One path is yours. Another one is mine.ย 

I do not want to live away from you.ย 

Why she will be here whatever is it I come here for my bestie wedding she must be not here after all she went Spain with her father.he fully drenched in rain f**k where Iโ€™m stuck man for the very first time I came India and see my experience man.Taxi taxi please stop. Leave this you have to run if you didnโ€™t reached on time than she will make me run Lot he take his bag and running fully on unknown Goa roads line crazy man.ย 

At [email protected]

Each and everyone come for party everything is so classy and Rocking..ย 

Avni and twinkle take the mic.ย 

Twinkle:so guys today is our Aditi and Adarsh Bachelor party so enjoy your nights fully.Aditi and Adarsh come both holding each otherโ€™s hands. Suddenly all lights were off make everyone confused they all started panic what happened so suddenly.ย 

Just than a sparking light lit fully all get confused a group of dancers standing a young man 6 fitted height standing his back was facing to everyone.ย 

Twinkle:what is this all man. Twinkle get call from Rohan. She pick up. Rohan aap kaha ho.


Avni:yeah.the music was so loudย 

Aditi:in her tapori language oyyee Kya hai.spotlight flashed. Everyone was hellย 

Confused what is this.,A voice comes.

Kehte hain shadi karne ka koi sahi waqt nahi hota.jab karlo bas tabhi se tumhara bura waqt shuru ho jata hai
aditi mere sher mere chite tujhe kuch saal akela kia chora.tune itna bara jhool kar dala.Badtameezi aik bimari hai
aik aisi bimari.

As soon as everyone heard the voice a unknown smiled appears on their faces

They all leave the chairs and looking at towards stage..someone coming fully in Tashan as soon as light comes on his face everyone see his face and get shocked while Aditi was hell she didnโ€™t said anything immediately rushed towards him and hugged..ย 

Jo dhire dhire waqt ke saath Budhape mein badal jati hai
Main kehta hon jab tak budhapa nahi aati Thori badtameezi hi kar lete hain.
After see him all stunned.ย 

Aditi:Kamine kaha ta haa.. he twirl Aditi and started dancing with dancers.ย 

Paan main pudina dekha
Naak ka nagina dekha
Chikni chameli dekhi
Chikna kamina dekha
Chand ne cheater hoke cheat kiya toh
Saare taare bole gilli gilli akhaa
Pa para paraโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆhe singing the song
Adarsh come and hugged him. While twinkle was in deep shocked but smiling.ย 

Yuvi: finally what a surprised man.they all started dancing.Twinkle was wearing s*xy saree she looking so hot.ย 

Meri baat, teri baat
Zyada baatein buri baat
Thali mein katora leke
Aaloo bhat, Muri bhat
Mere piche kisi ne repeat kiya to

Saala maine tere muh pe mara mukka
Ispe bhoot koi chadha hai
Theharna jaane naa
Ab to kia bura kia bhalaa hai
Fark pehchaane na
Zidd pakad ke khadaa hai kambakht
Chhorna jaane na
ย ย 

They all went towards bar and started drinking alcohol ๐Ÿท.Yuvi and Aditi or Karan they all walking on table and throwing things here dancing fully like mads..ย 

Yuvi: Kunj you are the best.. so the man is Kunj Sarna..๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž..ย 

Kunj: yeah after all Iโ€™m the Kunj Sarna he removed his blazer and throw it in side which falls on twinkle face she take in her hands and look at Kunj.ย 


Aditi:bunny Iโ€™m so happy to see you.ย 

Kunj:acha Kamini Shadi kar rahi hai..ย 

Badtameez dil, batameez dil, batameez dil
Maane na, maane na
Badtameez dil, batameez dil, batameez dil
Maane na, maane na

Yeh jo haal hai, sawaal hai, kamaal hai
Jaane na jaane na
Badtameez dil, battameez dil badtameez dil
Maane na..

Hawa mein Havana dekha
Dhimka falana dekha
Seeng ka Singhara khake
Sher ka ghurana dekha
Poori duniya ka gol gol chakkar leke
Maine duniya ko maara dhakka

Pa para para..
Hey Bollywood Hollywood very very jolly good
Raayi ke pahaar par teen futa liliput
Mere peeche kisi ne repeat kiya to
Saala maine tere muh pe maara mukka
Ayaashi ke one way se khudko
Morna jaane naa
Kambal bewajah sharam ka
Orhna jaane na
Zid pakar ke kharha hai kambakht
Chorhna jaane na… Haha..

Kunj and yuvi take bottle fully pour on Aditi Adarsh was making their videos.ย 

Avni and twinkle watching them and laughing like anything Rohan went towards twinkle and pulled her for dance they all started dancing Rohan swirl twinkle she swirls fully and Rohan leave her finger she bumped with Kunj he hold her on time both look at each otherโ€™s while Rohan come from back and take twinkle and dancing with her cozily.. ๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜›.ย 

Badtameez dil, batameez dil, batameez dil
Maane na, maane na
Badtameez dil, batameez dil, batameez dil
Maane na, maane na

Aaj saare, chaand taare
Ban gaye hai disco lights
Jal ke, bujha ke humko bula ke
Keh rahe hain, Party all nights
Nata betuki dillagi se, torna jane na
Aane wale kal ki fikar se, jurna jaane na

Zid pakar ke khara hai kambakht
Chorhna jaane na… Haha..

Badtameez dil, batameez dil, batameez dil
Maane na, maane na
Badtameez dil, batameez dil, batameez dil
Maane na, maane na

Yeh jo haal hai, sawaal hai, kamaal hai
Jaane na jaane na
Badtameez dil, battameez dil badtameez dil
Maane naa

They all fully turned on in alcohol playing holy with drinks.Avni bring twinkle they both too dancing fully exposing their s*xy flat belly and Rohan and Karan sprinkling champagne ๐Ÿพ on them they enjoying.Both see this and smirked they take full bucket of beer and went towards them and throw at them they both get shocked to see this fully drenched while yuvi and Kunj passed smirked smile to them.Kunj snatch Aditi glass and drink in on go.ย 

Enjoying party fully didnโ€™t care about anything. Yuvi and Kunj lift Aditi in their arms with her leg and hands and swing her she screaming at them but they donโ€™t care.ย 

Adarsh:ab inka pagalpan start man.ย 

Avni:true iss ki hi kami ti.ย 

Rohan:lets come twinkle he hold her hands and Kunj eyes were on twinkle she ignored him and dancing with Rohan laughing at his jokes.Yuvi and Kunj standing near poolside.ย 

Kunj:Arey come tarun one hug man.ย 

Tarun:sure. Kunj open his arms for hug Tarun rushed towards to him to hug him but Kunj shifted in side and Tarun falls down in poolside Kunj and yuvi Adarsh laughing out..๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜.ย 

Kunj:Kya Aditi yaar apni bhabhi Tarun toh same to same.ย 

Aditi:Kamine mera cutie pie hai.ย 

Kunj:see Adarsh what she saying it. Tarun struggling in poolside.ย 

Aditi:Tarun baby come out. She went near poolside while Kunj lift her and throw her too in pool๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜.ย 

Episode freezes here only..ย 


So guys I come back again with a new story.This I already write it down long back now Iโ€™m extremely busy so donโ€™t know when Iโ€™ll post but Iโ€™ll try to do soon.Hope you all like my new story.ย 

Enjoy letโ€™s see what will happen next??

Do tell me please.. โค๏ธโค๏ธ

Specially for Yashu di she wanted..

Bye love you all..ย 


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