What’s your take on current track of Gathbandhan?

Colors’ Gathbandhan has recently got the marriage track. Raghu and Dhanak got married. Raghu shows his negative side. He turns aggressive like the locality goon once again. He has married her forcibly. Raghu will justify his actions later on. He is trying to win Dhanak’s heart by being good towards her family. Raghu spoils the situation by committing mistakes. He falls more in Dhanak’s eyes. He has a big reason behind his deeds. He gets trapped in the situation and takes an extreme step during the marriage functions of Dhanak’s sister.

Dhanak finds Raghu complicated. She finds him holding some values of humanity. Raghu shows his care towards her. He begins melting her anger. Dhanak doesn’t conclude anything about him. She gets confused over Raghu’s real intentions. He wants to do good for her family, but ends up getting framed in wrong blames. Dhanak will learn Raghu’s good intentions behind his actions. the drama gets interesting with situational romance between Raghu and Dhanak while they work together for Sejal’s marriage. What’s your take on current track of Gathbandhan? Let us know your opinion in this poll.

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  1. Best serial ever.

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