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Viraj proposes Sitara for marriage. Sitara rejects Viraj’s love. He confronts her for rejecting his love. He wants to know the reason, why she can’t marry him. She does the Tandav in the temple. She tells Viraj that she is a Vishkanya. Viraj doesn’t believe her. He says you can’t be Vishkanya. She asks him to see her true avatar. She uses her powers and gets a snake there to get herself bitten. She proves that she has more poison than the snake.

Shivaansh and Mannat escape from the police custody. They change their avatars. Shivaansh takes a disguise. They bond on the way. They are trying to catch Varun red-handed, so that they can prove Varun is alive and faked his murder. Shivaansh is protecting Radhika and took the blame on his head. He wants to clear his doubts about Radhika’s move to attack Varun. They reach Varun’s old house. They try to get inside the house to collect evidence against Varun. Mannat tells Shivaansh that she also wants to come along with him, else she will fall in trouble.

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