What’s your reaction on IPKKND – EBP current track?

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Shlok decides to meet Astha to remind her about her past. Sachin informs Apsara about Shlok searching for Astha. Indrajeet spies on Shlok as he enters the house to meet Astha. Shlok is injured when a frightened Astha pushes him. Rekha is shattered to see Shlok unconscious. Barkha informs Indrajeet about Shlok. Apsara decides to help Shlok in regaining Astha’s memory. Apsara spies on Astha.

Apsara executes Shlok’s plan and manages to kidnap Astha. Kalindi refuses to speak to Jyoti and Siddharth as they meet her. Shlok strives to recall Astha’s memory, but in vain. Indrajeet finds out that Barkha is kidnapped. Astha continues to believe that she is Indrajeet’s wife. Rekha and Manya confront Indrajeet for threatening them.

Shlok tries to remind Astha about her past. Shlok admits Astha to a hospital. Meanwhile, Avdhoot, his mother and Mala are frightened on seeing Kalindi unconscious. Surbhi informs Shlok about Astha’s brain injury. Shlok is dejected as Surbhi asks him to stay away from Astha.

Avdhoot tries to pacify Kalindi. Barkha tells Surbhi about Indrajeet being her husband. Sojal is shattered when Varad tells her about Astha losing her memory. Surbhi pretends to be furious at Shlok in front of Indrajeet. Indrajeet warns Shlok to stay away from Barkha. Surbhi overhears Indrajeet lying to Barkha about Shlok. Varad informs Jyoti about Astha losing her memory while Kalindi arrives and chides them in anger. Surbhi finds Shlok sitting by the roadside and insists on dropping him home. Shlok hatches a plan to send Apsara as maid in Astha’s home. Do you think about the current track of this show, is it going right way or making viewers lose interest? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. ★kanisha★

    very very bad. 🙁

  2. good……hoping for ashlok scene fast…

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  4. It makes views lose interest,very boring and a lot of suspends hero overpowered by villain too much at least try to show shlok has strength not weakness always

  5. […] Also check ‘What’s your reaction on IPKKND – EBP current track?’ […]

  6. I hope interesting part will come.i like it.

  7. better than early. waiting for sholk win over IS and reunion of ashlok pls jaldi karo

  8. So old this happens in all serials

  9. The worst track d worst shlok n Sojal d worst n cheap shows of all tv shows on this earth.U should give an award for Shlok n Sojal for maintaining their real relationship in the show itself though they are bhabi n devar in d show.

  10. Shrenu parikh is not fit for this show, even though she is a good n gorgeous actress.She is not given due imp in the show.She should be like chudail like Shal changing colours acc to d situation.Now every one n everything has gone into Shalmalee’s fist.That is why this has become number one flop show.

  11. dis show must end now datsit

  12. stop ua bakwas so called great fan of ebp

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