Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ankush and Ajju pacifying Kalindi. They ask her not to cry and control her emotions. Kalindi asks how, its 7 months now, my daughter is not found till now, how can I manage a mother’s heart, whats wrong if I m not able to manage. Ajju says its wrong that you are letting emotions overpower you, look at Ankush, he has not spent time with Astha, does he cry daily, tears don’t show pain, we are hiding our pain to make you smile, you don’t think about us. Kalindi apologizes and says maybe I m selfish in Astha’s love that I did not realize your pain, I know what you all are doing for me, I don’t know whats stopping Astha from coming home, Shlok and Varad said they have seen Astha, why are they not bringing her.

She says I know Astha, she can’t stay away from me for many days, did they not get her. Ajju says she will invite more pain by her questions, its not time to get Astha, nothing is got without the right time arrival. She asks Mala to get Kalindi’s medicines and asks Kalindi to sleep in her room.

Ajju asks Ankush not to worry. He says I failed in this first test of life. She says no, don’t lose hope and asks about Avdhoot. Ankush says he went Mumbai, when I said Astha is there, I told I will come and he asked me to be here. Ajju says yes, we need you to manage Kalindi, go and sleep now. Rekha talks to Chowski and tells what happened here in his absence. He is shocked and feels sad for Shlok.

He says he will meet Shlok. She says he is not at home, I took food for him and saw lock at his home. Mala asks Ankush what is he thinking. He says he is worried for Kalindi, she is unwell, she cries daily, I feel helpless. She says he has to be strong to manage Kalindi. He says yes, I know but I can’t see my family like this, I value relations and unable to lessen her tears. Mala says you are Aai’s support, if they see you like this, they will feel hurt, everything will be fine.

Its morning, Chowksi asks why did Rekha not tell him before. Manya says you went for work, so she did not say. Chowski asks about Shlok;s family. Rekha says we spoke to Shlok’s brother Varad, Varad is coming Mumbai today. Varad, Sojal and Kavya come there and meet them. Varad asks for Shlok. Apsara says she made a room ready for them, and Chowski takes him to Shlok. Varad switches on the lights and sees Shlok sad. He hugs him.

Varad talks to Shlok and asks about Astha. Shlok says its about Astha’s life, I wanted to get her but everything went wrong. Kavya says she remembers all his special moments. Shlok gets the idea and says he does not need to make her recall things by pics, but my creating the old moments. Sojal smiles. Astha talks to Indrajeet and kids and is happy. Chowski talks to Shlok and he says we have to monitor Astha and her every step. Apsara says but someone has to stay there. Shlok asks her can she go there as maid, as Indrajeet did not see her till now. Apsara says she will go. She asks him to plan next after she goes home.

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Varad gets a call from hospital and talks about Baba’s health deteriorating more. He says doctor is saying they have to take Baba to Singapore and asking me to come. Shlok asks him to go, as Baba needs him more, he will manage. Varad says fine and asks the doctor when to come, he will book tickets. He tells Shlok he will come soon. Shlok asks him to take care. Varad asks Sojal to take care of her and Kavya and leaves.

Apsara comes to meet the guard and asks for a job. She says she knows all the work and cooks too, and asks him to get the job in this house and she will give him 10% commission and three times food. He says fine, I will talk to Madam and I will take 20%. She says fine. He says I will say you are from my village. She thanks him and thinks once she gets job, Shlok will not leave Indrajeet and her sins will be lessen if Shlok and Astha unite by her efforts.

The guard tells Astha about the lady from his village and her husband is ill, she came to earn here. Indrajeet asks him to make her leave. Astha says send her in. Indrajeet says we don’t know her. The guard says she is from my village. Astha says she needs help, she will do some work. Apsara comes and says her name is Kamla, I want to work honestly and send to my ill husband and old mum.

Indrajeet says he ordered a bouquet and Astha says she will take it. He says fine and leaves. Astha asks Kaka to explain work to Kamla and goes. Apsara informs Shlok that Astha is coming out alone. Shlok stands near the flower shop and checks some bouquets. Astha comes there and sees him. Shlok pays the money and leaves with the bouquet. Astha gets puzzled.

Astha tells Indrajeet that she will take kids and their friend to see a play. Apsara thinks to tell Shlok. Shlok makes everyone ready and says I will make Astha realize I m hers, by being a stranger.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. waiting for Tomorrow episode keep rocking ipkknd ebp

  2. loved the episode today very much,loved shlok , apsara and everyone.i think we will get the charm of our show back atlest old story is going to repeat

  3. please friends don’t take about sojal waste of time so leave it please don’t take any tension my friends.share only positive thoughts pls friends

  4. please friends don’t talk about sojal waste of time so leave it please don’t take any tension my friends.share only positive thoughts pls friends

  5. Love the episode superbbbb.IS will get a shock once again that Kamla is Apsara and she is helping shlok.IS start choosin your workers thoughtfully.You fool IS.

  6. Why priya,u r also Sojal type b*t*h,5 years with one boy another 5 years wuth another boy.How many boy friends u have till now.I know very much about Shal type of girls.Ditching boys.Hats off to u all b*t*hes.

    1. mr or mrs ashlok fan iam not sojal type friend you not know me you have no rights to judge my character or any other women character friend ok

  7. Wots wrong with sojal her character is good in dis show stop blaming her and dun interact in their personal life

    1. nice command cutie

    2. these people are too free to condemn abt peoples personal life..

  8. Story line has to be in this way only it will be very cute to see how the shlok will show love towards astha being a stanger waiting for next epi………..,

  9. ??good episode now da games begins

  10. Great job , u sent Varad back.Dir this is a good time to show Shl n Soj on bed.Aastha is also not there.To night u arrange bed n shoot d scenes in Sojal’s bed room.Buddies(Shl n Soj)scenes will come so nice as they r experts in that.Ple monday atleast.These shameless n characterless people will act anyway.

  11. inteseting epi, last scene superb hot shlok

  12. what all u talking about shlok and sojal.May it will be only a gossip.By the way they are not like made for each other.

  13. Cutie ,u comment in ur own way n let others comment in their own way.We r living in a democratic country.We do not have rights to tell others to talk as our wish.Few people will take it personal may that is because they love Avi so much.Its Cv’s mistake baar baar dhonon ko ek saath dikhana.Why do they give chance to talk about Sojal in each n every episode.Got fed up to read about her daily.Its waste to read WU also.

  14. plz unite ashlok fast.

  15. Tdys episod was osm….nw serial is gettin intrstin….

  16. PRIYA N CUTE we r all fans of dis show.Lets us not fight with eachother like this.As they r Ashlok fans n that too now a days Ashlok r not seen together so they r dissappointed n they r in infrustrated mood.Every one will not take d things like priya n cutie.Understand d mad fans of Avi n Shrenu like people also.So please do not comment on other’s comments.

    1. thanks friend mano for your support

  17. Shlok is superb wen he is in a serios face..i hope ashlok union is soon…

  18. Lub yew ipkknd ebp…the track gonna rocking!!??!hope aashlok will b together sooo sooon

  19. now it’s goin in an interesting way…hop shlok succeed in his mission soon and end this IS track…hop for d best

  20. U r ri8 priya.v should focus on the show.y r u guys discussing their personal matters?let them live as their wish……………..i think the show is getting well.hope shlok will succeed in realizing astha her past.

    1. thanks happy iam really happy for your understading support and comment

      1. Anytime 4 u.

    2. The name supposed to be liya*

  21. thanks liya

    1. Anytime 4 u priya.

  22. Hey dir ,why did u send Varad back.Do u have any plan to settle, Shl with Sojal.Nice nice u show their marriage also on d screen itself,as we do not get their real marriage invitation,we will be so happy to see grand old peoples marriage.

  23. Nice episode and good track

  24. Shalmalee is a use n throw typ woman.Her correct place is in d dust bin.Do not waste ur precious time in finding d waste material in dustbin n reusing it again n again.

  25. ThaQ u so much sir.That means Shl will be going to Soj’s room daily from tom epi n slowly u will show s*x scenes bet them.I never thought u will fulfil my wish so soon.ThanQ Sooooooooooooooooooooo much.Shl n Soj its time to prove ur self how much u love eachother.Live in it.

  26. 1st of may…a turning point of this show.WOW…im very happy.i think they wil plan a fire or somthng like dat during the play.then shlok wil save aastha.aftr dat he wil leave without talking or troubling her.den…aastha wil think ‘he is a nice man’…love story wil start….:)

  27. Can someone tell how many episodes are remaining. Need niranjun back

  28. Nice episode

  29. gyuz u should not comment on their personal lives,waise i like shal and avi relationship.

  30. Shlok is going to sleep with Sojal on her bed in the place of Varad.Nice track.U rock Sho uncle n Soj aunty.This is what needed.

  31. Sammy I too like them.They match eachother in everything.In their selfishness ,characterlessness,cheating type sa,ditch type sa etc etc etc.

  32. Oh no again n again Shl n Soj together on screen that too in d absence of Varad.What about Aastha? what is d meaning of d serial.?Why did u take Shrenu as heroine if u r sooo much interested in Shl n Soj.Hell with this show.This is all because of Shrenu parikh’s weakness behind d screen.

  33. The worst show of all tv shows.If I tempt to watch this serial again,I will beat myself with chappals.I hate this dirty n worst show.A worst bye to d show.

  34. Guys what is funny about this pro house is,if they can not pay money to d artists they will vanish all d people in d name of any foreign country or any city like d same thing in Sea -1(Aakash n Payal n Manorama husband).In season -2(Nir n Varad).But d fact is these pro team never took anyone out of d sets.Ha ha ha.Poor Pro team. Even they can not give costly costumes to their heroines.

  35. Instead of Ni,Va,Anj u should have kicked that Sojal mummy with left leg out of the show.U did a verybig big big big big big big blunderrrrrrrrrrrrr.Atleast ur serial would have got back d lost image.

  36. No dad, no mom,no bro, no wife,only devar Shl and bhabi Sojal remained in the entire family to act with.How ugly how funny how amazing naa?How could this happen,only in this show and not any where else in the entire world.Hats off to Shl n Soj ille rela n writters n director sahab .

  37. astha’s rough and tough hero is back
    he will bring astha back
    waiting for that. nice epi

  38. Very interesting.waiting fr next epi.what a turning mode.i like it shlok will get love of astha soon.plz dont comment abt their personal life.

  39. Shut up all who r telling not to speak about their per life.Fans r requesting cvs not to drag their per life on to d screen that’s all.Only one or two r personal, rest r talking about their rel on d screen.Why u people r very much worried abo Avi n Shal characterless peo.Asal mein u r bringing their per life on to dscreen.U people r mad n foolish n blind n senseless who r talking far about Shl nSoj.Cannot understand what others r saying.What type of humanbeings u all r.I think u r junle animals.

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