What’s your take on Saraswatichandra finally going off air this Saturday?

Saraswatichandra was reported to go off air since last year and fan’s response to be the show and their love made it survive in the TRP race. The news that Gautam Rode (Saras of the show) was keen to do the new show MahaKumbh on Life ok, starring Seema Biswas and his interest in Saraswatichandra was going because of the dragging storyline and the popcorn type bursts of many villains and vamps, made the show lose its charm. Kumud and Saras did not get a moment to be in peace and constantly dealt with every type of problem.

The current track shows Kumud and Saras uniting two lovers Khushi and Vijay by ending their family rivalry. Kumud is pregnant and the Desai house is full of happiness. Saras is taking extra care of Kumud and being a strict instructor, which annoys her. Well, its his love which he has kept in his heart for years and now that his dream to become a father is getting true, his anger on her carelessness is natural. This week will be last one for Saras and Kumud’s love and the show will end on a happy note as expected.

Are you going to miss Saras and Kumud? Their love was intense and magical. Ghuman’s entry last time was not at all thrilling and she came like a dull element and went, we hope no villain comes again in the last week of the show and it goes on smoothly. Were you fed up of the boring track of the show and wanted it to end and give its slot to someone worthy? Say us your opinion by clicking the poll options.

  1. No i will miss u

  2. Yeh show dekhke aankhon mein aasoon aajaate hain…………show ko bahut miss karenge…………Miss you!

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  4. Both Saras & Kumud were a treat to the eyes. Both of them had looks, charm and talent. They compliment each other in their acting prowess also. But the cvs tortured their character a lot with dirty tracks. If they were handled better with a strong story they could have made history in TV.

    Hope to see them soon in a new show with a good director and script writer.

  5. Thank god finall its gonna end !

  6. How much I will miss them.. i don’t know. If only they were treated in more sensibly, bringing out their true caliber. Both are talented but what can they do with a poor script. The writers of show just tortured them a lot. It was written in a hurry or without proper sense. They could just watched the episodes which topped in UK etc.. the episode on August 3rd I think where Dandiya dance and the dance to the tune of Kuch na kahe song….both were looking so gorgeous and it was instantly liked by all.

    If they the pulse of the massess they could have shown more scenes like that. In the Mumbai track too, what failed was if they show one good romantic scene in one episode they will show 100 dirty scenes of Prashant spoiling their peace. What i felt yesterday while watching Yeh hai Mohabbatein is how wonderfully and subtly they showed the romantic dance of Ishita & Raman in the rain….a similar scene could have included between Saras/Kumud too. people would have enjoyed it wholeheartedly. Instead Saras plan of taking Kumud for a date got spoiled due to heavy traffic jam. Similary recent episode after Saras takes Kumud for a drive in that Jeep after Itti si hasi song sequence, instead of car hitting Khusi…if they shown some good romance in a beautiful place ..it would have been much much better. Suddenly the writers spoiled that scene too before it could culminate into a beautiful one.
    All good scenes where not given a continuity for the viewers to enjoy (another one to point out was the valentine day scene in February…before it could end well Laxinandan’s accident was shown) and most of the time Saras& Kumud had to rush to some troubles.

    The writers should have taken into consideration that this show is watched and appreciated more by the youth. and the new generation children like to enjoy life to the fullest. They don’t give a damn for the melodrama like the middle aged aunties.

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