Saraswatichandra 16th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 16th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone being happy that new member is coming. Saras sees everyone happy. Yash’s mum says its big happiness. She hugs Kumud and blesses her. Saras smiles. Badimaa asks him to say something. Saras is short of words. Danny says I know what is he thinking. He left his trip and now he has to struggle double for Kumud’s attention. He says now baby will come and Kumud will not have time for him. Badimaa says Saras will forget the world for his baby, he will be very happy as he is going to be a father and my Saras will become the best father.

Badimaa makes some sweets. Saraswati and Yash’s mum come. Badimaa saks what sweet to make. Saraswati says ask Kumud. They worry for Badimaa’s state. Badimaa says she is fine hearing Kumud’s good news. She says she could not sleep all night. Badimaa sees Saraswati and asks what happened. Saraswati says you always blessed and took care of my Chandra, you are his real mum. All this is happening because of you. Yash’s mum says she is even Kumud’s mum, I feel they were born to her in last birth. Badimaa says don’t cry, tell me how is this, taste it. They taste it and like it. Saras is excited and says I m going to become a father. Kumud wakes up and Saras asks her to be careful. She says she is fine. He says he has to take her to doctor.

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Saras asks Kumud to get ready fast as he wants to know is she and baby fine. She says I m fine, no need to go to doctor. He says are you doctor, he will decide. He says you don’t take care, this won’t work, have the juice. She smiles and nods yes. He says come and helps her in getting up. He calls the doctor to confirm the appointment. Kumud sit in the car. He ties the seat belt. She says lets go for a movie. He says no way, did you have breakfast. She says no, you asked me to come fast. He says I knew and I m very smart, I got breakfast packed and gives her the tiffin. She smiles. He says have some water too after ending the tiffin, we will take diet chart from doctor.

They leave and are on the way. She asks why are driving so slow. He says you know the bad roads. She says drive faster. He says no, we will go slow. She says don’t worry, everything is fine. He says yes, I know, I m not worried. He drives being very alert. Saras and Kumud come to the hospital. Kumud goes for checkup and Saras is worried. He asks the doctor is everything fine. The doctor says you are more nervous, don’t worry, your wife and baby is fine. Saras asks for diet plan and daily routine and shows his extra concern. The doctor says calm down, if you are with her, I don’t need to explain her, as you will take good care of her. I think you will be a perfect father. She gives medicines and Saras reacts.

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Vidyachatur calls some people. Guniyal comes to her. He says he is doing imp work and will not answer her. He is making a new room for Kumud, as she will be tired to go upstairs, she will stay on ground floor, and even Saras agreed. He says the room should be pink. She says no, blue, like sky. He says pink is peaceful. They argue. He says lets ask everyone and decide. Saras asks Kumud to sit and says I knew you are not fine, why did you become careless, see doctor gave so many medicines. Everyone looks on.

Badimaa says why medicines. Saras says maybe something happened. Badimaa asks what happened. Saras says she did not have food. Badimaa asks what doctor said. Kumud says that I have to take calcium and folic acid tablets. Everyone laugh. Saras asks why are they laughing. Badimaa says every woman has to take this in pregnancy. Kumud says I wanted to explain this, but he is not listening. Saras says fine, it does not mean you won’t rest, you go to room, come with me. Danny says what are you doing, will she climb stairs, she will get tired. Saras says yes, and lifts Kumud. He says he will take her like this till their room is shifted to ground floor. Everyone smile.

Saras asks Kumud to take rest and he will ask Badimaa to make palak juice for her. Kumud says fine, I m fine, give me my phone. He says no, doctor said baby can have problem with its vibration. She shouts Saras and says she is fine, nothing happened to her, don’t worry, I know you are nervous, you also get fine, you proved to be a good husband and you will become a good father, I m sure of this that you will take good care of your child. You will be perfect dad. She says Saras, you will be best father of the world. Saras looks on. She asks what happened.

He says nothing, I will get medicines and come. He leaves. She says strange. Its night, Badimaa sees Saras being awake. She asks what is he doing here, any problem, He says no. She says Kumud or baby? He says mine. She says what. He says I m going to be Papa, will the baby call me Papa. She says yes, whatever you want, if you teach him Bapu, he will call Bapu. He says no, I meant my responsibilities will increase, I have to teach him everything, and when he grows up, I have to send him abroad for higher studies. Badimaa smiles.

Kumud is annoyed by Saras’ restrictions. Badimaa and others talk to her and asks her to have Methi ke laddoo. Kumud eats it.

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