What to decide? -Ragsan -OS

Hi sissy’s.. I’ll update my other ff soon..
Before that this is an OS on ragsan based on true story. Its look like similar to my story kasauti pyar ki.. but its different..
I want to know ur views. Hope u’ll not get bore.

A park is shown. A boy and a girl were sitting holding hand in hand.
Girl: can I ask u one thing?
Boy: I know wat u’ll ask?
Girl glares at him.
Boy: ok ragini ask.
Rag: whole life do u love me like same as u do?
San: of course. U r my life ragini.
Yes they are ragsan who loves each other from college days.
Rag: I’ve many dreams sanskar. After our marriage ours will be happy family. U , ur parents, ur sis and me. I decided wat gift I’ll give them after marriage. I hope they’ll like it.
San kisses her hand.
San: of course ours wil be happy family.
Rag: u remember ur promise na?
San: ya dear. We will go out of india for our honey moon.
Rag gets happy. Both used to study together. Both have seen many dreams of their marriage life.
(let me tell u. sanskar is from north and ragini from south. Like 2 states movie)
Ragini used to talk with san family daily. They also liked her.
Soon after their college both got job and started to work.
After few months.
San called ragini and told her to meet at coffee shop.
Ragini goes there. As san sees ragini, he took her and twirls her.
Rag: sanskar. All r looking. Keep me down.
San: let them ragini. M very happy today. I got new job offer. They offered good salary. Its enough for us to live our dream life. And now I can ask ur hand from uncle.
Rag: sanskar, they already agreed na.
San: I know. But after getting settled, if I ask they too will feel proud of their SIL.
Rag: ok baba. Ur wish.
Soon they get engaged.
San on call: ragini…now officially I got rite to kiss u.
Rag: u r saying as if u never kissed me.
San: I did. But not on ur beautiful lips. U always stopped me.
Rag smiles: next month we gonna marry. Hey I dint talk with ur bhai and bhabhi. They r not receiving call. Wat happened? Any prob?
San: no. they went to bhabhis home. So might be network prob.
After few days.
San: ragini I wanted to tell u something.
Rag: ??
San: actually bhai left home with bhabhi.
Rag: y? wat happened?
San: its mom and bhabhi’s prob. I don’t know matter clearly. Mom told on phone. She told that bhabhi use to taunt her and made bhai his side. So bhai decides to leave with bhabhi separately.
Rag: did u talk with bhai?
San: ya I did. He told that daily mom and bhabhi used to argue. He tried to solve matter, but cudnt. He says fault is of mom. Only this much he told.
Rag: how can bhai leave parents like this.
San: leav ragu. We r there na.
Rag: m with u always.
After few days sanskar left job.
Rag: y did u leave? They were giving gud sal? After few days our marriage is there.
San: they were torturing by giving more work. So I decided to do buiseness.
Rag: health comes first. M with u. I’ll also help u in buiseness.
Both hug.
There marriage over.
( ragini belongs to middle rich class family and sanskar to middle class. But ragini never differentiate)
Ragini entered sanskar home. All treated her good. His mom sujata. Dad ram and sis uttara.
After 1 week of marriage. Both ragsan decided to do buiseness in ragini’s city. As in sanskar’s city there was no platform. There were no options of earning. So they decided so. All agreed. Ragsan left for ragini’s palce. But they lived in rented home as ragini doesn’t want people to say sanskar as ghar jamai.
They started buiseness. In between ragini’s sis swara got married to nikhil. nikhil was little greedy. He had eyed on her property. Ragini having sis swara and younger bro ayush.
Nikhil always creating hurdles in ragsan buiseness. His intention was to take over all property. He thought by creating difficulties ragsan will leave. Swara was unaware. But ayush came to knew his intention. He always supported ragsan. Ragini’s family supported ragsan a lot.
But there buiseness cudnt success. Ragsan felt hurt. But ragini gave him strength. Always obeyed his decision. San decides to do job in his city and to live with parents. Rag agreed. They started to live in san family. San was trying to find job. But its like that city where there is no chance of getting gud job so that he can get gud sal.
At home few days all treated rag happily. After a week only sujata started taunting ragini taking her cooking.
Suj: sanskar ur wife don’t know to cook north food. How she’ll manage house then?
Utt: yes bhai. She cant work properly.
San: mom she brought up like princess in her family. Everyone needs time. Give her one month time she’ll adjust. This is new place for her.
Sujutt fumes. San dint notice. Sujata always complaining abt rag to san. He was trying his best to solve.
@ragsan room
Rag: m sry sanskar. I think m not able to manage house as I don’t know ur side cooking. But give me some time. I will try my best.
San: don’t wry. I know u ragu. I’ll talk with mom.
One day ragini fell unconscious. Sanskar shocked and took her to hosp.
San: doc wat happened? She’s fine na?
doc: she’s fine. Its just coz of stress to her brain. She thinks so much. Take care.
San: thanku doc.
He took her to home.

Suj: now she’s ill. Who will manage money? U r still finding job. Who will pay bill of her medicines?
Ragini heard and felt bad.
One day again she fell unconscious. But this time she was in home only not hosp.
Suj: sankar if this happens often who’ll take care. Leave her to her home.
San: mom wat r u telling?
Sujata goes from there.
Rag: sanskar. Mom is rite.
San: wat u saying?
Rag: she’s ur mom ? mom care abt her child. I don’t know whether she likes me or not but she loves u. rite now leave me to home. Once u get job then I’ll come back.
San without any option agreed. Now ragsan r in there homes apart.
Ram: ragini, y don’t u tell sanskar to do buiseness here again but different. Not same business.
Rag: but papa u already helped us. We don’t have money. And Nikhil…….
Ram: we all know abt Nikhil. We cant separate property as it separates our children. But we r still alive. We will help u. swanik got our help and started there buiseness. Then for helping u is not burden for us beta.
Rag cried hugging him.
Ayu: don’t cry di. I too don’t like Nikhil. But he’s swara di’s hubby. So let them wat they r. but we support u and jiju.
She called sanskar and spoke abt wat dad told . san also thinks for sometime and agreed.
San: but ragini if I again come to ur home wat society will say?
Rag: who’s telling u to stay here permenant. After earning some money we will buy our own house and call ur parents too there. If it’ll b our house then I’ll feel gud to stay with ur parents as for them u r earning.
San: ok.
San come to ragini. They did all preparation to start. They set a date to start it. Few days left to start. Ragini family was supporting fully and financially too.
In this Nikhil again tried to create probs. San started getting irritated.
@sanskar home.
Ram : coz of u we don’t have our both son at our home. U behaved wrongly with elder bahu, so both left us. Now same u repeated with ragini. Cant u adjust? I know during ur time my mom took much work from u. but its new generation. All has to change according to time. All fingers of hand r not same sujata. Everyone is not perfect. Cant u adjust with ur bahu? U only love ur son. Not bahu.
Sujata started to think.
Here san was irritated by Nikhil.
Rag: don’t consider him sanskar. He cant do anything. We already hav set up. Dad helped us a lot. Don’t think abt him. Concentrate on our buiseness. in every one life there r prob. If we kept on thinking on it we cant move on. We shud stop thinking of them and shud concentrate on our work then only we will succeed. For everything some time is needed. At once only we cant be rich. We will put effort. M with u. we both will work. Just give sometime. We will definitely succeed.
San just nod.
Suj called san.
Suj: how r u?
San: m fine mom. U?
Suj: when u’ll come to home beta?
San: soon mom. Let me get settled.
Suj: u can settle here also na?
San: but mom its not possible there.
Suj: ok beta. As u wish. Already my one son left. I called him. But he is not picking. Now its upto u.
San started thinking.
Rag: wat happened sanskar?
San: I decided to go back and do job there.
Rag: then wat abt here sanskar?
San: who will take care of mom dad there if m here.
Rag: when I told u to leave them? I just told to earn something and go back to them. That’s it.
San: Nikhil also here. M not feeling comfortable.
Rag: I told u many times. Leave him. Mom papa r with us that’s enough. If suddenly we leav then wat abt papa’s money which he spent on our buiseness? will u break his trust. They too want us to settle.
San: I don t know. I’ll earn there too.. let it b less only.
Rag: same prob will arrive again sanskar. Try to understand. We wont get respect in society till we earn. And tell how much u’ll earn. If in future we hav baby then will u able to take care of everything? Will u give life which he deserve? We cant save anything. And if I go there again ur mom will start to taunt me. M not blaming her. But as I said, she loves her son. Not bahu. M not able to take it again.?
San: I’ll promise u ragini nothing will happen like that. I’ll talk to mom. We will live in first floor. No one will disturb us.
Rag: wat u’ll talk sanskar? There is no solution until she get broad minded. Coz of her thinking ony bhai and bhabhi left. Accept reality. We need to change with time. Every thing will be ok only when u earn and when she’ll change her thinking. Till that it’ll repeat same. And living in first floor is not solution.
San: I cant leave my parents too. Adjust na ragini. For me atleast?
Rag: can I ask u onething ?
San: ??
Rag: how many promises u had made. How much we had thought of our married life. Have u fulfilled any one in that? Just any one?
San was silent.
Rag: is this not adjustment? I dint ask u anything till now. Whatever we decided before marriage nothing happened like that. Still m silent. I had many dreams. Nothing came true till now. Is this not adjustment?
San: that was college days ragini. Now we entered family life. Its different. I’ll talk to mom she’ll not repeat again.
Rag: wat if she repeats? Wats guarantee?
San: m telling na? u want me to live far from parents?
Rag: I told u many times and still m telling I dint tell u to leav ur parents. I just told to earn something and go back to home, I’ll also come, I dint say no. but till u don’t earn I wont get respect. I too have self respect sanskar.
San: I decided ragini. I’ll b with my parents. Now u decide. I want u to come with me. i’ll promise u this time i’ll keep u safe. i’ll keep u like princess.
Rag: how can I face my dad sanskar. He did so much for us. They supported us. How can I break his trust? I cant b able to face him agian. Think abt me too.
San: they’ll take care of that.
Rag: we did set up of business. we took money and we will leave like this?
San: I’ll not change my decision. Now u decide and tell me.
He went outside.
Rag: sanskar. I don’t want to leav u or ur parents. Ur mom taunts me as u don’t earn. She always tell in her words that its her home not mine. She dint even try to adjust little bit. How can I trust so easily?
If in case u r settled or earning then its different, I can proudly say that my husband earn. He’s able to take care of mine. But that too not.
And my parents did this much for us. How can I face them? How can I break their trust? M not understanding wat to decide?
She started to cry.

Done with this.
So guys wat u think abt ragini?
Who is rite?
Sanskar or ragini?
Sanskar already decided. Now wat shud ragini decide?
Wat wud be better for her life?
Ragini shud leav her parents?
Or she shud give them other chance by thinking abt society?
Give ur views in comments.
I’ll try to write epilogue on this.
I hope I dint boreed u all. Sry if I bored.

  1. I think os is to finish in one go… Lame

    1. Palchin

      Dear .. In real it’s only upto here. So it’s OS only. I thought to give ending as epilogue after it views

  2. Amazing!!

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Manu

  3. Here I agree with ragu, how can he leave just like that after investing on business that also not his money. He can have a talk with his family that once this business flourished we will stay together. But here he is too selfish

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Rehna.
      Wat abt swara and Nikhil. Do they have to pay attention to them ? As she’s ragini’s sis?

  4. Palchin

    Guys let me tell u. OS is finished. As I told it’s on true story. It’s only till here in real. I wanted to give happy ending. But thought to give epilogue after seeing ur views. I think epilogue can be written on OS?

  5. Tell the real story no need happy ending

    1. Palchin

      Upto here only real story. Still she dint decide.
      San is waiting for her decision.
      Sry if u dint like story. I wanted to know wat shud a girl do in such situation?. So I shared with u all.

  6. Awesome I want happy ending but can’t stand up for sanskar.

    1. Palchin

      thanku Ragsan

  7. Amazinggggggggggg. I want sanskar should suffer more. He is very selfish.

    1. Palchin

      Thanku for ur view Ragsanian

  8. Ragini is ryt about her decision if he decided means she can’t do anything it’s is loss. she wants to take business in to her hands bcoz her parents supported her she can’t lose it. On the other hand if she decide to go with her she will lose her self respect and she won’t be happy but she can live her dream without him also she tried her level also life is too short. why to waste it.only if he realise his mistake is with him then she can go with him and treat her with respect.

    1. Palchin

      thanku visu. ya u r rite. i too agree with you. life is short. cant waste it in probs which cant b solved. but ragini suffering more as she did love marriage with him. she thinks society wil taunt her. i hope she shud take decision for herself this time. i wud b happy.

  9. Superb one. Being a ragsan fan I don’t want Ragsan separation but here they should be lead their life separately because sanskar is very selfish here.

    1. Palchin

      thanku vini. i still dint understand that in today’s world after getting married with their loved once also, then y they become so selfish.

  10. Awesome don’t make ragini go to sanskar easily.

    1. Palchin

      Thanku maha. I hope she wont

  11. Superb sisssy today’s world love means just attractions. There’s few people only loves truly others just timepass. Coming to selfishness only our parents will be give us selfless love. Want sanky to be suffer more. Amazing concept sisssy.

    1. Palchin

      Thanku nive. I too want same to happen. Ragini is my friend’s friend. I knew abt her through my friend, I really felt very bad. I met her rarely. She’s so cute and innocent. Same like Ragini. I want her to take decision for herself. She too deserve better life

  12. Not only sanskar most of men’s are too selfish. If sanskar will accept Rag with all respect means unite them.

    1. Palchin

      Men shud feel lucky for themselves when they get their lady love, which is very rare in today’s world. Instead of fulfilling their responsibility they running away from responsibility towards their love

  13. So sad story. Feeling very bad for that girl.

  14. Ossssommm why you write this Os on RagSan now I hate sanskar character. Just kidding. Please don’t let RagSan together. Sanskar doesn’t deserve Ragini.

    1. Palchin

      Thanku sug. I too don’t like ragsan separation. But after seeing Ragini I cudnt control myself to share with you all. I wanted to know whether I only think that Ragini is rite or others too.

  15. Awesomeeeee write epilogue what happened in real. No need Happy ending.

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Keerthi. As Ragini takes decision I’ll write epilogue. Whether it may b happy or sad. I’ll write truth.

  16. Superb

    1. Palchin

      Thanku Raguzz01

  17. Amazing one.

    1. Palchin

      Thanku pinky.

  18. Awesome. Update epilogue soon.

    1. Palchin

      Thanku rikashini. As it happens I’ll write

  19. Awesome yaar. Such a selfish man. Ragini don’t go with sanskar.

    1. Palchin

      Thanku so much Aditi ?

  20. Awesome di.. Feeling sad for ragini and real heroine of the story.

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