A new year which i cannot forget! An Avneil FS Part – 3

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avni : no……

neil: okay let’s just pay half half for the bill so that u don’t think like line maara hu isliye dinner offer kara hu

avni gets convinced nd both gives their order to the waiter . avni goes to use the restroom until the food comes . when she comes back she sees neil talking to someone on phone .

neil on phone : haan mein uske saath hu nd abhi woh……….{ he sees avni } okay maa talk to u later .

avni : what happened why did u keep ur phone as soon as u saw me

neil: nothing like that i was about to keep it

avni : okay

nd their food aarives  nd both starts eating and talks

neil : so how is ur vacation going on

avni : it was  going quite good and peaceful until  i bumped to u second time

neil: nice joke .


neil : waise yeh ghumna phone ke bina tumhari mom ne allow kaise kara

avni  : why should i tell u about it

neil : okay thik hai don’t say i will introduce myself i am neil khanna a business man

avni : hello mr.neil { in a sarcastic way }

waiter : on the occasion of new year a bottle of  Champaign as a complementary gift our restaurant

neil: srry but we………..

avni : can u give me a glass of it

neil : …………….

waiter : sure mam

neil : are sure avni u wanna drink it

avni : yaa….waise bhi mein marne se pehele sab kuch try karna chaati hu

waiter serves them nd leaves

neil : what…………mujhe kisi ne bataya nhi but tumhe huwa kya hai nd …..kya tumne kisi ko bataya nhi jo tum yaha bina phone ke kahi ghumne ke naam par treatment toh nhi karari ho look ne……..

avni : oh meri dailysoap queen relax okay waise mujhe kuch nhi huwa ….haan but hone waala

neil : what do u mean , can u be more clear

avni : like every mom ‘s dream my mom also wants me to get marry nd have kids so after going from here i have to meet a man who she likes and get settled in life .

neil : so…..

avni : for a girl marriage is a death sentence . from the day u say yes to meet boys and get settled in life the drama starts like ….ek toh half nd hour mein aapna judgement do nd agar ussne reject kiya toh ton’s of aunties who doesn’t have work unki baatein suno nd 2 -3 rejection ke baad ladkiyon ko toh srif milna ka right hai decision lena ka nhi bus uske baad uske peeche aapna career nd all give u karke khud baaki auntiyo ki tarah banjaati hai

neil : god avni u are just over reacting it and if u have problem in arrange marriage then why dont do a love marriage

avni : it’s more dangerous like starting mein everything would be okay and after that or few years both are hungry to kill eachother or just can’t bear eachother .

neil : so what’s the exact definition of marriage according to u

avni : for me marriage is a poison if it’s arrange then it’s instant poison u would be like maybe we weren’t a gud match nd all nd forgive easily as the pain is less but if it’s love marriage then it’s like slow poison like the person whom u trust whole heartedly had betrayed u which gives more pain nd u can’t forget

neil : interesting

avni : if i had choice i would rather not marry anyone but just for my mom ……

neil: and what if the guy she choosed it’s best for u nd u fallen in with him too or u just fallen in love with anyone then

avni : then……i will ask him to love me till he can nd never lie to me …..that’s the least i can ask him nd anyways everything depends on destiny .

neil : wow  really like ur thought ….but don’t u think if u get drunk i could do u anything

avni : u had full chance in jungle u didn’t touch me that’s y i trusted u nd thought to drink .

neil : ohk .

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  1. Meharin

    Nice one.Keep going.

  2. Meharin

    Welcome sweetie…

  3. SunilSneha

    Nice episode….. I liked the last scene very much….

  4. Awsom epi bae ??

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