Weekend Shots by Verna- Journey of Omkara’s life (Part 6)

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Hi my drs.. Ur most awaited Weekend Shot is here.. U guys gave me good cheers to write this week too.. else I would have stopped writing this.. u showed ur interest in my regular FF also…that shows how excited u r and I got many new readers or maybe silent readers.. thanks for opening up and speaking.. Let’s move to Part 6..

Gauri was lying in her hostel/ PG and crying very bad. She is lost in thoughts and can’t control her tears. Om opened his wardrobe to get towel, something fell down.. when he took that, it was the pic of Gauri which he clicked in Wayanad. His eyes filled with tears and remember seeing her in Picture. He was disturbed and throws towel. He teared her photo and put in dustbin. Meanwhile Gauri can’t sleep and go out to her balcony and sit watching the city view. Her phone beeped for msg.. but she saw a picture and start crying. She can’t control tears rolling down.. she look at sky and cry. Om sitting in his window and looking at sky.. when he saw the half round eclipse moon, he felt like moon trying to convey him something.. he got strange feeling at moon for the first time in his life. He can’t understand and thinks to move away but a sudden breeze called him again and he again look at sky. Moon with his twinkling stars gave him some bad news and he is confused, go with hard heart to his bed. Gauri cry and sleep there in balcony.

Next morning, Rudra trying to talk with Om, but he ignores and leaves to office. Rudra can’t bear this suspense drama and wanted to ask him what happened between them in resort. He too skipped breakfast and followed Om to office, but in.office he saw closed doors. He call Om but he doesn’t respond, he wait more than half an hour. Then comes watchman and opened office. He scold him for being late and enquire about Om. Watchman reminds him, its Saturday.. every Saturday is half working day for their employees.. its rule in all Oberoi office and factories. He remembers and apologize him.. he ask, then where is Om? He came very early morning itself. Watchman tell, Omkara ji usually don’t come to office on weekend.. he only come for any important meetings. He remembers Om will be in his art gallery on weekends, but also remember there is interview in Shivay’s office on that day. So he go there believing Om will go there for conducting

Interview. He leaves.
At Shivay’s office, Rudra see Om’s cabin and didn’t find him. Shivay enquires him and talk about Om. Shivay say, don’t worry Rudra.. Om will come here for sure.. because he is conducting Interview and short list candidates.. he won’t run from his responsibility.. I trust him. Rudra say, ok I’ll talk to him later and go with Shivay to conference hall. Gauri come to Shivay’s office for interview and sit on couch and looks upset. All candidates waiting for long time, om reached office by 11a.m. He is in his cabin and verifying candidate list.. he noticed Gauri Sharma and Gauri Khanna. He tried to short list them but they were the toppers of all previous interviews, he got irritated and say, I should select some other person and calls out other candidates. Both Gauris were tensed and confused as they r the toppers in previous rounds. Om was not convinced with those candidates so he think, better these two should also get rejected and calls Gauri Khanna. Rudra joined him and tries to flirt with her, but Om warns him. Om was not impressed with her so he ask her to wait. He call receptionist and tell, send Gauri Sharma inside.

Gauri come and gets excuse and Rudra say, come in.. he is shocked and surprised to see Gauri in his office and say Oh my mata!! Gauri is surprised and happy to see them. Om gets shocked seeing her and stunned. Rudra went to her and talk with her in excitement. Om stood up in shock and was not able to talk even a word. Gauri come to Om and forward her hand. His mind went blank and didn’t respond her. This embarrassed her. Rudra shake him to shake hand with Gauri. Then again she starts conversation, How r u Omkara? I’m really surprised to see u here.. is this ur office? I didn’t expect you here. Om started gaining conscious and stammers to speak. Rudra laughs at him seeing this. Om ask, how did u come here? I didn’t expect you in Mumbai.. What r u doing here? She gets sad and tell, lets talk about it later.. tell me how u r? Is this ur office or u work here? Telling this she moves towards him. Shivay opened cabin and see, Om shouts, Stop.. whatever u want to tell, just tell from there. She is confused and ask, What happened to u? We r friends and what is wrong to come near and talk with u. Om say, this is my office and don’t take any relationship inside my office, and I know very well about u.. he gets deep breaths and tell.. just stay away from me and be in ur limits. Rudra shocked to see Om reacting such way. He ask, O why r u talking like this, she is Gauri, moreover u won’t behave like this with anyone that too specially with women. Om ask him to shut up. She ask him why r u behaving like this? Don’t u remember me? He shout at her to get out. Shivay was stunned and Rudra cupped his mouth. Gauri was hurt and feeling bad. She can’t wait anymore and about to cry.. she saw Rudra and Om with sad face and turned to go within that tears rolled down her eyes. Shivay saw this and felt bad for Gauri. He was about to stop her but didn’t.

Om left office in anger. ShivRu stunned and got conclusion that something happened between them. Om in his art gallery, breaking some of his statues in anger reminiscing their moments and meeting in Pune. He shouts, Why? Why did she come to my office.. why is she here in my life again? I started forgetting her and I’m trying to come out it, but now she is here again. I can’t let this happen. She should not come in my life again. Its enough of getting hurt by believing.. no more chances I’ll give.. he broke another statue and went in anger. In OM, ShivRu said this to Annika and Saumya, they too feel same. But Annika was sure that nothing happened in resort.. because they were all together and Om went that only morning to talk to her. Saumya says, he may be in anger that she left without informing him.. but I don’t think Om bhaiya will not understand that situation. They were just like train friends that time.. so she could have not bothered to bid him goodbye. Shivay says, U r right Saumya.. even I feel Om is not so dumb to not understanding the situation. Let’s make decision for this today.. let him come.. we’ll talk.

Om in his room, refreshed and went to his garden. He was sitting in couch ShivRu came and sit aside him. Shivay offered coffee to him. He thanks him and say, Sorry Shivay.. It was my fault in choosing candidates.. I think Miss. Khanna is eligible.. I’ll send her call letter by tomorrow. ShivRu look at each other and Rudra ask Om, Leave it O.. what’s ur problem with Gauri? U know her well.. u were dying to meet and talk to her.. I have seen u in this 4months.. u still remember her.. but y u reacted like this.. u don’t even hurt ur enemies but how can u hurt the one u Love? Hearing this Om shouts, Love my foot.. don’t tell me again that I love her.. I don’t deserve to be loved or be in love. She is no more my lover.. everything is over between us.. she means nothing to me.. he stood up and walk ahead. Rudra speechless and look at Shivay. Shivay ask, then y r u angry to this level? We have never seen u like this.. what is the need to get angry on someone who doesn’t matter to u? Om irritated and say, I’m not interested to talk about her anymore Shivay.. pls don’t take that topic again. Annika say, but its important.. its important to know y u r like this? We have to know what happened between u both? We r living with different Om for this 4months.. u r not the same one who was before.. pls Om open up and talk.. At least we’ll try our best to get our Om back. Om eyes filled with tears.

Rudra go and hold him and say, Come on O.. talk it out.. I know u r very stressed and missing Gauri very much. I have proof till last week.. last week when I saw ur file.. u wrote her names everywhere.. this show how much u love her or miss her. Shivay say, We also know u liked that girl.. But u were upset for not meeting her.. suddenly u became normal and behaved usual. But I know, my brother is much worried.. pls Om say what happened. At least we’ll share ur feelings. Om thinks for a while and decides to speak up. He took deep breath and started his talk. U all know what happened in resort but u don’t know what happened in Pune. They all look at each other and ask, Pune? U mean u met her in Pune? Shivay say, wait.. u mean to say that next day we came from trip and u went to close deal with Mr. Mehta.. that time? Om say, exactly Shivay.. I met her the next day itself.. But that was the worst day in my life, I wish to erase that memory if possible.. It was the day I felt I’m born with ill fate.. till this day I can’t bear what I saw there.. what happened there and how I felt. It was not her fault or mistake.. but its me.. and paused. They were confused and many different thoughts going in their mind, they see him with wide eyes.

Precap: Shivay tells Rudra, Gauri joined in Gaurav’s office.. this is the right time to make deal with them.. do as said. Gauri’s flashback.

I know its not to ur expectations.. but sorry and I’m going through hectic days so just this much I can write.. But I’m planning to give maha episode tomorrow.. let me see ur response and do it.. keep supporting guys.. hey also I wanted tell u.. Same like my Episode 21 in my regular FF LIFE HAS SOMETHING TO TEACH.. Annika kicking Shivay scene was there in IB.. OMG! I was really surprised and happy.. did u ppl notice that? Pls comment ur views about that and also today’s part.. take care my drs.. love u all 🙂 🙂

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  1. NICE???

    Show main GauriKa ki beech MU hai.ab aapki shots main bhi.please clear their MU fast.pleease???and show their different love story.

    1. Verna

      Of course dr.. but pls let me show their MU then ly I can clear.. its just 6th part. Give some time to explain my view.. so that I can give detailed explanation for upcoming stories.. Thank u so much.. Keep reading

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear… Eagerly waiting for the next update…

    1. Verna

      Thanks nikitajai.. Keep reading dr

  3. Awesome episode…i eagerly wait for ur shots…post next one..

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much saku keep reading dr

  4. B.k.maha

    Its really awesome dr…. Keep going… Waiting for next episode egarly….

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Maha.. Keep reading

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Rasika keep reading.. hey where is ur FF?

    1. Verna

      Thank u DS keep reading dr

  5. Really missed ua ff…it’s really nice.. eagerly waiting for next update?

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Suhana.. will update soon keep reading dr

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