Weekend Shots by Verna- Journey of Omkara’s life Part 36

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Hi my drs.. hope u all r fine.. Sorry making few ppl cry in last part.. and please don’t bash me for this part.. read fully and then decide.. hope ur health is good now Uf.. and special thanks to Aparna who helped me to give picture links for few scenes in story.. read fully to know what is.. take sneak peak into last part if u have missed..

Part 35
Part 35

Moving to Part 36..

Om gifts her mom’s painting with grown up Gauri resting on her shoulder. Rikara had emotional moments and Om almost confessed his love but cut it at right time and left that place in hurry. Gauri blush and gained full confident about their relationship and decided to propose him. Om too blush and leave from her place in his car. Gauri is very happy and dance in joy with her LuLu. She kiss LuLu and say, Did u hear that LuLu? He said his dream is to make all my dreams colourful.. it means.. it means he is also having same feelings for me.. OMG! I can’t handle this happiness and I don’t know how to react.. But why didn’t he express it? Maybe he have some other thoughts.. but I can’t wait till he propose..

I’ll be the first one to propose him and he can’t forget this in his whole life.. my darling Omkara.. get ready for the best day in your life. She get call from her bestie Meerun.. they wish her for birthday and ask about her plan. Gauri wanted to tell her love to Om first and then reveal to others. She just inform them some regular fake plan. Shivika and Saumya call her and wish her respectively, after he left neither she called her nor Om ringed her. Gauri was really busy with arrangements and lost in thoughts by how to propose him on cute way. She did not realise that time went too fast till she looked up her clock.

It was evening 5.40 and she holds her head. She hurriedly call Om and he say, Ok Gauri.. be ready I’ll reach at 6.45 to pickup. Rikara are very happy and get ready.. Gauri wear Saree for that special day in their life.. she wear golden color Saree (see montage of this FF) she let her hair free and get ready like princess. Here Om is getting ready, he tied his hair to pony which makes him more intense and hot. He wear white shirt and baggy pants with golden color over coat. When Om turned his watch he was already 6.30 he rush.

In Gauri’s apartment, Gauri was very excited and take a look at her decorations, she checks if everything was right. She arranged some candles and left that place. Her excitement was increasing for each and every second. She can’t sit in one place and roam like cat inside her apartment. She often moves to her balcony and check whether his car is visible or not. It’s 7.20p.m. now, her excitement and patience level was decreasing and blood pressure Increased, because its damn late. Om’s phone is also not reachable for past 20mins, this even increased her BP and anger. Its 7.30p.m. Gauri just sit silent on her couch when she got message from Om’s number. It was, “sorry I can’t come and pick up u.. I have sent car, Please come in that.. car will reach in next 10 mins” Gauri got a big relief and happiness was back on her face.. she run into her room and did touch up and coat her lips with lip gloss. She was leaving and she made call for Om but he didn’t accept call. When she was waiting in parking area she got call from Om’s number. She excitedly answer call but there was deep silence on other side.. she checks call and its still connected..
G: Omi.. r u there? Can you hear me? Hello.. hello Omi.. say something u r on call.. y r u not talking after calli..

Hearing weeping sound and she panics..
G: Om.. what was that sound like crying.. r u ok?
It turns to cry and loud even more.. she realised it was not Om and thinks.
G: Rudy.. is that u?
Ru: Gauri.. O.. our O.. he met with accident.. (crying)
That word passed like thunder struck in her head and that charm disappeared from her face without any trace. She simply ask, what? How?

R: (crying) I don’t know anything.. cops say it was an attack.. Shivay Bhaiya is trying to figure out.. I’m freaked out here by those doctors.. they wanted me to sign for very complicated operation.. I don’t know why this is happening to me often.. (cry loud) u pls come by that car I send u.. security guards will take u here safely.. I’m really very scared to see my O like this.. pls come fast.

Gauri just dropped her phone from ears in grief like lifeless human. She can’t even move and felt like her tears have dried. Each and every bone joints in her body felt like shaking and kneels down. She just stare at the floor. A car came and few security guards surround her with weapons.. a guard ask her to move safely to the car. She did not respond and just lost in thoughts by starring at floor. After few attempts guard held her hands and make her sit in car and started from that place.

She had no soul in her since she heard that he met with an accident. All their memories and that morning’s memories haunt her and tears rolled down, she closed her eyes and think, God.. have u planned to cheat me again? Whoever I feel mine, have left me dumping in pool of sorrow.. First my mother, then my father, then Sanjay and now.. she breakdown. Please if u want to part us then please take my life.. its better to take my life than to separate or take away others from me.. I really can’t bear one more loss.. please.. please. She lean back at seat amd simply stare out her window. She was not in sense when car stopped, guard opened door and ask her to come out. Like lifeless robot she just obeyed his orders and started walking. Her eyes have no soul and she didn’t even know that she is walking. Guard asked her to sit on couch. When she didn’t respond, he made her sit and went back to their positions.

She can’t feel the world around her and simply sitting soulless. Suddenly it felt like whole surroundings shaking gently and wonder if its earthquake. Then she came back to her real world, its not earthquake.. then why do I feel like shaking? What? Its feeling like moving.. how is this possible in hospital? Then she is back to normal after few secs. It was not a hospital actually. She think, what is this? This is looking like some star hotel.. She suddenly felt jerk and fall on couch. Then she found out that she is in waters. When she entered the area behind a grand cut work wooden and glass partition, it was like heaven that fallen below the sky into that sqare area

There were all those luxury amenities with royal etiquette. When saw all those interiors, she found out that she is in Yacht’s (Private boat/ ships) main deck. There was a living area with dining room and galley, owner’s suite, includes a study. It was all great and wonderful looking but she don’t understand why she was bought here and questions security guard. One of them directs her way to the stairs. She is confused and shouts, who the hell are you? Why did u bring me here? I’m supposed to go to hospital.. there my Om is suffering between life and death.. why the hell am I here now? Just let me go.. tears roll down her cheeks and breakdown.

Sorry babies I actually planned for double dhamaka.. unfortunately I’m struck with work.. especially for ganesh chathurthi.. so I’ll finish small remaining part by evening and submit it ASAP.. till then stay hooked up to know where Gauri is struck in this saddening situation.. any flashback? Or new threat?

Stay tuned.. and happy Ganesh Chaturthi to u all and ur families.. take care love u all 🙂 🙂

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  1. Shreyanvi

    Hiiiii I m backkkk…..i knw u hv missed my comments…so look I m back….episode was blaster ….loved it…waiting for nxt part…post soon ????….nd coming to suspense…dont tell me it’s all rumya shvika nd merun’s plan to make them realise their love…or its omkara’s plan itself….poor Gauri.. if it’s plan than om is gonna die for sure by gauri’s hand….????..
    Ok..tell me..did u missed me???…hws You..??

    1. Verna

      Hey saku.. I’m glad u r back.. wait till night or u can read it when u wake up in morning.. and yes I really missed u stupid comments 😀 😀 😀 uff.. now monster is back.. I’m ready too 😉 😉 😉

  2. Aashi9

    Do update soon

    1. Verna

      Thank u Aashi

  3. Dinu

    Oh god! Dr u nearly gave me a heart attack. Dis epi is really breathtaking.while reading dis I forgot even breathing properly. Only after reading final prt I got some relief. Nw I feel dat our omi is alright. Plz don’t do anything 2 him.I hv a feeling dat dis all was omru’s plan. Is he going 2 propose gauri? I really hope dat happens. Eagerly waiting 4 nxt prt.plz post asap.bye dr tc

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Dinu.. hope ur wish come true.. wait for few more hours 🙂 🙂

  4. OMG..such a sad episode…Why is dis..I hope its teir prank and unique way of Omi to propose her which may result in big tight slap..i think so…k..btw Such an awesome episod..the way you expressed her feelings..it was super..Today missed Omii for sure

    1. Verna

      OMG.. even I felt that there is no Om in this part.. thank u for noticing detailed and will update ASAP 🙂 🙂

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear…

  6. Amazing dear

  7. B.k.maha

    Wow….. Fabulous …, is it om’s plan to propose Gowri…. I am egarly waiting for next episode …


    Dear Verna
    Now My Health Is Good Fever Gone Now Iam Fine.Thank You For The Care?Poor Gauri Kya Haal Hogai Uski??Agar Ye Sab ShivIka,RuMya,Om Ka Ya Om Ka Akhele Ka Plan Hogi Na Tho Gauri Tho Zaroor Unki Naani Yaad Dilayega??I Think Gauri Ki Daat Zaroor Sunna Chaahiye Bichari Ko Ithna Rulayo Jo Hai?Excite For Next Part?

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  9. Rasika

    Darling… Waiting for the next episode… Post asap… I can’t wait to read the next one, so much of suspense…. BTW happy ganesha chaturthi.. ???

  10. Logesh.M

    Really fantastic episode verna didi????But one thing,om looks damn hot in loose hair..??Really my BP shooted up while reading this??Please update next part soon didi???

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