Weekend Shots by Verna- Journey of Omkara’s life Part 35

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Rudra’s prank made Rikara restless and their night was too long that refuses to pass every second. Om work on painting to get relief from his stress. Gauri have no idea what is happening and sit silently with blank mind. She don’t know whether to cry or sit silently. Finally she fell asleep in same position. It was really very long and patience testing night for Omkara and he was counting each and every second in clock. Finally it was 5.20A.m. when he woke up from nap and rushed to washroom and fresh up. He did not even care about his looks, he just freshen up changed to his casual shirt with baggy pant, before those droplets of his hair get dried he packed his painting and left his place before sun rises. Gauri woke up when her alarm ringed. She got notification from Meerun’s missed call, she ignored. She think, when did I sleep and why am I lying down in living room? She remembered last night happenings and keep hands on her forehead.. I’m such a bug idiot.. It was just Rudy’s prank.. but why did I react so much. She get up and go to make coffee, she think, what if he said truth? Frown irritated and say, No.. Om can’t be like that.. He will talk out straight, he won’t hide anything from me.. but wait.. yesterday he hide something from me and said its personal.. Oh god.. Why am I over thinking? I can talk about this to him.. but please I have to control my mind. Preparing coffee still confused when she heard doorbell. She thinks, Who is that.. this much early in the morning? Maybe security.. let me check. She opened door and stunned by view.

Om was standing in front of her gasping heavily with tiny sweats on his forehead. He looked very tensed and looking like innocent kid that seeking apology for his mistake from his mom. His eyes said everything before he used any words. It took few secs to realise that he is in front of her and all this happened. Gauri startled and hold Omkara’s face concerned. She ask, Omkara.. U? Why are u here very early in morning? Is everything ok? And why r u gasping like u ran for kilometres? And why is ur hair so wet? (While asking questions she was caressing his face and his hair) Om was not able to speak as he was very tensed also gasping. Gauri took him inside and made him sit on couch. She gave him some water and let him relax. Gauri was about to leave,he held her wrist and she turned to him. Om still worried and say, Sorry Gauri.. it was all that duffer Rudra’s prank.. there is nothing like he said.. there is no one vert special to me more than.. (thinks) there is no one very special than my mother in my life.. Please.. Please don’t mistake me. She totally surrendered to him looking at his innocent baby like face. She wanted to hug him tight and kiss everywhere on his innocent baby face that is very pure and true. But she is controlling herself and losr in him, where Om is still tensed and waiting for her answer. He call her loud. Gauri back to her sense realised that she was dreaming, she hold his shoulder and say, Om.. pls.. there is nothing to mistake u Om.. I believe u.. (hold his cheek) And don’t get worried for this and all.. And u know what.. I can’t handle ur innocent face so pls be normal. Om smile at her with relief.
They both have coffee and there is deep silence between them.. both have different POV.

Gauri think, Oh god.. he is very innocent.. am I that much important to him? He is looking very tired and his puffy eyes show that he did not sleep last night.. He ran and came up in stairs for me.. Why did he strain this much.. even I did not trust him fully. I too did mistake.. I’m really sorry Omkara.. I’ll never doubt u hereafter in my life. Om thinks, Thank god, Gauri did not mistake me.. I should not have listened to that duffer Rudra’s words.. I hide those pics from her also said its my personal.. I thought she will never forgive me.. but she did not even show face on me.. thank u for adding such girl into my life.. and now my worry and fear has doubled that I should not loose her at any chance. They look at each other and lost in thoughts. Om bids bye and get up to leave. Gauri noticed his covered painting and tell. Om say, I bought it for u.. this is for hurting you. Gauri was touched by this and remain speechless. He say, I will be happy if you open this in front of me.. because I like to see ur happiness when you see this art. Gauri smile and open that art. She was stunned by the view she had. The moment she saw that painting, her eyes were filled with tears, she shouts “Maa”.. she lean on painting and cry.. still leaning on it she caress her mother’s face and baby. Om was very much touched by this and felt emotional. He was about to hold her arms from back but dropped. All her childhood suffering, longing for mother’s love and care, pain, all haunt her and cry louder. Om felt bad for making her cry. She was very tiered crying, her vision blurred and lost control of her body and go down her knees.

Om hold her and make her rest in his arms. Gauri still weeping can’t able to control her tears. Om caress her hair and say, I’m sorry Gauri.. I did not mean to hurt u.. I just thought u will be happy by seeing this painting.. but I made u to cry on your birthday.. I’m really sorry my dear.. he kiss on her forehead. Gauri who was weeping, look him with surprise and confusion and ask, Birthday? Om nods with smile and rub her cheeks with thumb fingers cupping her face to wipe off her tears. Om say, Exactly 25yrs ago, A beautiful, cute little princess was born to this queen.. he pointed towards her mother’s painting. Gauri look at her mother and shed happy tears in return. He say, I know ur mother passed away after u were born, u were a new born baby in her hands.. and that was ur last minutes with her.. U would have longed for mother’s warmth, love and care, growing up with her was just ur dream.. I just added colours to ur dream.. so I painted like u and ur mother spending some good time.. I found ur mother’s old album while cleaning ur apartment yesterday.. I saw a pic of her holding a new born baby in her hands.. so I took that as inspiration and painted ur mom and u like today resting on her shoulder. Gauri was listening all this without even blinking her eyes and once he finished, she gazed at that painting and suddenly hugged him tight. He was flabbergasted. Gauri say, U really made my birthday very special.. Many don’t understand what it feels and hurting if someone lost their mother.. they just sympathize on that person.. very few understand what we feel, how it hurts and our longing for mother’s love.. U r the first one to understand all these. I have dreamed of each and every second of my life with my mom’s presence around me.. but it was all just a dream. I know, such dreams will just remain as a dream.

But u r the first and only person in my life who understood and gave colours for my dream. Whenever I see someone in mall or supermarket or any other public places with their mother as their companion I have longed to be like them with my mom.. but at the day, it will all be my dream. But this painting is one such longevity dream of me.. and u made that colourful. Thank u so much Om. I really feel like my dream came true. Om was very much touched and emotional. He say, I can do anything for u Gauri.. Even my dream is to make all ur dreams colourful. Gauri was happy to hear this and suddenly they both realized what he said. Gauri was happy to hear that and hide her happiness, she break their hug and say, what did u say Omi? Om panicked and stammer. He was in urge to leave that place and stumbles. He get hit on couch and fall on it. Gauri see this and smiles, she say, Omi be careful.. He thanks her and leave that place running down the stairs. She laugh at him and realized that he too have some strong feelings for her. She think to propose him ASAP. After reaching car parking, Om relax himself and say, what stupidity I was about to do? Is this the time and way to propose her.. I have lot of dreams in proposing her. But when? He leave that place blushing.

Precap: Gauri getting ready and get call from Rudy.. He cry and say, Gauri.. Gauri.. Our O.. he met with an accident while.. Gauri shocked.

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