Warrior High 9th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Utkarsh and Siali look for Niti. Utkarsh was angry at Niti, where she is. Siali says she didn’t need to take it so seriously. He asks Siali to look for Niti, Siali says the guards won’t let us out. They head to the gate when Urmilla gets them. Kamini comes there, Urmilla questions Kamini for the indicipline. Kamini says it won’t happen again.
Urmilla was in office when Sid comes in. She asks what is it, what is his name. He says Siddhardh Rajput. She says this office is a legace, an umpire of Anvesha Rajput- the heir of Warrior High. He is her grand son and what is he doing with the name. How can he be careless to lose his train, didn’t bother to call. He says his battery was dead. She says she was going to police station for complain. He says sorry. She says Rajputs are born winners, not losers. He says he is trying. Urmilla says his grand mother expects a lot, Sid says he tries a lot. Urmilla says she has spent a whole life for his future, don’t ruin it. She asks him to look up at her, kisses her and says he is her son, he means everything to her. He must promise that he would never let her down. He promises, she hugs him and asks him to go and get some rest.
The senior asks Sid that what happened today must not effect their friendship. They talk about girls, Sid says he isn’t serious about Suzanne. They watches Siali and Utkarsh, Sid asks him not to look at that girl she is so strict. They say there were talking about the boy, what is their scene. Utkarh hurries in, someone says he is Utkarsh Rajput. They tease Sid if he is his long lost brother. Charlie says they have come from an orphanage in Mumbai.
Siali changes into uniform cursing the stain on her shirt. All the other girls were gone. The teachers gather students in the assembly hall.
Anvesha was on her seat, she looks at the watch and leaves for assembly hall. The senior boy asks Utkarsh to come ahead in the line. Urmilla comes to the assembly, Anvesha also arrive. She says Good morning everyone and welcomes the batch of 2015. She says this school also focuses on extra-curricular activities. She says they need to give the light torch to the new batch. The winner senior batch hands the light torch to junior, but this year a junior has beaten the seniors in night call. Anvesha asks Vibha to get the junior, she is resting in her office. Vibha comes to find Niti sleeping under the table, wakes her up and asks her to come out. She tells Niti that she has won the night call, Niti asks how. Vibha says she will explain but she must first come along. Niti comes after changing, Vibha says she told her that victory doesn’t come with height. Niti comes to assembly under applause. The senior says she has cheated, she went out. Anvesha says she has survived under her desk and not out of school premises. They all clap again. Anvesha announces that since the juniors have beaten the senior, the whole year seniors will stand behind juniors in assembly.
Anvesha asks Niti her name, she says she is the new legend of Warrior High. She asks Niti to come and light the lamp. Anvesha says she can see from her face she doesn’t believe her victory. Niti smiles, and lights the torch. Anvesha says with this the new semester begin. Another tradition of Warrior High begin with this, the Fresher party where Mr and Miss Fresher will be chosen. Urmilla announces that when you walk in to Warrior High, you walk in with a stature; so you must look well in the party. After the teachers have left, everyone congratulates Niti. Sid comes to Niti gives her a high five and leaves. Charlie comes at the end, Niti forwards her hand to shake his, smiling and says thank you.

PRECAP: Utkarsh asks Siali about maa. She says she has forgotten to take it from Sid. Vibha makes a call and asks to invite her friends to Fresher’s party to perform so that their juniors might also know why they were legends.

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