Swaragini 9th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Shekhar is walking on the road and recalls Sumi addressing him as Swara’s father. Dada ji turns and calls Shekhar. He asks what you are thinking? Shekhar says nothing. Dada ji says he organised all the decorative items and asks did he bring sweets. Shekhar says he will bring. Dada ji asks him to organize everything well. Shekhar looks on. Ragini is tensed and tells Swara that Dadi maa will be angry if she sees her there. Swara asks her to relax. Ragini asks her to leave. Swara asks her to calm down and listen to her silently. She says I came to meet you as our talk was incomplete. She says we have to end the ememity. Ragini asks what are you talking about? Swara looks at Shekhar’s photo and tells that it is a fact that Shekhar uncle and Sumi used to love each other and says may be they love each other even now. Ragini is shocked. Sumi looks at Shekhar while he is in his shop.

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Sumi recalls Shekhar asking her not to lie so much so that he hates to see her face. She gets angry and walks off. Shekhar tries to follow her. Swara says it is not wrong. They are alone and sacrificed their lives for their families. If you support me, then we can unite them again. Swara’s phone rings. Swara gets tensed. Dadi maa sees the phone. Swara runs to get her phone. Dadimaa picks the call and gets angry hearing Swara’s dida. Dadimaa asks how dare you call me. Dida says I called my grand daughter. Shekhar stops Sumi and says he needs to talk to her. Sumi says she don’t want to talk. Shekhar says you said a big lie and then don’t want to talk. Sumi says she never lies. She says I beared everything alone. I suffered all my life. Shekhar asks, whether Swara is our daughter? Sumi says Swara is my daughter, whose father is you. Shekhar looks on. Dadimaa throws the phone angrily and looks at Swara. Dida comes there. Dadi maa stops Dida at the door step. She asks Swara, how dare you to get in my house.

Ragini and Swara are tensed. Dadimaa accuses Dida for sending Swara to do black magic in their house. Swara says dida didn’t send me. Dadimaa asks her to leave. Swara picks her broken phone pieces and leaves. Dida goes. Swara turns and looks at Ragini. Dadimaa comes in between them. Swara asks Dida to stop. Sumi comes and is shocked to see Swara’s attire. Dadimaa scolds Ragini for meeting Swara and asks why didn’t you tell me that she was in your room. Sumi is confused. Swara asks Dida to hear her once. Dida asks why did you go there. Sumi asks her to reply. Swara says I went to talk to Ragini. Dida says I gave you enough freedom and asks her not to take advantage. She says enemity between us will never end. Sumi asks what happened? Swara says she was thinking since long. What is the base of this enemity. Sumi asks her not to do anything like such. Swara says sorry for lying and thinks she can’t tell the truth. She says you will be pained to know that I knew the truth. She hopes everything get well between her and Shekhar uncle. Ragini apologizes to Dadimaa. Dadimaa says I did a mistake. I should have tell you about this enemity thing. She asks her to come.

She tells that she selected her mother Jhanvi for Shekhar. She says their jodi was like Ram and Sita. Then you are born. She says Sumi came to her mother’s house from her husband’s place. She tried to trap Shekhar in her trap. Ragini asks what happened. She says your mum saw Shekhar and Sumi on the terrace. A flashback is seen, Sumi asking Shekhar that she left her house as she knows he doesn’t love Jhanki. Jhanvi gets hurt after hearing them and says you betrayed me. She falls from the stairs and dies. Everyone get shocked. Shekhar asks to call the doctor. Ragini is shocked to hear the story. Dadimaa tells her that she didn’t tell anything till now as she doesn’t want to hurt her, but it was needed to tell you. She tells because of Sharmistha, your mother died and your father is left alone, that’s why I hates them so much. They gave me pain for life. She asks her to decide. She says I won’t tell you anything if you wants to befriends with that girl. Ragini says she wants to meet Swara for one last time.

Ragini comes to meet Swara. Swara gets happy seeing her. Swara gets shocked to see Lucky as Ragini’s fiancee. She tells Dida and Sumi about Lucky’s character.

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