Warrior High 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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Utkarsh gives Angela his hand to come inside she thinks a bit and then come inside with hi holding his hand. Utkarsh takes her to the bed; Angela tells him that it is very late so he must go. Angela was writing something in her diary, Utkarsh ask her what is she writing, but Angela refuse to let him see. While Angela was writing Utkarsh fall asleep on her bed, Angela was thinking about Utkarsh, she took her hand and touched Utkarsh face. Angela was very happy.
In the morning Krissan came to Angela, Angela was shocked to see her and asked her why she is here. Angela was there t apologize her, Angela was shocked. Krissan told her she felt jealous of her as she was getting close to his guy. Angela told her she has no interest in Sid. Krissan in a bitty tone said that they broke up. Krissan warn her not to come near Utkarsh as she is sick and is going to die, Angela furiously told her that she loves Utkarsh. Krissan told her that she can’t love Utkarsh as she is going to die, Angela told her we all have to die on day, I am dying because of a disease maybe you would die because of an accident. Angela told Krissan as she is going out on vacation with his family so imagine if the plane crash then Utkarsh will only be mine. Krissan got angry and started snatching Angela’s hair so did Angela. Kamini came in and scold Krissan, Kamini ordered Krissan to leave, and she left making faces. Kamini asked Angela if she is okay.
Veebha was in the in library where Parth came and hold her tightly, Veebha ask her to leave but he doesn’t let her but he hold her hand and told her that he loves her very much, Veebha free herself and was going saying that he has gone mad but Parth hold her again, she again free herself but this time Parth hold her tightly, Veebha was worried because she heard someone coming. Veebha ask him to let her go but this time Veebha slapped Parth, she heard someone calling her and she went. Siali, Utkarsh and Nitti were coming to the library. Krissan told Veebha that she snatched her hair and she is not sick, Krissan told Veebha that Angela is trying to take her guy, Veebha told her not to speak like that for someone who sick and why would Angela try to take Sid from you, Krissan told her that it is someone else not Sid.
Utkarsh asked Parth that is he okay why does he seem like he has been slapped. Parth said that he is leaving; Utkarsh said that he is coming with him too, Utkarsh started talking to someone about the course, Veebha said to Parht that she wants to talk but Parth refused.
Parth mother came, Part was in the doom when someone told him that his mother is here,Parth excitedly went to see her and hugged her. Parth asked that she didn’t tell him that she is coming here. She told him that she received a call from the school that parents can come to take the report card and can meet their kids. Parth introduced Utkarsh, Nitti and Siali to his mother as their best friends. Path mother asked Parth to see the school. Utkarsh said that they all are very lucky that their parents are here to meet them, Utkarsh went feeling upset. Siali told Nitti not to worry he will come.
Sid called Nitti and asked her if she had forgiven him for the misbehaving. Nitti told him that she had forgiven him. Sid asked her to sit down and told her that he love Siali and he wants her help. Nitti refused to help him saying that Siali hate the word love, she told him that she will not even love Salman Khan if he come and propose her himself. Ntti told Sid that Siali thinks that in love a person stop thinking he start doing stupid things. Nitti told him that every girl likes dancing, and Siali loves dancing. Sid asked her that what he could do for Siali. Nitti told him if he wants to impress Siali then do classical dancing wearing girls dancing clothes. Sid agreed and asked her to bring Siali in the dancing room in an hour. Nitti was very excited.
Nitti brought every single person in the dancing room they were all very shocked to see Sid in dancing clothes.

PRECAP: Krissan confessed her love to Utkarsh. Parth’s mother was complaining to Urmilla that in this school students have affairs with their teachers. Parth came in the office saying that Veebha does not like me I like her. Urmilla told Parth’s mother that if she is wrong her son will be rusticated from the school.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  7. How bad of u niti… he apologized then also u did that…. I hate u…. from my side a punch for ur ugly face…. ???

  8. Guys seriously is tomorrow the last episode??? Oh God i’m gonna miss the serial and this niti why is she doing this with poor sid!!

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