Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Dilli Wali Thakur Girls 8th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Binny crying talking to Mamta and LN. She says she is selfish mum, that she kept her kids away from their dad, but Vicky is a cheater, time will heal the wounds, and then she will think of any decision, she has always hurried in her decisions, and regrets to fix Aseem and Dabbu’s relation in the past. She says she wants some time. LN asks her to take her time, but they will support her. Mamta asks her not to get sad, Anji is coming, she said she has to give some special news.

Dabbu is on the way and smiles recalling Dylan. Nainon ko pata hai………… neend ud jaaye………..plays………….. Dylan is also on the way to office and looks at the gift. They both smile and want to reach office soon. Dylan stops at the signal and a lady sells roses. He buys a bouquet and smiles.

Anji comes home and is upset. She says Anant and she will be going abroad, its matter of one year, and asks them not to sad. Mamta hugs Anji and says she is going for one year. LN asks her to be happy, as Anant is getting promoted, think about him, three cheers for his promotion.

Dylan reaches office and greets staff hiding the bouquet and gift. They all see it and smile. Dylan keeps the gift and flowers on Dabbu’s desk. He hears about staff talking about Aseem’s engagement breaking, and how Dylan came in filmi way and said this engagement can’t happen, then he took Debjani and her dad to room, then called Aseem, and then Aseem said this engagement won’t happen.

Dylan gets angry and scolds them for gossiping. He asks to focus on work, do they know why engagement break, he will transfer them to cover gossip. LN says this year will pass soon, I was thinking to take you all abroad for Christmas. Anji says its not easy for me to go far from you, but its big opportunity for Anant, his office branch is opening in Canada, you all are together here, I will be alone there. She says Raj is taking our bungalow on rent, and he is opening a fashion house, we will invite him for dinner and Chandi can meet him. She hugs Mamta being sad.

Dabbu comes home and thinks she can’t get nervous, and sees Dylan in cabin. She asks Lord to give her hint to say Dylan about her love or not. She finds the bouquet and gift on her desk. Dylan smiles seeing him. The staff looks at Dabbu. Dabbu sees Dylan and is glad that Lord helped her, Dylan is saying his feelings this way.

She takes the bouquet and smiles. She gets the gift. Dylan says open the gift and looks at her. She gets puzzled seeing the women’s guide book, on sacrifices women has to make to keep her man happy. Dylan thinks how cute, she is shocked seeing the book cover. Dabbu gets annoyed and says Anji was right, I should not confess my feelings.

Dylan asks Dabby did she like his gift. She says a lot, thanks. He asks does she have anything to say. She says she will get a return gift. He says how sweet, I will wait for it. He says she is getting gift for me and gets happy saying I m sure it will be something special. Dabbu gets an idea to gift him. Dylan waits for her and says he will invite her for dinner to confess his love. Dabbu comes to him with a gift. He asks is this for me, whats tis. She keeps it and says this will say what she thinks about him exactly. He says how sweet. She says open it after I leave. She goes out.

He says she is so shy, and opens the gift, getting hurt by holding it. He gets shocked seeing cactus and looks at her. He asks whats the meaning of giving cactus and waves her. She makes faces and thinks what was he expecting that she will shower roses on him. He says why is she behaving weird. He goes to her and asks why did he give him cactus, whats written in this book is what she means to him. She says yes, his book proved it, I feel like I gifted you. They start arguing. She goes from there and comes back, saying this is my cubicle, why should I do. He starts leaving and looks at her.

Anji talks to Dabbu and says how dare he give such book to you, don’t talk to him. Dabbu and Dylan are not talking.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Dylan is looking soooooo cute…. When he about to open the gift

  2. Tanx for update amena. 🙂

  3. Story thode speedly agey chalao……

  4. ? good epi. Uff misunderstanding again. ?

    1. It’s really funny

  5. Guys, this is to inform u awl DAT a girl named ADITI is using fake names to trouble people n using other person’s name, be careful n don’t make sum1 ur frnd until u know them (sorry t.u team, its a warning so DAT others don’t fall in the trap like me n my friends)

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