Warrior High 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Charlie comes to the phone and calls his father. His father asks if he fine, he has been trying their school phone but no one replied. His father was concerned. Charlie says he is fine, his strong muscles failed in front of Niti, or he had remained stuck there. His father recognizes Niti as the girl who let his lose the boxing match too. He says Niti saved his life, he is lucky to have such friend. Charlie hangs up and thinks his dad is right, he must do something for Niti.
Students were sleeping in the grounds. Charlie and Niti look at each other. Utkarsh comes to the grounds and finds a single beddings as free and takes it. Parth watches Vibha sleeping with Dadi while dadi was disturbed. He comes to drape dadi with the blanket. Vibha watches him, he nods at her, then comes to correct her pillow as well. Both share looks for a while, Parth goes back to bed and fell asleep.
Urmilla comes to the ground, Utkarsh rolls and goes over Sid’s chest, and Sid takes him into arms. Urmilla thinks luck has brought her children together, but how would she explain what they both are to each other. She leaves the ground.
In the morning, Sid wakes up and is shocked to see Utkarsh’s leg over him. Sid wakes Utkarsh up. Kamini asks them to get up, get ready as their classes will take place on regular timings and the repairing work has to begin again. Sid watches Siali and thinks why this girl is attracting him so much to her. Charlie and Niti were left alone in grounds, he comes to Niti and says thanks for saving his life. He says she is a good and brave person. Niti says she knows about it, he thinks himself as Sunny Deol but doesn’t has the courage to say thanks in front of his friends. Had there been someone other than him, she must have done the same. Charlie smiles she speaks a lot and speaks bitter, but he likes her.
Utkarsh stops Siali in the corridor and asks if maa is fine. SIali says she is fine and in dormroom with her. He tells Siali to take care of herself.
Urmilla appreciates the staff for handling yesterday’s night’s event. She tells them Nepal has been badly effected in last night’s earth quake. They are going to contribute something for Nepal’s funding. Vibha asks permission for a suggestion, she says students have been effected by the earthquake and they should involve them in this contribution as well. She relates that when she was a student here, Kargil war too place and Anvesha asked them to help for supplies. She as a student felt really good with that. Urmilla says this is a really good idea, and it is decided they are going to involve the students. Rishab appreciates Vibha’s idea, Karthik also appreciates her. Kamini thinks this is a good chance to impress Karthik, she must do it in a special way.
Vibha asks dadi to stay for one more day, she just came yesterday. Dadi says she is fine now, her parents are also there. She asks Vibha to take shawl as weather isn’t that good. Parth comes out and says he liked meeting dadi. Dadi says he is a good guy but there is one thing lacking in him, he keeps his wishes in his heart. She is sure his mother would be proud of him one day. Parth takes Dadi’s blessings, Dadi hugs Vibha and gets into the car.
Vibha was weepy, Parth keeps a hand on her shoulder and says he knows what she must be going through. When his mother was leaving, he also felt the same but our owns are hurt seeing the tears. They are happy if we can stay happy without them as well. Vibha says he says some big things sometimes, it doesn’t seem he is an eleventh standard student. Parth says his mother taught this all. Vibha says his mother brought him up well. She heads to leave inside, when something gets into her eyes. Parth asks to see to it and blows it away. Vibha looks at him, then looks away and goes inside.

PRECAP: Krissane tells Sid she knows him well, she can tell looking at his face if he is happy or not. Sid stared at Siali all along. Urmilla asks Sid what he is donating, Sid says she can see himself. Urmilla watches the jacket and asks what is it doing here. Sid says she asked him to give it to Utkarsh as he is an orphan, they might give it to someone else’s who is orphan.

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