Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Subbu coming to Sujata and meeting Ananya. She plays with her, and gives files to Sujata. He gives with Ishita and Ananya. Sujata says send coffee for me too. She asks Simmi to give all details about Parmeet. Shagun makes excuses to Ruhi and answers hr questions. Ruhi says Ishi Maa removed all my books, she told me that kids guess who is lying and who is saying true, you are lying. Shagun asks how dare you call me liar. Ruhi asks what did she hide in bag, and she will check it, she can say sorry if there is something, else I will say sorry.

Shagun scolds her. Ruhi says she will tell Mr. Bhalla to check her bag. She goes. Shagun says if I m caught, my entry here will be banned, and keeps back the passports. Subbu gives coffee to Ishita. She asks does he like meeting Ananya, and thinks to say. She requests him not to come her home often. He asks what, but why, what happened, did anyone say anything. She says Raman is not at home, my mum in law is wonderful lady, but Parmeet has seen you and Simmi together, and clicked pic, he troubled us a lot. He says I understand, I won’t come, I don’t want to complicate your life, but I m always there for you and Simmi’s help.

Simmi thanks Sujata and asks her to try to end matter soon. She takes Ananya from him. Ishita asks him to have the coffee and leaves with Simmi and Ananya. Sujata says sometimes memories also hurt, right? He says if Karthik was here, he would have been of her age. Sujata says don’t think about past. He says he is happy to be with Ananya. Ruhi brings Mr. Bhalla and they don’t see Shagun. She says she was checking cupboard. Adi comes and says he met Shagun downstairs. Mr. Bhalla asks where does he keeps books. Adi says in this cupboard, everything, books, passport etc. Mr. Bhalla makes excuse and sends the kids. He says what will she find here and checks.

Mihir and Rinki have a talk, and she is worried as he does not give her time. She asks him to explain questions and insists. He says fine, sit. He thinks his plan is working and messages Romi. He talks to Romi and acts like talking to Karishma, and teases Rinki by making her jealous. Romi asks whats happening. Mihir says he really needs a massage in her spa and Rinki angrily leaves. Mihir smiles. Romi asks her to go, and she will come on line. Mihir says this is Ishita’s planning, don’t act smart, will call later.

Ruhi and Adi meet Ishita. Ishita says good news, dad will do video conference at night and they get glad. Ruhi says she will wear good dress and asks Ishita to wear good dress and also do makeup, dad will be happy seeing her and if she says I love you, he will come back soon. They all get ready to talk to Raman. Mrs. Bhalla gives herself importance. Ishita says there is network problem. Ruhi asks did she wear pendant. Ishita says I will go and wear. Raman types laptop camera has problem and he can’t video chat. Ishita asks him to chat with Raman.

Raman asks about Adi, Ruhi and Rinki. Mr. Bhalla chats. Raman asks them to go, he wants to talk to Ishita alone. They tease her and Ishita smiles. They all leave. Ruhi asks her to say I love you to dad. Ishita sends her and laughs. Mrs. Bhalla asks Mr. Bhalla to understand that Raman wants to talk to Ishita alone.

Simmi says they don’t respect and love each other. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to think about moving on. Simmi says she wants to become independent after her divorce. Mrs. Bhalla says being alone is not easy, see Raman, he was broken when Shagun left, and after Ishita came, he is set. Simmi says but he did progress after Shagun left, when a person loses something, he has determination to prove himself, till I m not happy, how can I keep someone happy, person can live alone, see Subbu, he is also living alone. She says she met him at Sujata’s office. Mrs. Bhalla is irked.

Ishita asks why did they come here. Simmi says you wanted us to leave from there in heart. Neelu says Ananya is crying and Simmi leaves. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita about Subbu. Ishita says he came there to give file, I told him not to come here. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, I said it and its final. Ishita worries.

Adi asks Romi why is everyone not ready, they have to go school. Romi says I m ready, they all don’t value time. Everyone come and Mrs. Bhalla comes in modern outfit. Adi says you are very shocking, I mean rocking. Amma comes with Appa. Mrs. Bhalla asks why is she always coming in sarees, she should look Pataka like her, not Bahenji.

Ashok talks to Shagun and says she could get the passports, she does not have control on kids. Shagun says Ishita spoiled them, I will snatch my kids. He asks her to do something soon. She says I will do, just see.

Amma comes in modern outfit and asks Adi who is looking nice, and says western clothes look good on tall people, not round. Mrs. Bhalla argues.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Very Nice Episode……..

  2. Nice episode

  3. Humari 3J ne to Shagun ki bolti Bandh kar di………
    3J means……..Junior Jagga Jasus…….

  4. Kya class li. .choti jagga jasos ne shagun ki. …sawal par sawal pochti gayi k shagun ko haar manni padi. ..aur passport rakh kar chali gayi. ..very good. …ruh..

  5. amena thanks….

  6. Awwww aaj Ruh bahut cute lagrahi thi. …..

  7. Yaar….aaj Raman ko nahi dikhaya….but suna hai Karan 12th se Shooting shuru kar raha hai………matlab more 5 days…&& telecast hone me shayad 7days ….matalab hume 1week tak shayad wait karana padega……Miss you Raman….yaar….IshRa ka video call nahi dikhaya ….but kamm se kam texting to dikhana tha……….

  8. Miki aur romi scene bahut funny tha. ..
    ..rinki jealous horahi hai. ..superb plan banaya ishita ne rinki ko raste par lane ka. ..

  9. kya baad hai hamara choti angel shagun ka bolthi banth karthiye.superb ruhi

  10. mihir nd rinky scenes are good

  11. Raman ko aaj nahin dikhya yaar. .maine soncha video call hai toh raman ko phir se dekh sate hai ..par aaisa nahin hoa. ..abhi 7 din intezar karna hoga. ..raman k aane ka. ……

  12. Mihir & Rinky ka scene bhi achcha tha…….pehle Jealousy game….ab Ignore Game……..

  13. ruhi bhahoot smarrttttthuuu…

  14. today they did’t show raman
    so saddddddddddd….

  15. Yaar precap bahut achcha hai..Sach mein amma bahutaachchi lagrahi hai. …

  16. mrs.bhallako kya hogayaaa….
    Always she vil doubt…on

    1. She has headache in her knee?

  17. It is seen that Param is back in show to
    bother Simmi, Ishita and Bhalla family
    and claims to meet Ananya. On the opposite facet Shagun will
    attempt to steal Adi and Ruhi’s
    passports to require them away from
    Ishita to Australia. Simmi with Ishita’s {help will|assistanc
    will} send legal divorce notice to Para
    and Subu (Amit Tandon) will begin
    supporting Simmi and Ishita within the
    case. Mrs. Bhlaa can dislike Subu’s
    interference as Subu can get near
    Ananya like his own kid. Param will claim Simmi of getting an
    affair with Subu On the opposite hand Bhalla family are
    going to be seen attending Adi’s colleg
    project screening. the Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein track might show a
    complete twist of Simmi and Subu
    getting close and married.

  18. i think so amma is old hindi heroine…..

  19. i think so amma is old hindi
    heroine…..she did sme films in

    1. Yea in bhooth nath

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