Warrior High 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Parth hides Siali under his arm as they see seniors approach in corridor. The seniors pass by. Niti and Charlie come downstairs and hide as they see a senior approach. Charlie says he is alone, he may get him. Niti asks him to stay here, but Charlie says he is worth his one hand. He picks the senior on shoulder, the senior shouts and three others come to take Charlie. Charlie asks Niti to run, she goes to hide. She thinks he has saved her again.
Sid gets a senior, it was a girl resisting. Sid says she is so pretty. Utkarsh binds her hands behind her, they put cloth into her mouth while she tries to shout. They go to take her to library. Sid knocks the door to call Utkarsh out.
Parth and Siali come out. Siali says this place isn’t hers, still she is a part of this all. He says he doesn’t know how she has come here, but his mother says luck takes them to the right place. Niti comes there and says they have got Charlie. Parth takes a senior by neck and asks where is Charlie. Vibha comes to save him, Parth leaves him. The senior runs away saying teachers aren’t involved. Parth says why she got involved, when no one listens to her. They leave Vibha alone when Kamini comes to her. Kamini says when she was a student she didn’t follow the rules, she must now follow them as being teacher.
Siali asks Parth and Niti to go inside, she will bring Utkarsh. Sid and Utkarsh meet her and they come to library. Sid says he caught a senior. He asks Niti where is Charlie, Niti says he surrendered to save her. She says they must save Charlie, Sid says the one who is gone is gone. Siali calls him mean, Niti says she will go there. Sid stops her. Parth says they have no time to waste, Sid says he can manage things better and says they will save their people to come equal to seniors.
Parth agrees that they will save Charlie, and they must go for class rooms.
Urmilla asks his assistant who has survived the night call tonight. He says it must be Siddhardh sir. Urmilla boasts he is Siddhardh Rajput. They come to class room, Charlie was there. Parth says Sid lied to them, the seniors come and asks them not to leave as the one who enters the room for once never leaves the class. Seniors say this is rule, Parth asks which rules, Urmilla comes there and says in Warrior High rules are rules and this is warrior high rule. She says it is impressive Sid isn’t yet found.
Niti asks where is games room, the time is about to up. Charlie says there is no room as games room. She asks what does it mean. Sid says in warrior high there is only one legend, and this year’s legend is him. Her friends must have got caught by now. He holds Niti’s hand, and shows her the clock saying only five minutes are left for him to be a leader. A senior gets him from behind and says he is his senior. Niti cuts on Sid’s hand and runs. The senior brings Sid into the room. He tells everyone that the leader to their gang has arrived. Urmilla held her head. The senior asks his people to get scattered and find that Niti. Niti comes out into grounds. She watches them approaching and hide behind a tree. They look around for her, while she prays. The seniors go back to class. The lights get on, the seniors say she is no where to be found. The seniors say she has gone out of school. Urmilla says this means seniors are the winners of warrior high. She says tomorrow morning, they will light the candle and hand it to juniors. She calls juniors to be in time as there is no place for late comers. Urmilla leaves calling Sid in office. Utkarsh and Siali are left alone in class, Utkash says what are they talking about, what if she has really left. Niti was alone in ground.

PRECAP: Urmilla scolds Sid for losing, saying he is grand son of Anvesha Rajput, who are born to be winners. Kamini scolds Utkarsh and Siali for breaking rules.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Gud epsd..
    I knew it tht sid is d grandson of anvesha aunty… l thght tht they ll survive bt evry1 cght…bt still niti left….

  2. but sid cheated ….

  3. it will b interesting to see how siyali n sid create strong bonds.

  4. Yup..r8 kenny….
    Amilu, siali is honest n truthful bt sid likes 2 flirtng, cheatng n like 2 do fun…
    Oppost cnctn…:-)

    1. Sry *kenny

  5. hii guyz m new n wht n Epi……so intresting…. i love dis serial also…. 😉

  6. sid and siyali are so cute <3 I lovee warrior high <3


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