Jamai Raja 5th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 5th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Roshni and Sid’s romance. O saathi re..din doobe na…song… plays in the background. The continue looking at each other, playing around, hugging…etc…etc… They then lie on bed. He says he wants to stay with her. She asks if our families will agree. He says they will go to Jamnagar right now, but before that they will meet Rah as he is eager to meet his bahu.

Sid gets ready and comes towards his car, but sees his car being locked by constable for parking in no parking area, gives him chalan and asks to bring Mr. Khurana to police station as car is in his name. He thinks he will get have to get the car back before Roshni get ready and leaves in auto.

Roshni happily opens door but sees Yash. She apologizes him. He asks she changed within 1 day. She says she loves Sid and wants to stay with him. Yash says Sid just wants to rule over her and does not love her. She says she does not want to listen bad about Sid. Just then, she gets MMs from an unknown number sent by ugly Kritika in which Sid jokes with her that he will sleep with roshni and take his revenge.

Roshni angrily reaches Sid’s house with Naani, Yash, and DD. Sid asks her why did she come before her graha pravesh and asks her to go out to be greeted in properly. She asks him if he is happy that he succeeded in his plan. He asks what does she mean, she can tell her problem to her husband. She says as a husband, he just wanted to sleep with her, asks if he is not ashamed to boast about his plan in front of his sister. DD in her husky male voice tells that Sid’s upbringing is wrong and his parents are to be blamed. Raj asks what does she mean. Simran asks DD to mind her language and to control her daughter instead. Raj asks Simran to stop.

Sid asks Roshni if she believes other than him and says he knows someone must have brainwashed her and she came to yell at her. She made him fall in his own eyes and says he is Siddharth Khurana and not a puppet who will listen to her bullshit. He says he will not prove himself this time as her belief is so weak that it shatters easily. He says he has many servants in his service, but he worked as servant in her house and even was called dog just because he wanted her to unite with her mother. Their relationship is finished now and he breaks his relationsip today. Raj and Naani ask him to calm down. Sid says he gave Roshni his love, his life, everything, but she called him a rapist. He wants to finish it at once and asks her to get out of his house and life.

Precap: DD asks Roshni to come with her. She says she will not come and has to stay with her so called husband.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. omfg just end this soaps please it has gone to total rubbish

  2. The actress playing roshni is so ugly!! Yucckkkk!!

  3. See this happand now I said this yesterday that this clip wil create a problem this vamp kritika will never change. Hate her

  4. when wil dis writers wake up from sleep.i guess dey are still dreaming just take a look at wat dey are displaying.

  5. I think kritika and yash makes a good couple inno… Ugly face and horse voice…

  6. When will rajveer & kritika original face will come in front of simran & roshni the whole serial is becoming boring

  7. if he wanted to sleep with yuh he would have done it 6mnths ago this makes no sense anymore . I`ve never seen an female portrayal so retarded, she would believe anything anyone says

  8. Roshini is such a good actress. I like her from the begining of ek hajarome meri behanaye.
    Only height kami hi…But acting is good…Looks good

  9. The weakest example of a female protangonist of any serial of the world is Roshni !!! She z fool , dumb, rude, egoistic and the most easily influenced character . She seriously needs to be thrown out of the show and a new one must be paired up with Sid !!!!

  10. wrongk suma…looks are bad!!

  11. sid ji……….wat an acting………amazingggggggg…….don’t know y no one is shouting @ rajveer…..every one is firing on sid:(:(:(

  12. it’s time Sid get fed up of having to prove himself, way to go Sid

  13. Oh you all are so angry and dis is all b cos of zeetv serials i am so sad for dat by d way, has any one watched dis movie tittled ”Damini Camini? pls if u have just,let me know

  14. oh so sad for sid… fed up with dis nonsense.. bring sid n roshni together or else bring some1 else to sid life who loves him a lot n most important trust him… not lyk roshni… who alwys listen to others but her own husband..her love sid.. alwys misundrstnd him..

  15. ROshni is totally out of line..she is so stupid ..always crying and blaming SID..stupid fool..and yes the actress playing Roshni is ugly

  16. Bala Abdullahi Kwatu

    bravo Sid

  17. roshini is everything she claimes to hate abt rich ppl-rude,inconsiderate,egotistic,and isensitive

  18. sid did the rite thing y should run after her all the time wen he keeps trying to prove he’s gud to her and she throws it in his face all the time

  19. Bring the serial to a fast pace…. and yes that ugly kritika looks like a puffed out cigarette from head to toe… and roshni sometimes look dark beauty but sometimes black bengali….Sid get your hairs less shaved from side…..and Carry on [email protected] Rajveer

  20. wat kind of friend is yash anyways? he knows roshini loves sid and likewise with side but he’s living in a bubble tht roshini will love hi back and DD should loook at her life first if it wasnt for sid she would have never gotten bk her daughter shes ungratefull and controlling

  21. Glad that Sid is finally getting a backbone… Roshni does not deserve a man who has proven himself over and over… yet she has no faith in him.
    It is madness and Sid is stupid for going after her knowing she has no faith in him.

  22. writers I am fed up with these stupid storylines scripts everytime something goes good sap a bad thing happens as for sid he is toooooooooo stupid he should not have believed kritika with her caniving ways he should have known that she is a gold digger toooooooo like rajveer and not true to her word sid we all know that a leopard could never change its spots and that’s kritika so I hope you learn your lesson now as for roshini I am fed up with her toooooooooo everytime sid has to prove himself to her for her to believe him what kind of wife is she and also what kind of love is that does she really love sid I sometimes wonder I hope she gets pregnant for sid another thing kritika hugging raj as if she really changed well now we know that she was lying and I hope that rajveer really throw some hand on her this time put her ass in the hospital with a broken jaw so she could keep quiet and do not speak to cause any more trouble and as for meddling simran DD and raj ship the three of them away on a deserted island for good where no one can find them and crooked rajveer throw his ass in jail or the nut house because he is bent on causing troubling and for the murders he committed well he has another jail term coming now writer wake up from sleepwriting and give us a better script I will give you a start let roshini be pregnant with sids child now continue to write the rest of the script but please bring this serial to an end it is about time the shit stop

  23. Roshini is so weak she get fool easy by people poor sid he have to listen to all that maddness from roshini i think it time he stop trying to impress her becuz it like a waste of time becuz she will never believe him sid should leave her and her negative mind on her own

  24. FINALLY!!!!! Sid has had enough of Roshni’s shit talk!!!! When will Kritika and Yash and above all Rajveer….

  25. Thank God Sid stood up for himself though!!!! I will watch this episode just to see that!!!! Roshni is too judgemental and ungrateful!

  26. Did they raplace roshni

  27. i am so proud of sid he finally put the final line for roshani nonsense . I think that it is roshni turn to beg sid for forgivness

  28. Rajveer and Kritika has no other choice thanputting on a mask.Ironically.the masquerading they are taking part in is a tool that they are using to actually reveal their true selves so that they both can come to a place of unified consciousness.They have to put this mask on inorder to integrate with Simran and others.The paradox is that they will hide but sooner or later the mask will be revealed.From the time i saw Kritika was taping Sid’s conversation I knew she was working for Rajveer.Birds of a feather flock together.Sid is right to put Roshni in her damn ,stupid place.One minute she loves ,the other minute she hates.Does she knows what love is ? Love is about trust.When she was teasing him to get into bed with her was she thinking of rape then.She wanted to be laid more than him and even though this is her HUSBAND—AND SHE WAS NOT FORCED —AND WILLINGLY SPREAD HER LEGS.SO DD stop your tantrum because next morning she wanted more.Rajveer needs to go and sleep with his and DD needs some also.Sid I love your acting skills great.

  29. He did simran get so stupid,proud of Sid,roshni actress is ,nt pretty enough to match with Sid.

  30. I hate Kritika

  31. Loved Sid’s rant and rave today. Great performance! I agree with him – enough is enough. It’s time he stops taking all that crap from DD, Roshni, Yash, Rajveer, Kritika and Simran. Simran is worse than Roshni. She raised Sid, so she knows the type of person he is and yet she chose to believe Rajveer (at that time she had only known him for only a few days) and Kritika (who she had only known for a few weeks). She had to be either completely dumb, psychotic or bi-polar. The writers changed her character totally. ……for the worse!!! This story line is so idiotic…….really, really stupid. What about Bablu – he knew all along that Sid was Khurana and not Kukreja. Why didn’t he tell Roshni this?
    I don’t understand why Sid stopped his efforts to expose Rajveer. That’s another stupid storyline. Why does Rajveer have this deep hatred for Sid who he barely knows? These story lines are so so so ILLOGICAL. However, I love Sid and his dad!

  32. Goes around and comes around. I think now Roshini’s turn to chase Sid. all the woman dying to have a husband like Sid. soon Roshini will realized the mistake she has done

  33. Eish getting irated…Way To Go Sid mwah.yes writers get rid of ugly rajveer n kritka pls…rajbers lks n voice irks me.simran u tk 360turn??i always liked ur strenght nw u listen to rajveer/kritka?dumb krik gets bashed by rajvs n stil help shitty.oooofffff writers hello….

  34. gud sid now don’t prove yourself innocent i thnk ab kritika or rajveer ki asleeyat sab ke saamne aajani chahiye

  35. Oh come on! Never watch a episode for so long but Sid is perfect! ♡ Roshni cannot act or dance as well as Sid… He is holding the show together, him and DD (Shipra Masie in 2 States ♥ )

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